PUA Tips: Top 5 Dating tips for texting women

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S-design-1 pua pictureo on all my social media outlets I am always getting bombarded with questions in regard to texting. People ask me questions like when do you text after getting the number? How much should you text? So on and so forth.

So today I decided to write a thoughtful article about it just for all of you that have asked me. All these concepts are based on the majority of questions I’ve received over time and also based on the most insightful knowledge I have came across online. So to get started, the following are…

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1) Balance the momentum.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t text her too much or not enough. 1-2 times a week is best and if she doesn’t reply, then depending on how much you like her, wait a week and try again. If she doesn’t respond after a couple of times of doing this, then move on. You did all you could do… anymore trying is just going to scare her off.

2) Don’t overuse emoticons.

Less is always more in this case. There is nothing masculine about a guy that uses more emoticons than a girl he’s trying to talk to. If anything, the focus should be on waiting a little bit; see how much she’s willing to invest first.

3) Text soon after first getting the number.

I’ve lost track of all the times I meet a girl that acts conservative in front of her friends, then I text her the next day and end up spending the night at her place. Always with a night full of sex.

So jump on it quickly before someone else snatches her up. Especially in a big city like New York – you could be competing with 10 other guys.

4) Push for meeting up as soon as she can.

Like I said before, act fast and be assertive. It is actually a turn on to most women when a guy shows that he knows what he wants. Don’t be afraid to message her the next day either – especially if you really hit it off when you first met.

5) Avoid complex discussion.

The phone is not a place for discussion and until they make it possible for a woman to give you an orgasm over the phone, then you should be only using it as a tool for getting her out on a date. So cut to the chase, answer her if she asks you anything, but don’t ask her anything that you can ask when the two of you are together.


It should be straight to the point and just aimed at getting her to meet up with you. When you meet in person, then you can work your magic and if you don’t have any magic, then at least you’re in the right place. So that’s all for today, now go out and meet some women!

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-PUA Redsky

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    Useful and concise.

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