PUA Tips: Top 5 Dating tips for meeting women on vacation

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S-design-1 pua pictureo now that the summer is approaching a lot of you may be planning a vacation. I thought this might be a great time to help some of you get ready for the trip. You can never be too prepared and there is never too much knowledge on these topics. Below I’ve listed a few tips that may make it a little easier to meet someone on your next vacation…

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1) Research the best clubs and bars beforehand.

I remember one time I visited a city for two weeks expecting everyone to be out everywhere that weekend and almost every bar I went in was almost empty. It was nuts, I am so used to people being out on the weekends here in NYC.

I ended up figuring out that people were out but most of them were at certain venues in the city. I ended up discovering a few of those venues thanks to Google and had a better time the following week. Nevertheless I wasted a weekend before due to crappy planning. So in short, find out where the people hang out before you plan your vacation.

2) Make sure you are staying close to the party scene.

Once you’ve seen a few interesting clubs or venues online and seen they have good reviews, then I would advise booking a place close by them. In most cities those venues usually won’t be too far away from each other – if they are – then book a place close by to the majority of the venues with good reviews.

The reason for being close is obvious… the more time you spend in a cab with her, then the less turned on she will be when you finally reach home. Therefore since you are more likely to take her home than to her place, then it’s important that you have your own place when travelling; not a room you are renting.

3) Stay for at least a couple of weeks.

There’s nothing worse for me than a vacation where I don’t get laid at least once. I Figure understanding the whole dating scene in a city takes me at least a week. Do as much cold-approaching as you can in that first week so you can adjust your game efficiently.

Different countries have different cultural conditioning; what you might be able to get away with in America might be insulting in France, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to read up on some online forums about gaming wherever you plan to go as well. (Here’s my forum!)

4) Get an AirBNB.

The reason I suggest this piece of advice is because women are more likely to go back with you if you have your own place and are not just staying at a hotel. Nothing makes a women feel cheaper than going back with a guy who is staying in a hotel. Just make sure you don’t bring too many valuables and keep your money on you when you leave the AirBNB.

5) Get to the point.

If you have to, go direct and only focus on the most interested women you meet. There is no time to waste on women that you aren’t sure about. Only go for the women that are giving you a high amount of IOI’s (Indications of interest). Remember you aren’t looking for a girlfriend – you are looking for a fun time and that’s it. If you hit it off, then you can always stay in touch for another future trip back. Nevertheless, she will probably not wait for you – but at least you may have a potential girl to hookup with or for networking and such – if you decide to come back.

And there you have it…

Travelling is one of my favorite times to game simply because I like to meet new people from new places – so I’m enjoying myself as well. First and foremost, the idea is to enjoy yourself no matter what. So if you aren’t enjoying yourself you are doing something wrong; let go and feel the moment.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

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-PUA Redsky

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    Holly shit. this is intense. I got so hyped.

  2. Tony says:

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