PUA Tips: Top 5 tips for new relationships

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F-design PUA pictureor a long time I battled with going in and out of relationships with women I newly hooked up with. It seemed as if I had no issues getting the sex, but keeping the women was a major problem with my game.

So I decided to analyze myself a little more and figured out my weaknesses and changed what I realized was making it harder to bond with the women that came into my life. What I came up with revolved around the following…

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1) Have fun when you are together.

I think it is very important that you learn to have fun when out with your target. Learn to live in the moment and keep the topic off anything negative. Focus on things that you both can enjoy talking about and train yourself to see the light in everything. Smiling more can help release endorphins – which will help you to feel better. So I most definitely suggest smiling more.

2) Use P.D.A. sparingly.

One way to turn a woman off is to be overly affectionate in the beginning of a relationship. Instead you need to get her used to earning your affection.

A good way to do this is learning how to qualify her. Qualifying is a semi-advanced technique but the idea is to reward her every time she does something that you like. So an example would be giving her a hug or some kind of affection when she compliments you or when you discover that you have something in common.

3) See each other at least once a week.

It’s important to understand that there is a happy medium between too much contact and not enough. Women don’t want to be the center of your life, but they also don’t want to be the last thing you care about either.

I believe that seeing your girl 1-2 times a week is perfect. Like instead of going out and partying every weekend, you can spend it with her. If you are with the right girl, meaning you both have enough chemistry not to drive each other nuts when together, then this should come pretty natural.

4) Don’t talk about the relationship unless she brings it up.

This is straight-forward… don’t ever talk about “us”. Never ask any dumb questions like, “What are we?” or “Are we a couple yet?” Don’t go there! You’ll just trigger the ‘needy switch’ and next thing you know she isn’t responding to your texts or calls. Just enjoy the moment until she decides whether or not she wants to take things to the next level.

5) Don’t spoil.

I suppose this goes hand-in-hand with number 4. Giving your new-found lady too much attention, being too nice or blowing a lot of money on her is a huge no-no. Everything you give to her she should earn. This means she should do nice things for you first. It should be right to the point where she realizes that she is doing a lot for you without you giving back – then finally you give her a little something for her selflessness. Google ‘the Benjamin Franklin effect’ for further reading.

So there you have it…

Listen to what I’m talking about here otherwise you will find yourself in a downward spiral of meaningless hooking up. That may seem like fun in the beginning, but what happens when you meet a girl that you really like? Yes it happens and you are going to feel like banging your head against the wall when you lose her. Now that’s all I’ve got… go get to work!

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-PUA Redsky

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  1. Mike says:

    Can relate to this 100%

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