PUA Tips: Top 4 dating tips for attracting women without words

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PUA Picture was browsing around some forums the other day and took notice of some of the topics I see people throwing out online. I came across ‘attracting women without words’ – so I thought I might have some insight into this. So today I put together my own list of ways I like to go about doing this…

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1) Stand up straight.

Yes, probably some of the most basic advice I can give, but it works. Get used to bringing your shoulders back as far as they can comfortably go and push that waist forward. Some of my clients laugh when I tell them this but soon realize how effective a little thing like good posture can be.

2) Develop a sense of style.

You don’t have to be the flashiest guy in the bar, but at least have a look. Something that will differentiate you from the guys that still look like their moms dressed them.

What’s important is that you are comfortable. A style I think looks pretty good, even to this day, is the leather jacket, jeans and artistic t-shirt look – like in the movie “Fight club”. Of course, I would leave the jacket at home if it was a hot summer day.

3) Go out with a wingman.

Having a good wingman is gold… many don’t realize how much of a benefit this is. It doesn’t matter where you meet them either. Sometimes if I don’t have the patience to wait for a friend that likes to take his time, then I’ll just make friends at a nearby bar.

It is definitely a bonus if your wingman knows what he is doing, but not necessary. The value boost you get from a girl just seeing that you aren’t alone is enough. Once you get a target hooked, then you are most likely going to have to leave the wingman at some point anyway. In this case, I sometimes actually prefer meeting a random wingman at a bar, because they won’t take it as personal when I meet a girl that is ready to go home with me.

Having a wingman that you are good friends with can sometimes even be a distraction – since it may hurt your friendship if you leave them high and dry. So moral of the story: Don’t get too attached to your wingmen and don’t get upset if they leave with a chick before you as well; you can always find another wing if needed.

4) Don’t use submissive body language.

Now this is the interesting part for me… body language is an art-form and like everything else in pickup, it takes time to develop. However, a few pointers of what can be considered submissive body language is not being able to deliver stable eye contact.

Another is taking too long to break the touch barrier. You should be working towards holding or playing with a target’s hand within the first 5-10 minutes that you’ve noticed some kind of indication of interest.

Closing distance is dominant body language and you might also notice many alpha males have a deep and somewhat louder tone than other men. A good example of someone with submissive body language is someone like Michael Jackson, Prince, etc. Any kind of body language that can be construed as shy or timid as well.

On top of that…

Women are elusive with their emotions – so you could hit it off in the beginning and she changes her opinion about you the moment you open your mouth. Attracting women enough to approach you on their own is one skill-set, but keeping them interested is all on its own. So in short, don’t think that just because you know how to look sexy, that the game is done, talking is just as important; it’s just another side to the coin.

To finish off…

You can’t get anywhere without sexual tension, unless the girl just flat out tells you she wants to fuck you and how often does that happen? So you are stuck having to be the aggressor. The idea is actually quite similar to a concept coined by David Deangelo called “2 steps forward, 1 step backward”.

The main idea is to push as far as you can for sex until she is almost at her breaking point, or borderline annoyed, then back off for 5 minutes and commence laying on the affection; making out, etc. It is much more efficient to test for every opportunity as it presents itself – this can be done through touch, kissing, suggesting to go somewhere every few minutes – rather than to sit back and hope your “amazing verbal skills” convince her to go home with you. Remember you have to warm the engine before she’s ready to drive.

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-PUA Redsky

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