PUA Tips: Top 4 Tips for warming up when you go out

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W-design-1 pua picturee all have our own personal methods for getting ourselves ready for something. When I was in wrestling as a kid, a lot of the wrestlers would put honey under their tongues to get a sugar rush before a match. For pickup… since energy is not the main component for meeting women – I’d say you need a little more than a sugar rush.

So below I’ve listed a few key concepts to put yourself in a more sociable mood, this way you can get yourselves more at ease and not feel as anxious…

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1) Approach hot women on your way to venues.

I like to do this because it desensitizes you to having a conversation with a beautiful woman. You’ll see that it’s really not that difficult and that not all attractive women are difficult to talk with.

Once you’ve gotten a few positive responses or maybe a number or more, then you will feel much more adequate in comparison to others that you may meet in the venue where you are going later. It will be much easier to converse and you will probably even have a better time when you’re there.

2) Only focus on women giving IOI’s (Indications of interest).

The reason I like to do this is because most of the time these women will at least be a decent experience; even if they don’t give you their number or go home with you. Some women, especially in a city full of rude people (Like New York) will down-right get offended if you come up to them. So to avoid a potential bitch-fit, I like to pay attention to mainly the women that are paying attention to me.

Nevertheless, I do not limit myself to just these particular women. In fact, after I’ve had a relatively good deal of success (Gotten a couple of numbers or make-out, etc.), then I may push the envelope and start approaching more difficult targets.

I find this strategy much more comfortable than to just outright approach everyone and anyone right off the bat. The reason being, I tend to feel more mentally drained after a few bad experiences and it can be a pain to get my state of mind into the previous “fun mood” I started out in. I think this is a rather human response, so you need to gradually build up. So in short, I focus on women that give IOI’s first because it keeps the gaming experience fun.

3) Just focus on having a normal conversation.

This means talking about yours or their hobbies, dreams, etc. You can switch off between the two of you. If you can get them talking about themselves more, then even better. Afterall, from my own experience, I find that women love to talk about themselves.

4) Move on if target is not fully engaged.

This comes back to qualifying – the right way to qualify – that is. If a target is not going to see you as an equal or more, then you simply bid them farewell and move on to someone that will.

For most men this is a hard thing to do… but for those that have experienced being with many different beautiful women, and often, they won’t have any qualms with losing one lousy set in exchange for 2 better ones. Learn to embrace this mentality and pickup will become much more enjoyable.

All in all…

Meeting women should be enjoyable and if you aren’t having fun, then you are either with the wrong people or trying too hard. Learn to relax, live in the moment and go out to have fun – not just to get laid. That pretty much sums it up… now get the hell out of your chair and game!

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-PUA Redsky

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  1. PaulX says:

    Followed this. it atually works amazingly.

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