PUA Tips: Top 4 Tips for qualifying women

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pua pictureow here’s a skill that some of you have probably heard of. I’m going to elaborate on how this works and how it can help improve success with the opposite sex.

First off, qualifying a woman is a tool for building attraction. You can’t apply this skill unless the target is already interested to begin with. Once you’ve identified that she is into you then you can spike that interest even more by qualifying her.

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Below I’ve listed a few concepts on how I myself qualify women…

1) Screen her:

I usually screen women by asking questions related to qualities that I like. Things that I look for are commonalities, attractiveness, level of respect and of couse IOI’s (Indications of interest). Once you’ve established that she is a woman that is not only interested in you – since she’s giving you her attention – you can then move on to the actual qualifying.

2) Only invest what she invests:

This means that you aren’t going to be the one putting the most attention into the interaction. Think about it… what behavior is more attractive? A guy that will do anything to get a girl to notice him or a guy that is having fun on his own and doesn’t need any kind of reassurance from a woman? I hope you chose the latter.

Women are naturally attracted to a man that has other options. Women like a challenge and will be more inclined to chase you if you are displaying that you have these options. So the easiest way to display this is by not investing more attention in her than what she is willing to give you.

A good way to get her investing more attention is by asking her open-ended questions. Getting her talking more than you is a great way to make her feel that you are a man of higher value. She will realize how much she has told you and therefore view you as someone she is attracted to.

3) Get her working for your attention:

I believe one of the best ways to do this is through playful teasing. One technique I utilize quite a bit is something called a ‘take-away’. Basically whenever the conversation runs dull I’ll turn away like I am leaving and then come back when she thinks I’m about to go.

I might just say something like, “Did you think I was going to leave you?” and I’ll crack a smile right after. What this does is make the already interested target even more interested and is also a form of teasing; or teasing done right.

4) Reward her only when she’s done something you like:

A lot of guys these days, at least of what I’ve seen going out, are too nice and give too much without getting in return. Women these days are too comfortable taking and this is partly our fault. We have conditioned women to being this way thanks to the old school gentleman’s way of thinking; known as chivalry.

Unfortunately back in the day – when most women actually appreciated the opposite gender of their species – there wasn’t a cancerous belief system called feminism. However in this day in age there is.

So now we have to adapt to the new terrain and that means modifying our behavior because you’ll most likely be taken advantage of if you don’t educate yourselves on this. So in detail… you should get used to making her pay for her own stuff when out on dates. Not giving her affection unless she is showing good behavior and simply grooming her to be a partner that is well-behaved and respectful to her man.

If she is unwilling to behave herself around you and act civil, then simply don’t see her again. It doesn’t matter if she is very attractive, you should never compromise your self-esteem for anyone. If you or her don’t feel right being with each other then you shouldn’t be – plain and simple.

An example of how I reward a target early on is by high-fiving her whenever we have something in common or maybe after she’s displayed genuine interest in something I shared about myself. From the high-fiving I can test to see if she is ready for me to kiss her by holding her hand for a moment after. If she isn’t moving away I can pull her in closer to see if she might be ready to kiss.

The reality of hooking up is that a kiss is the gateway to building that comfort and turning her on enough to want to sleep with you. Once you have the kiss then it is all down-hill from there.

In conclusion…

If you’ve had the opportunity to be around someone that understands major principles of game then you have probably seen this applied without realizing it. Qualifying is a powerful weapon and that’s exactly why I suggest putting this knowledge into action. So take what you’ve learned today and re-read what I’ve written. This will not only help you to connect better with women, but it will also lower your flake-rate; which means less time spent per woman. Now go out and get laid!

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-PUA Redsky

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