PUA Tips: Top 5 things you should never share with your date

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S-design-1 pua pictureo I was thinking about the most common things I have realized over time that just flat out kill the vibe when I am trying to seduce a beautiful woman. Here are a few things I never bring up and I believe for good reason that you all should take this advice into consideration as well…

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1) What you find unattractive about her.

Refrain from criticizing your target for anything. Just keep in mind that a first impression can have a huge impact of whether you see her again. I tend to be more calm and fun as much as possible. Maybe a little bold at times, but never critical or rude.

2) Information about your ex.

I think this is common sense really… If you are looking to get involved with someone in the future, then telling them about someone you left or that left you will just make them feel more uncomfortable being in a relationship with you; whether it is just casual sex or something serious doesn’t matter.

3) What you find attractive about her physically.

Usually I try not to say anything about them physically unless it is during sex. If I compliment them it is usually about how sweet they are and how much I like that. I compliment them on traits I prefer in a woman and hopefully it motivates them to behave themselves too.

4) Dick pics or shirtless pics.

As much fun as this can be when you actually have found a woman that likes your body. I wouldn’t do this because it just makes you look desperate for attention. Plus it doesn’t make you look very alpha when you are seeking reassurance.

5) That you have kids.

This one can be a bummer especially when you have kids. It’s great having kids… I have 2. However a lot of women don’t understand this joy simply because they’ve never had any. So I would not bring this up until a month of 2 down the road; the longer the better.


I find if you just stay real and be yourself then things will usually run on pretty smoothly. Just remember to be assertive once you get this part of your behavior figured out. And remember not to narrow yourself down to one girl you really like; the more the merrier. Now get off your asses and start doing just that!

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