PUA Tips: Top 5 things you should know about dating emotional women

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PUA Pictuream here once again to bring some valuable information for those that value my opinion and the many years I’ve spent learning about how to bring the hottest members of the opposite sex into my life. Today I will be discussing emotional women.

Every now and then I find myself mysteriously charmed by this particular type of woman. I don’t know exactly why – maybe it is due to my own mother being somewhat emotional while I was growing up or who knows. Nevertheless I feel that I have a substantial amount of knowledge on these types of women. So I’ve included a few interesting conclusions I’ve come to about them and the following are…

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1) She worries for you a lot.

Believe it or not, one of the pros of dating these women is that they actually care. They aren’t self-centered and tend to value the person they are with significantly. So learn to appreciate this because in my experience – especially with the cancer of feminism sweeping the world – this is a valued trait amongst any woman; in my personal opinion.

2) She’s open to hearing your secrets.

So the majority of the time, since these women are very emotional, they are open to hearing about your past. They are more likely to care about you as a person and will respect your vulnerable side. In this case, you can vent a little to them and they will actually listen to you because they genuinely care about you; unlike many women these days.

3) She values being in a relationship with you highly.

She is less likely to cheat and in these days something like 60 percent of women cheat – so be grateful. However at the same time she will expect a good deal of commitment on your end as well. So I suggest only getting involved with these women if you can commit yourself.

4) She’s sensitive.

Be careful what you say or do around these women because they will take awhile to forgive if you hurt their feelings. I guess this is to be expected, but they will also treat you very well when you treat them well. Just remember to stay respectful, like you should, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

5) Get over the fact that you don’t know why she’s upset.

If you ever catch her on a bad day then the best thing you can do is just let her be. Don’t try to bother with finding out why because you will just upset her more. Sometimes women just need some space and that is perfectly fine.

Continuing on…

Depending on your personality type – these kinds of women might not be ideal. However if you are like me, and like to entertain the idea of understanding human behavior more and more, then why not experiment by dating someone new. Who knows you might realize what seems highly unlikely might just be likely.

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