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I know many of you are probably wondering why I’m talking about people in general and not just women. Well, that is because I’ve learned that this life is not just about getting laid. It is also about building a great life and being successful.

In order to be successful you must first learn to master the art of building relationships. If you you often come across unattractive or boring, then you will have quite a bit of trouble becoming a success.

So below I’ve listed a few principles that all of you can follow to become more liked or become more attractive…

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1) Find out what makes the target excited.

Whoever you are trying to form a relationship with must have some interest in something. So a good way to find out is by having a conversation with them. This isn’t hard, you just need to go up and say hi.

You can start off by mentioning an article of their clothing that you may like. Maybe you like the same brand. It doesn’t take much to get a conversation going.

Maybe they are very fashion conscious, maybe they like cars or maybe they just like to sit at home and read well written books. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that you find out what it is.

So play around and see where the conversation takes you. Avoid confrontational subjects such as who they voted for, negative topics like lost loved ones, things they don’t like, etc. Ask questions or talk about a sport you like, maybe mention a player that is doing good this year and see if they get excited about such. Not too difficult, you just need to be willing to relate with them.

2) Decide what archetype you want to attract.

When I say archetype, I’m talking about category that whoever you are trying to connect with falls into. This relies a good deal on their upbringing.

In the United States you have a few different archetypes and they usually form around class; lower class, middle class and upper class. The idea is to match whatever class you are trying to attract.

You can match them by dressing similar, talking in a similar way or having similar likes or values. There are other things, but those are the most prominent that I can think of. The best way to understand whomever you are trying to attract is by getting to know more of these kinds people.

For example: If I want to attract a beautiful, naeive and sweet Morman girl, then I might start going to a Morman church and getting to know more Mormans. I may go to their gatherings and befriend as many of them as I can to learn about their ways. Remember this is just an example.

Another example: If I sold real estate, then I might want to build more relationships with people that have a lot of money. So I am going to go out to bars that rich people go to. I am going to pay attention to how they dress, how they talk, what they talk about, their values and what excites them, then match them.

This isn’t rocket science, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on Google researching every little detail either. All it takes is hanging out with as many of these people as possible and taking a mental note of the things they talk about and asking them about whatever they may be willing to tell you.

Yes, you may give away that you aren’t from where they are from in the beginning; which may cause you to lose some of those potential clients. However, in time all that data that you’ve gathered from countless interactions will accumulate.

In time, they will never know who you really are. You’ll become a chameleon and they will accept you as their own. Once you have that acceptance, then you have formed that relationship. Once you have that relationship, then they are that much more likely to buy whatever it is you are selling.

3) Show signs of similarity.

I did mention this before, but I will articulate a little more on the subject. People like people that remind them of themselves. When I was in school, my friends were all interested in the same things that I was interested.

I did wrestling for a long time… so I had a lot of hardcore wrestling friends. I also liked to play chess… so a lot of my friends I met from gathering and playing chess after school. The same is true with videogames. I loved videogames growing up, like many kids from my generation, so many of my friends were also into playing videogames; which is what we would end up doing on the weekends when we finished our homework.

Coming back to the rich guy in #2 – that I want to sell real estate to…

Maybe a good idea for bonding with people, you may want to sell houses to, may be taking up golf. Since many rich men enjoy the sport, you can talk about how you’ve been playing golf for years. Talk yourself up a little, but when you do manage to get them out playing with you, then make sure not to out-shine them.

Just show them a good time… they already have plenty of money. They most likely will want to buy property eventually and they can buy from anyone selling real estate. Nevertheless, if they know you, see that you both like to play golf and like you, then you now have an advantage over the rest of the real estate competition. And they are now much more willing to hit you up, when they are ready to buy some property.

4) Improve your appearance.

Nice clothes and a good haircut can go a long way. You show that you value yourself and have class when you know how to dress. Women will trust you more if you are well-dressed; as opposed to being dressed in rags.

People will be a lot more willing to buy from you because they’ll think you can offer them a quality product. If you look like you take care of yourself, then they will assume you’ll take care of them as well.

So there you have it…

Follow these principles and watch how much your life changes. Watch how much more people accept you into their circles. It’s not hard, it just takes practice and in time anyone can learn how to attract anyone they want.

So that’s that! Hope I was able to help inspire some of you and remember to keep working hard!

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-PUA Redsky

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