PUA Tips: Top 5 dating tips to be more attractive in minutes

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PUA Picture thought I would take the time this article to help everyone improve their attractiveness. Believe it or not there are a lot of little things that we all could change to appear much more attractive to the opposite sex. You can literally increase your appeal if you just had someone with this knowledge point out a few minor details.

So that is exactly what I am going to do and the following details are listed below…

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1) Look her in the eyes.

Yeah, I can tell you guys this from my own experience. If you want a woman to respect you more and see you as a confident or grounded man, then you need to get used to looking them in the eyes; this can apply to people in general actually.

If you have ever seen someone mad or passionate about something then you might notice they involuntarily make direct eye contact and without hesitation. And guess what? The person they are making eye contact with always gets the message. So believe me when I tell you that if you want to be seen as someone of value, when talking to a woman, then you need to get better at keeping eye contact.

2) Enjoy the moment.

I bring this up often whenever I am coaching someone. When you are having fun then naturally those around you will have fun as well. So in exchange you appear much more attractive – since you are not a drag to be around.

3) Compliment people and be social.

You will be surprised how satisfying human interaction can be. Getting to meet someone new that may have similar interests is usually fascinating to me or even just learning something new that someone else knows.

Maybe just meeting someone that has been to a part of the world that you haven’t been to. I find what others have to say about other places very intriguing honestly. So get used to this mindset, instead of the antisocial mindset because you will have a lot more success with people when you look at the world with a more welcoming and opened mind.

4) Stand up straight.

This right here goes a long way and it is not much different from giving eye contact. Your posture can tell a person a lot about you. If you are hunched over then people will assume you are not that confident and overall not that interesting.

When I first started paying attention to little details like this I literally went from approaching women, with hardly any of them taking interest, to women approaching me on their own. I can vouche for the dramatic increase in attention you’ll get if you just improve your posture.

When I say improve your posture I mean shoulders back as far as they can go comfortably and hips as far forward as they can go comfortably. Also working out can help with improving posture, but I suggest getting a good trainer first to guide you – if you don’t know much about exercising.

5) Get used to smiling.

A smile can go a long way in this world… not only will it make people feel more comfortable around you, but it will put you in a better mood also. Smiling is one of the first things I do when I meet someone and I guarantee it will do wonders for your social life. People will like being around you more and you’ll be much more welcome everywhere you go.

It doesn’t matter if you are a great looking guy either. The impression you will give off when you smile is that you are a happy person and not a threat to anyone. So get used to smiling!

And that’s about it…

Pretty simple right?

Sometimes it is just that easy to appear more confident, more interesting and just plain sexier with a few behavioral tweaks. Nevertheless appearance is just one aspect – if only dating was that simple.

Anyway, remember this the next time you are out and pay attention to the effects it has on the people around you. Get used to everything I mentioned above and learn to make it second nature. You now have one more weapon in your arsenile that will keep you ahead of the competition. Now get up and go meet some ladies!

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-PUA Redsky

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