PUA Tips: The 3 Pillars of Game

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PUA Picture have a very insightful write-up today… today I’m going to discuss some groundbreaking information that will help you all build the foundation for your own personal skillset in pickup. I’m going to introduce a few concepts that are vital for improving your success rate or skill level in a more organized and efficient manner.

To begin with, we have 3 areas that we all need to master in order to be the best seducers that we all can possibly be. These areas are listed below…

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1) The Physical Pillar:

This pillar encompasses your physical health and mastering the physical pillar just means keeping yourself in shape. In other words, always trying to improve over-all fitness and wellness to the best of one’s ability. This also includes our level of mental health; meaning if you need therapy, then seek it out.

2) The Internal Pillar:

Now this is the most complex pillar… this includes, our social abilities, wisdom, life experience, level of experience with women, interpersonal skills or your knowledge of the world and of people.

Some examples are things that you may say or do to connect with others or strategies you’ve learned for making friends or meeting women. This could also be just your overall ability to influence others.

3) The External Pillar:

This is basically your style or how you present yourself without the use of words. Some examples are how you dress, the car(s) you may drive, the house you live in or just how you live your life in general (ie. Lifestyle).


If you can master all of these pillars then you will have no issues attracting and keeping women in your life ever again. So I hope this was able to help some of you understand what is needed to set up your own foundation. Let me just add that once you’ve mastered all these areas, women will most likely be the ones coming up to you, and in exchange, make the seduction process much easier. So there it is, now thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep going out!

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-PUA Redsky

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  1. Brent says:

    Amazing stuff as always!

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