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pua pictureow here is a skill that all of us can improve, and thankfully, I can confidently say that I have it pretty well figured out. It isn’t that complicated if you just have someone that knows what they are doing to explain it.

A good sense of humor is vital and has an immense amount of power as well. You can go from a very boring evening to an amazing one in the blink of an eye – if you only know what to do. So lucky enough for all of you, below I’ve included a list of principles that will allow you to master this skill very quickly…

1) Self-deprecating humor:

Maybe some of you have heard this term before “self deprecating humor”… what this means is that you don’t poke fun at anyone but yourself, therefore you don’t offend anyone; which is actually a big deal if you want everyone to like your jokes.

Here is an example of a joke I used last weekend:

Me: “I had an interesting conversation with a random girl the other night. You want to hear the story?”

Girl I just met: “Sure.”

Me: “The other day I was talking to this girl I randomly bumped into at a bar and she asked me if I was drunk. I told her I only had 2 drinks. She then asked me how many I had at home.

(Pause 2-3 seconds)

Me: “Guess what I told her?”

Girl I just met: “What?”

Me: “I told her shots don’t count.”

Girl I just met: “Haha.”

Notice how I am keeping the focus on me and not picking at anyone else. This kind of humor is great for making people you just met more comfortable around you. Just don’t crack jokes too often or you’ll just look like an attention whore.

2) Making fun of someone annoying in the room:

I usually do this after I’ve confirmed that a girl already likes me or after we’ve already kissed. This is good, because it puts less stress on me for having to keep the conversation going. I don’t have to think about telling a good story and it is an easy way to get a girl laughing.

Just don’t come off too much like a douche-bag. A simple comment like, “I bet that guy gets all the girls” is good enough.

3) Sarcastic answers to serious questions:

When I mean sarcastic answers, I’m thinking the way an older brother would kid with a younger sibling. For instance, if a girl asks me “what I do for a living” or “where I work”, which will happen, then I’ll answer with something like, “At an office, in a building, next to a street.” Some simple word-play like that is much more entertaining than the typical response.

You could even go as far as to say something like, “I sleep next to a dumpster down the street.” I’ve used both of these responses with a great deal of success.

4) Teasing:

Teasing is also very simple… telling her “good job” when she missed a shot while playing a game of pool is a good example. Maybe she has a striped sweater on. I would say something like, “Did you just come from a ‘Where’s Waldo audition’?” Yes these may seem a little harsh, but if a woman is somewhat attracted to you, then they just view comments like these as flirting. Just don’t over-do it or they will be offended.

For the most part…

You will have to figure out what is too much and just right, through trial and error. Different women will have different degrees of tolerance. And if they do get offended easily, then just move on to someone else. If they get offended, then they are obviously not for you. Well, that’s all I got for today. Hope this has helped some of you and remember to keep going out!

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-PUA Redsky

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