PUA Tips: Top 4 tips on how to Flirt

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S-design-1 pua pictureo today I wanted to get into flirting because it’s necessary to know how to do this. Outside of telling stories flirting is the next most important skill to have when conversing with a member of the opposite sex. the list below will clarify more…

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1) Be playful.

This can be teasing her about something she is wearing or telling her a joke. You can even say something about the place you’re at. For example: If dance music comes on I might say something like, “Wow, I feel like I’m in ‘Night at the Roxbury’.” And if they are a younger crowd I would mention a more recent movie where dance music comes on – like ‘Magic Mike’, etc.

2) Authenticity.

Although many different pickup coaches like to vouch for using rehearsed routines and such – I strongly believe in getting used to coming up with material on the fly. The more you go out and learn to let yourself go, then the better you will get at coming up with your own witty style of flirting. Just experiment with your own sense of humor, just remember to be respectful and not say anything offensive and more importantly hold your frame or don’t allow yourself to feel self-conscious.

3) Smile.

Yes, flash those pearly whites and wear your smile with pride. I’ve learned that smiling more can also influence your mood. So even if you don’t feel the best that night smile anyway. You’ll be surprised how you’ll feel afterwards.

4) Don’t over-do it.

When I say don’t over-do it I mean don’t force it. If she isn’t laughing, then don’t try to go out of your way to make her laugh. I am a firm believer in chemistry and sometimes it is just lacking. Don’t get yourself bent out of shape over one girl that isn’t responsive to your witty banter. You can walk up to a girl across the room to say the same thing and see her burst out laughing; it is all a matter of preference at the end of the day.

In conclusion…

Sometimes you need to flirt even while in a relationship. Part of keeping women around is how you make them feel over-all. If you are always boring, not saying anything and just think they will magically want to stay with you because you are that special, then you are going to have a big shock when one day she decides that she isn’t happy with you.

Giving off a fun and carefree vibe will do wonders – so make sure you are creating that fun vibe. One of the best ways to solidify this vibe is to just have fun yourself. Well that’s all I got for tonight now get out there and meet some ladies!

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-PUA Redsky

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