PUA Tips: Top 4 pickup tips for getting laid at parties

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pua pictureow here is a fun topic that I think we all could use a little work with. Parties are a fun and easy way to get women, but like anything, you need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise you’ll just creep the girls out and piss off whose ever party it is; without getting an invite to the next one.

Here I’ve put together some valuable information – in a step-by-step format – that will get you all on your way to getting your first lays at a party; while doing pickup. So the following steps are…

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1) Approach all the women you like from the front.

The reason I do this is because this doesn’t give a girl a chance to turn away. If you approach her from an angle that is comfortable for her, then she is less likely to reject you. Nevertheless, if she is highly attracted to you, or a “yes” girl, then you can approach from any angle. Yet you most likely won’t experience that many “yes” girls at parties – in my own experience.

2) Talk with her for a minimum 5 minutes, then break the touch-barrier.

In short, don’t waste too much time babbling on about meaningless nonsense. You’re there for a reason and that is too get laid. So the moment you feel the conversation start to go stale then make a comment about a ring on her finger or any excuse to grab her hand. You could even pretend to read her palm; you don’t really have to know how to either. Just look at her hand and say she has a long life-line or something.

After you’ve held her hand for a second or 2, then gauging by how compliant she is with this, you can pull her closer to you. You might even be able to get a kiss. Ease into it though, you never want to be too aggressive.

3) Get the kiss-close.

Yes, once you’ve gotten this, then you’re very close to the close. However, don’t get too excited, because you still need to get her in the right state of mind. Which usually includes intimate touching.

Here are a few key points to focus on when kissing so everything goes smoothly…

-Don’t stick your tongue down her throat.

-Only use tongue when she does.

-Pull your head away and get her chasing the kiss.

-Get physical, by grabbing her buttocks, but not blatantly in front of people.

-She is more likely to make out with you in an isolated area, like outside or in a less crowded part of the house; even a bathroom would be fine.

4) Raise buying temperature and isolate.

Once you’ve made out for awhile, start becoming more physical. Ease into it – don’t rush. Start by kissing her neck, then feeling her buttocks. From there you can move toward feeling on her chest and if this is alright for her, then move to between her legs.

If she lets you do all of this, then you might as well try hooking up. If you aren’t already in a room, bathroom, secluded area next to the house or anything like that, then get there. You’ll be surprised how many girls have hooked up in even crazier locations than these.

Further on…

So there is a little break-down on how to get things rolling at parties. It may help to make a few approaches on your way there; so you are able to get yourself into a more social mood. Now that’s all I’ve got for today – now good luck and keep going out!

To finish off…

You can’t get anywhere without sexual tension, unless the girl just flat out tells you she wants to fuck you and how often does that happen? So you are stuck having to be the aggressor. The idea is actually quite similar to a concept coined by David Deangelo called “2 steps forward, 1 step backward”.

The main idea is to push as far as you can for sex until she is almost at her breaking point, or borderline annoyed, then back off for 5 minutes and commence laying on the affection; making out, etc. It is much more efficient to test for every opportunity as it presents itself – this can be done through touch, kissing, suggesting to go somewhere every few minutes – rather than to sit back and hope your “amazing verbal skills” convince her to go home with you. Remember you have to warm the engine before she’s ready to drive.

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-PUA Redsky

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