PUA Tips: Top 5 tips to not get interrupted when talking and dominate a conversation

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PUA Picture know for some people this can be kind of frustrating and there is nothing worse than being in a great conversation only to find some rude one, in the circle, cutting you off. So I thought I might give you all some of my own advice on how to deal with this annoying situation. The following is listed below…

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1) Get used to pausing mid-sentence and don’t answer questions until you’ve said what you have to say.

I will say something like, “Today I went out and met up… (Pause) with a friend and ate in Little Italy for… (Pause) most of the day.

What this does is confuse those that may interject with what they have to say. Most people are used to people finishing their sentences, then pausing. So you can say everything you want to say by simply pausing when people least expect it.

2) Speak loud and clear.

A good way to get people turned off by your speaking abilities is by having to repeat yourself over and over again. So a great remedy for this is to just speak louder and pronounce your words clearly.

If you ever notice how an alpha male behaves (Like Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Jon Hamm in Madmen, etc.) – they always have a loud and clear sounding way of speaking. I suggest changing your speaking strategy to a similar one for better results.

3) Maintain eye contact.

Good eye contact is a sign of a high-status individual. If you can maintain eye contact effectively, then you convey that you are a person with character and not easily mentally defeated; not a chump.

Most people don’t want to be friends with a chump, so do your best not to behave like one. Also women are less likely to want to sleep with a chump – no matter how attractive he may be physically. This is exactly why you hear about or see good looking men getting cheated on with men that are not as attractive from time to time. It’s not just about looks.

4) Keep it short and sweet.

Try not to ramble on, say what you have to say in 5 seconds or less. The more you talk, then the more energy you suck from people. If you have ever meant someone that is fun to be around, you might notice they talk in a quick and to the point – sometimes blunt – kind of way.

5) Keep it positive.

And the most obvious tip, don’t be a Debbie-downer… don’t be someone that is trying to drag the group into some emo, bullshit depression. Talk about uplifting topics, like dreams, family or recreation. As long as you stay on these topics, then you won’t have any problems making friends – trust me.

To add to all this…

There is a considerable amount of conversational ability that most women require to keep them around. Especially in a competitive city like New York; where I live. You need to know how to speak and convey yourself as a confident, well put together man if you want to attract a quality network of friends or potential mates. So pay attention to this article if you get cut off a lot – this will do wonders!

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-PUA Redsky

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