PUA Tips: Top 5 Tips on how not to be boring

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S-design-1 pua pictureo some of you may be thinking… boring? How not to be boring? Should be common sense right?

Well the reality is that men and women have different ideas of what boring is all about. You can most likely blame that on the different algorithms for how hormones are injected into our nervous systems.

Some of you may think you have a significant grasp on how not to be boring, yet still aren’t going home with a different beautiful woman every weekend. So in the end you may be able to keep the girl entertained, but aren’t hitting the switch that triggers her to want to sleep with you.

Today my friends, I’m going to talk about how to be more intriguing to your next date. So let’s get ready to focus. I’ve listed a few concepts to send you all on your way…

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1) Find and address commonalities.

It’s not hard, you just need to start off by asking simple questions. Some simple questions to get the ball rolling are…

– What’s your name?

This opens you up to relate… you can relate by saying you had a friend in school/a cousin with that name, etc. Even if you don’t, it will make her begin to feel more comfortable with you.

– Where are you from?

This is a good way to understand her a little more – especially if you have been to where she’s from. Again, focus on relating to whatever her answer is.

– You look creative – are you a musician/artist?

I usually will ask her this if she is wearing something colorful or vintage, etc. If she is dressed a little less casual, then I may ask if she’s an accountant or something less creative.

2) Travel.

This is a pretty big no-brainer and even if you suck at conversing, then you can always just ramble on about where you’ve been. If you’ve been all over the world, then people will always have questions about the different places they haven’t been yet.

Not just that, being well travelled is a form of demonstrating higher value. It shows you aren’t afraid to take risks and are adventure seeking; which are traits of a typical alpha, traits that women crave.

3) Read.

Yes, that’s right – you’ll be surprised how many people love to read. If you’ve read a book that someone else has read, then that is almost a guaranteed instant connection.

4) Go to concerts and events.

When you have an interesting lifestyle and are passionate about your interests, then people will appreciate you more than if you just sit at home and play videogames in your free time. Concerts are not just a great way to be more interesting, you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people as well; hence improving the quality of your network.

When you have a high quality network you’ll have more fun going out, because you are hanging out with people that are like you. In return you’ll feel better and women will take more notice of you as a happy, rather than just some random guy out to get some pussy.

5) Never stop seeking self-improvement.

This comes back to the my own 3 pillars of pickup…

Physical well-being: This includes working out, a healthy diet and being well-groomed. When you have this in check, then you’ll notice that you have a big advantage compared to the guys trying to meet women with dad bodies or those that can double for humpty dumpty.

Mental well-being:

The more knowledge one has then the more in control you’ll feel in life in general. Whether you have multiple degrees, read 60 books a year or have a successful business, you should always be striving to reach the next level. The more you accomplish then the higher your confidence will be in the game of life.


Style is almost as powerful as looking like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”. If you know how to dress in a comfortable, yet attractive fashion, then naturally, women are going to be more interested. I suggest spending a little time trying to figure out your own look.

This isn’t something that can be accomplished in one day either. You need to go out and experiment with different looks. After awhile you’ll notice what outfits get the most attention. So you’ll have a better idea of what to get when you’re out shopping.

In conclusion…

Being an interesting person is not something that most people are born with. Much like anything else you want to improve in – you must work at it. A good way to get off to a good start is by asking yourself this simple question…

“Would I find myself interesting if I just met me?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Hope this write-up was of help for most of you. Now get to work and keep going out!

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-PUA Redsky

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