PUA Tips: Top 5 dating tips for being dominant in an attractive way

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S-design-1 pua pictureo I know a lot of you may be wondering how dominance has anything to do with seduction. Well the truth it that it has everything to do with seduction. Dominance is the medium that separates being a friend from a potential lover. Of course there is a breaking point… in order to be a great seducer you need to be well educated and experienced on the boundaries women will put up and how to navigate around them without turning her off. Below I’ve included a list of some insight that will help you be dominant without scaring your date away…

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1) Go after what you want.

This means exactly what it says… if you want a kiss then go for a kiss. If you want her to go home with you, then suggest going to hers or your place. Yes it is a bold way to go about doing things, but the man that goes for what he wants shamelessly is going to get what he wants faster – and on more occasions – than the man that expects women to throw themselves at him.

I can tell first-hand that being assertive has gotten me laid much more, than sitting back and hoping the girl will just up and tell me to go home with her. Yes, that may happen at times and it has happened to me before. Nevertheless, it doesn’t happen at a frequency that is more productive than when I am the one taking action.

2) Have a plan.

Ideally this means having at least 3 places lined up for their own unique reasons. The first one could be a pool hall – for breaking the touch barrier. The second could be a less busier location – such as a park with a view – for the kiss close. The 3rd, if she hasn’t agreed to go home with you yet, could be a nice quiet and dimly lit bar; for solidifying the sexual frame. Those are just a few examples of what ‘having a plan’ is all about.

3) Always be the first to make a decision.

Now women need to be led. So you need to get used to calling the shots when you are with them. Basically tell her what to do and dial it back a notch if she says something about it. Don’t boss her around the whole time – just about a quarter of the time or when you are put in a situation that requires a decision to be made. A few examples could be crossing the street, ordering what she told you she drinks – unless it’s easier for her to get the drink – and of course getting the taxi back to yours or her place.

4) Talk to her like a little girl.

I know this sounds a bit odd, but I’ve noticed over the years that a lot of women respond well to what I like to call ‘baby talk’. So talk to her subtly as though you may address your little sister. If you aren’t sure how this looks, then have another watch of an episode or 2 of “Fullhouse” from back in the 90’s.

5) Use dominant body-language.

Yes, dominant body language is key. Don’t ask her to hold hands – reach out and grab her hand. Don’t ask her to kiss – move your face in close to hers and kiss her. Don’t ask her where to go – have a plan and tell her where the 2 of you are going. If she is not comfortable she’ll tell you, otherwise just go along with what you have planned.

To conclude…

Like many things in regard to pickup, there is a fine line to watch out for when it comes to creeping the girl out and being sexy. You have to find that threshold and the only way you can do that is through experience. You’ll learn to gauge it by the vibe. You’ll feel it like a 6th sense. Get used to pushing boundaries and never stay in a comfort zone – always be trying to get better.

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-PUA Redsky

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