PUA Tips: Top 5 tips for overcoming shyness

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pua pictureow here is a fun one, and believe it or not, I used to be really shy. It’s amazing how much you can change if you just learn to face the things you are most uncomfortable with. Basically facing these things is what encourages the transformation from a boy to a man; if you think about it.

Below I’ve listed a few guidelines that will help you overcome shyness, like I did long ago…

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1) Surround yourself with the right people.

Pretty simple right… I bet 90% of you still hang out with toxic people that will never amount to anything or go anywhere in life. Sorry to say, but it’s the truth. If you are shy, then 90% of the reason is because you hang out with the wrong people.

So start hanging out with people that influence you to come out of your shell. People that won’t shoot you down when you want to say something on your mind. People that have respect for your opinions – I think you get the idea. That’s what it takes; surrounding yourself with the “right” people.

2) Change your tonality and volume.

This has a lot of impact, I just started really noticing this also. One day I went out really focused on my tonality. I tried to speak like someone in my vocal range, that I also thought had a cool voice. I’ll keep it a mystery on who it was. I ended up having women want to go places with me and even had a girl offer to hookup in a bathroom that night. I know it sounds farfetched, but it is the truth. So I stand by my word, when I tell you tonality will greatly increase a man’s attraction.

3) Stop doubting yourself.

This is probably the single best and easiest piece of advice I can give. Channel your inner Tyler Durden and man the fuck up. You should be confident and comfortable with yourself. You are the human counterpart to all female human beings on this planet – therefore you should feel entitled to them.

Let go of any negativity that doesn’t support you going home with a beautiful woman. Let go of any negative anything… emotion, article of clothing, people, friends or anything that doesn’t allow you to feel entitled to being the alpha male that we all have inside of us.

4) Have more conversations with random people.

You shouldn’t be limited to just speaking with women. In fact, in some countries you could get in trouble for just going up to random women. For example, in the middle east the safest way to meet women is through introduction – otherwise you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

So learn to make friends in clubs and bars… you’ll be better off having more friends than enemies. If you have a pivot-group that you met earlier, then you can always come back to them every so often to reinforce that you have backup in case any onlookers with malicious intent are among you. It will make those people think twice before messing with you.

5) Make a conscious effort to be interested in who people are.

There is a great African Proverb that I like to say from time to time. The saying goes like this:

A fool speaks, a wise man listens.

This in pickup, means that instead of blabbering about yourself – try to take some effort in learning about the person in front of you. Work on relating and seeing if the two of you have anything interesting in common.

From my own experience, there is a big satisfaction in actually connecting with a woman. Not only does it make sex better, but it makes her treat you better. Although relationships can hurt a lot, they also can be rather enjoyable with the right people.


Whether you think so or not, being shy is beatable – it just takes careful practice and persistence. Like I said before, I know this because I was once a very shy young man. I beat it and I know all of you, that are struggling with it, can beat it too. Now the next step is getting up and doing exactly what I mentioned in this article; now get on it!

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-PUA Redsky

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  1. Han says:

    Stop doubting! Great advice!

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