PUA Tips: Top 4 dating tips to build sexual tension

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H-design-1 PUA pictureere is another important skill to master, what I’m going to cover today is building sexual tension. You need to have a good understanding of this in order to get a girl turned on enough to go home with you. In short, the better you are at building sexual tension, then the more you are going to get laid.

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Below I’ve put together a list of a few ways to do this…

1) Tease.

Lightly bumping her jokingly on your way to making a shot when playing a game of pool or darts is a nice little start. After she misses a shot you can tell her something like, “Nice shot.” Make sure to say it in a joking demeanor and it wouldn’t hurt to crack a smile also. These kinds of mind games will start the flow of communicable energy between the 2 of you. Create a flow of emotional energy through touch and nonverbal communication; like Bruce Lee once said, “Be like water.”

2) Talk dirty.

Talking a little dirty never hurts – just be sure to have a good amount of comfort built prior. Women instinctively respond sexually to alpha men – so what’s more alpha than saying how you feel without holding back?

I have no problem telling a date I want to bang the hell out of her honestly. Nevertheless, I will make sure we’ve been making out for a little time before. Comfort should be built first, but once she’s started complying, then you have a green light to do more or say more.

3) Get close to her.

Don’t be afraid to close some distance and see how she responds. If she is backing off then back off a little as well. If she doesn’t seem alarmed then you might just be able to get a kiss. If you’ve ever seen a real alpha trying to seduce a woman – they are usually very close right from the beginning.

4) Break the touch barrier.

The most important boundary that you all need to learn to cross is the touch barrier. If you can’t muster up the courage to do so, then you are never going to get anywhere with any woman.

So get used to grabbing her hands or looking for excuses to grab her hands. One thing I do is meet in a busy area so that we are forced to have to hold hands so we don’t get separated. You can also just grab her hand and put it up to yours and laugh about the size difference. It doesn’t take much to break the touch barrier – you just have to have the balls to do it.

To finish off…

You can’t get anywhere without sexual tension, unless the girl just flat out tells you she wants to fuck you and how often does that happen? So you are stuck having to be the aggressor. The idea is actually quite similar to a concept coined by David Deangelo called “2 steps forward, 1 step backward”.

The main idea is to push as far as you can for sex until she is almost at her breaking point, or borderline annoyed, then back off for 5 minutes and commence laying on the affection; making out, etc. It is much more efficient to test for every opportunity as it presents itself – this can be done through touch, kissing, suggesting to go somewhere every few minutes – rather than to sit back and hope your “amazing verbal skills” convince her to go home with you. Remember you have to warm the engine before she’s ready to drive.

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