PUA Tips: Top 5 tips on how to be more Alpha

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pua pictureow here is something that I will probably come back to periodically again and again. Despite all the contradictions that some so-called experts may state, you need to become an alpha-male if you expect to have a great deal of success with women.

So I thought I would discuss 5 traits that an alpha-male possesses. They are…

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1) Self-respect:

In this case I am referring to your limits for what you are willing to put up with. A real alpha will simply not tolerate an excess amount of maltreatment from anyone. You are to just leave and pursue someone else if the target is getting too disrespectful.

2) Assertiveness:

This comes down to making advances and not being hesitant in doing so. Even if you get rejected at least you have the balls to go for it. Remember that the only difference in whether a woman considers you a creep or hot is her level of interest in you to begin with.

In time you will be able to sense whether a target is interested in you more efficiently. So you will get less blow-outs and appear as though you never get rejected. Be patient though… it will all come with experience.

3) Control:

This requires a touch of physical dominance… basically you are physically dominating the target in a confident manner. You can get away with this as long as you know when to pull back or give her space. This also will come with practice.

An example would be: Grabbing a girl by her hand and pulling her away from her friends without even saying anything. You’ll be surprised how many women might just go with you. If she doesn’t after a few tugs, then no problem, just let her go and move on to someone else – depending on how much you like her. If you really like her, then just build a little rapport by light conversation and try to isolate her from her friends again a little later.

4) Eye contact:

It is important to get this area down pact. It is very clear to me after my 10+ years of doing pickup that you will have a much harder time building a connection with a woman if you can’t look her straight in the eye with ease. So get that handled if you haven’t already; it’s imperative.

5) Strength:

This is both a physical and mental trait… you must present that you have both. This can be done by going to the gym and staying in shape for the physical and displaying confident behavior when talking with her for the mental. The best way I believe to display confident behavior is by going out as much as you can and always pushing your comfort zone. The more women you deal with and take home, then the more confident you will feel around them.

Forget what our mothers may have told us about being overtly nice to women and expecting her to fall in love with you – good luck with that if she has no reason to respect you . Yes this “being nice” crap might get you a girlfriend at times, but you aren’t turning her on. Besides being too nice is a good recipe for the most boring sex; if you even get any.

So in short…

Learn to be a man and learn to seize your opportunities like a man. If you don’t know how to be an alpha-male then you are going to have to get used to getting walked all over and in the end never getting the girl you really deserve. So get ready to step up to the alpha-plate or sit the game out and get used to being alone forever.

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-PUA Redsky

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  1. Jeremiah says:

    Great article. Pictures go with it to.

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