PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for showing interest without looking desperate

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pua pictureow here is an interesting topic for everyone, here is something that I believe some of you might need an explanation for. Even a great looking guy can turn a girl off if he behaves too desperate. I see this happen all the time actually and it’s something that will either make or break you.

So I got just the advice for you guys below…

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1) Don’t just talk about her.

A lot of guys almost instinctively believe that veering the focus onto the woman is going to score more points. However, it takes two to tango. Women make their judgements based on your ability to converse and if you are going to play it safe and not be willing to showcase your ability to converse, then an attractive, intelligent female is going to assume that you have no ability. So don’t be surprised if she makes an excuse to leave early in this case.

2) Give her space.

One of the easiest ways to turn a woman off is to invade her space. Yes you need to break the touch-barrier to get intimate, but doing so too aggressively will not only kill attraction, it will make you look like a jackass when she abruptly leaves in front of everyone.

So don’t make a move unless you, for one, get her laughing, have her deliberately touching on you or notice her frequently bringing her face close to yours. These can be starter cues for you all. There are plenty of signs other than these, but I’ll just give you guys these for now to keep things simple.

3) Don’t over-compliment.

There’s a saying some of you may have heard before… I’ve even caught older women telling this to younger women. It goes: “Never trust anyone that is too nice.” This is true in many cases and in my experience it always leads to disaster – whether you are the one being nice or viceversa. So get used to only giving what she is willing to give in return. If you have to, then get in a habit of going Dutch.

4) Ask for her number or to go somewhere with you – if you haven’t already.

This right here is probably the key factor that will lead to you getting laid more often. Most guys don’t have the balls to even ask for a number. Believe it or not, most men go through life afraid to talk to women. They go to school and if they’re lucky, they make friends through a study group or social club, etc.

Most of the time guys meet girls through friends and most of the time the women go after them. Maybe the guy was smart or had some trait that a woman valued and she decided to be the first to make a move. However, usually these same men could have done a lot better. Nevertheless, since they didn’t have the balls to go for the women they wanted, then they ended up settling down with the women that were easiest.

So moral of the story…

Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. You must be willing to accept rejection to get the hottest women and do so diligently. Now you’ve got a little more knowledge on how to compose yourself the next time you go out. Yet remember that this advice can only get you so far, sometimes you just have to move on and accept that not every woman is going to work out. So get to work and find those that will!

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-PUA Redsky

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