PUA Tips: Top 4 dating tips for getting more compliance

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S-design-1 pua pictureo I am excited to put this article together today. I am very fascinated by the mind and building compliance, I’ve learned, this is accomplished by doing nothing more than portraying the right behavior.

In the beginning of my journey into pickup, I used to be under the impression that it is none other than a number’s game. However, over time I started noticing patterns that ultimately led to me getting much more success. I began to see ‘the matrix’ – so to speak.

Therefore, today I am going to bring you a nice list of effective concepts that will revolutionize your success rate. So pay close attention – the following are…

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1) The Mini-bounce.

Now this is something I overlooked for a long time, but once I started paying more attention to the details, I realized how powerful a little thing like the ‘mini-bounce’ can be. In short, women instintively are attracted sexually to a man that is naturally dominant.

The idea behind the mini-bounce: You meet a woman anywhere – most likely on the street or in a bar – and you slightly guide them in a direction by slightly nudging them with your hand in order to move them out of the walkway of where people may pass by. Theoretically this will trigger her subconsciously to view you as a higher value male; hence subtle behavior can have a lot of power on building attraction.

2) The Benjamin Franklin effect.

I’ve mentioned this in the past and it has a lot of clout in the attraction game as well. The idea is to ask for a small favor. This can be to watch your drink while you go to the bathroom, hold your seat, etc.

Once you get a woman used to behaving in a submissive way, then they will be more likely to stay submissive when you start making advances towards sex. I personally like to use this when at stripclubs. I tell them to sit on my lap, before I get a dance and if they are willing to comply, then they’ll usually give me their number after a dance.

3) Changing venues.

When you change venues with a target you build a great amount of trust. Once they’ve seen that they can hang out with you alone without being turned off, then they will be much more likely to decide whether you are suitable to sleep with. Women love sex just as much as us, the only difference is they are only willing to have it with men that they trust and are attracted to sexually; you can’t have one with out the other either.

As you’ve probably heard women say dozens of times… friends first. That is completely fine, however it doesn’t mean you can’t be friends with benefits. What you perceive becomes reality – so stay optimistic no matter what.

4) Eye contact.

I know many of you aren’t surprised to see this. Eye contact is always going to be a notable weapon for everyone’s arsenile when mastered. To keep things simple, focus on just giving it first. You can practice looking at a picture of a girl on your computer as well. Just hold eye contact to start and it may help to even pretend like she is saying something to you. Practice how you’d look at them – facial expressions can be very helpful too. Nevertheless, you need a living woman in front of you to see what facial expressions get the best responses. It all will come with practice.

To conclude…

You’ll be surprised how effective these little things can be and how well they’ll increase your rate of success. For me I have a mental check list of things I do when out with each date and I am at somewhere near a 75-80% success rate; which means I am getting laid around 3 out of 5 times that I go out.

Since I only go for one-night stands mostly these days, I don’t need to waste extra time walking around and collecting numbers. It is a dream come true and I am not even in my 20’s anymore. So no more excuses… go out and get to work!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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-PUA Redsky

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    Should I go on a dsting detox?

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