PUA Tips: Top 5 dating tips on how to successfully approach a woman at a bar

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PUA Picture think we all can relate to this type of issue. It’s not uncommon that we have a drink and spot a beautiful woman out of the corner of our eyes. She makes a glance at you and smiles, a perfect invitation to approach. Yet how should you do so with success? What is the golden solution?

Well you are all in luck for today because I am going to give a few pointers on how to get this done with maximum efficiency and here are a few concepts that will make this easier for all of you…

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1) Act promptly.

Usually this entails talking with her as soon as you see her giving you significant eye contact. Women will apreciate you more for your assertiveness rather than if you hesitate.

2) Convey intelligence.

Talk about things like stocks, where you’ve traveled, etc. Stay away from pop-culture or things that she would talk about with her girlfriends. She might find it odd if you enjoy talking about boy bands and fashion as much as she does.

3) Don’t be overly cheerful.

Behave as though you are not easily satisfied without coming across like a douchebag. If you smile make sure she has earned it and that you aren’t being a people-pleaser.

4) Kino.

Work in a high five perhaps and then start pulling her toward you for a kiss when you’ve gotten the right amount of compliance. The right amount of compliance is usually when you move towards her freely and she doesn’t back away.

If you like the dance it may be easier to kiss her after she is comfortable dancing with you for a little while. Dancing is a good way to get women comfortable with your touch. However, I am not always in the mood to dance – so different strokes.

5) Stay calm.

In the end of the dating race the calmest man usually wins. So don’t get upset easily and don’t get nervous when she shit-tests you either. Just smile and act as though nothing can really bother you because your life is always awesome.

Bonus: Have a good opener.

A good opener can help a lot when getting on to a good start. An opener is the very first thing you say to a girl to get her talking with you. So I’ve decided to share one of my personal openers that I have had a lot of success with. It goes like this…

Me: “Hi, is your name Stephanie? Did I meet you at -Certain bar- last weekend?”
Her: “No.”
Me: “Ok, well you are cute. I’m -Name-.”

Believe it or not that little opener has a very high success rate for me and my students. So use it wisely and I hope it helps you all as much as it has helped me.


This is something that takes practice to master, but it is not rocket science. Don’t expect to just magically get every woman you meet also – it just doesn’t work like that. There will always be women that are too busy, are in committed relationships, are emotionally unavailable or just not interested. Yea, it may be a blow to your ego but there isn’t anything you can do about it.

Nevertheless with this advice you will be able to quantify the woman’s level of interest. Your behavior will be just right and if she isn’t feeling you then there just isn’t much more one can do. So instead of dwelling on rejection just move on to another woman.

On average I approach 3-5 women before I meet one I really hit it off with. Yes sometimes the first girl I meet is interested but that is a somewhat rare occurence most of the time. Well that’s all I got on the topic today. Now go out and get some practice!

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-PUA Redsky

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