PUA Tips: Top 5 Dating Tips for Identifying Approach Invitations

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PUA T-design-1 picturehe topic of the day is approach invitations and I am glad I came around to this because I know not everyone is familiar with them. Knowing how to read women is vital if you really want to get consistent success with the opposite sex. The way approach invitations can help you is allowing one to capitalize on every opportunity that they come across.

And incase you are wondering what approach invitations are – they are basically when a woman gives a man more than a normal amount of attention most likely due to a significant level of attraction for this man. I’ve made a list below of the most common ways I’ve seen women do this…

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1) Consistant eye contact.

Yes, so if you encounter this then step on it. Women lose interest if you don’t act when they want your attention most. Just approach her and introduce yourself – the context is not that important just make it clear that you know she is interested and that you are as well.

2) Asking for directions.

I have had this happen quite a bit and even though it is not always going to mean she is going to go home with you – it does mean she favors you more than most strangers she sees on the street. Most people in general are only going to ask directions from people they are the most comfortable with.

3) Accidentally bumping you.

If you find yourself in this position then it’s a great opportunity to break the touch barrier. All you have to do is lightly put your hands over her arms and say, “Are you ok?” Then from there make eye contact and smile while introducing yourself. It will almost always lead to something. Every single woman is wanting a romantic story to tell their friends on a future ‘girl’s night out’.

4) Smiling when you look at them.

I believe this is involuntarily because generally when someone is attracted to someone they will have a sudden urge to smile due to a feeling of excitement. So when you see this take it as a compliment and talk to her.

5) Catching her looking at you in a mirror.

This happens a lot at my gym and it is pretty entertaining to me. There is something very amusing about catching a woman checking me out blatantly without her realizing that I am fully aware. On top of that it almost always leads to going home with her at some point; as long as I have the courage follow through.

To leave off…

If you think about it… this is kind of common sense. It’s human nature to show more attention to something or someone you desire. Although not every woman you approach will sleep with you, the majority I guarantee will most likely exchange numbers with you. It’s up to you not to screw things up after that. So that’s all I got for today… now go out and meet some women!

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-PUA Redsky

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