PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for having a sexy, confident voice

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W-design-1 pua picturehen I first started out, I sometimes would not pay attention to my voice tonality. I would get excited about something and for some reason my voice would get higher. I was somewhat soft-spoken as well. If you listen to me now, you’ll see that there is nothing soft spoken about my voice. I sound exactly the way a man should sound and women even tell me, quite often, that they like the sound of my voice. With careful practice and diligent effort – you all can accomplish this as well.

Below I’ve included a few thoughtful tips that I personally paid attention to on my journey to mastering my own voice…

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1) Speak slower.

This is actually a great habit to get into because people, not just women, will listen to you more. You’ll be understood better and will ilicit better responses. The delivery of how you say things has a lot of power and is definitely worth analyzing. Experiment with the speed to find out what has the most desirable response when you are out with people next.

2) Practice and listen to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself – at least in this case. Use your own judgement and listen to how you say words. Focus on particular words and be creative about it. Conversation is an art-form; think of everything you say to a woman as though you are painting a picture with words. If you sound monotone and boring, then the picture is going to look dull and cheap. If you see conversation as a form on expression, then you’ll become much more interesting to listen to.

3) Pronounce words.

Focus on this… part of being a good with women, or people in general, is being a good communicator. If you are easy to understand, then people will be more willing to relate with you; hence forming stronger bonds or being more likable.

4) Listen carefully to those with a tonality you desire.

I would say one of the best exercises for developing this aspect of your game is through carefully analyzing actors or people you think have good tonality. Just listen to them and find out if their voice is in your vocal range.

The way you can tell if it’s in your range is by trying to mimic the way it sounds. If it is not that difficult, then you found a tonality that is realistic for you. If it is too difficult, then simply move on to someone else. Do this until you’ve found someone’s tonality that is the most comfortable for you.

Last of all…

Like I said in the beginning of the article… I don’t know how many times women have told me they liked the sound of my voice. I’ve spent some significant time trying to find it and it has definitely been time well spent. I suggest you all consider this as well. Now that’s all for today, hope I was able to help some of you – now get up off your computer and go out!

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-PUA Redsky

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