PUA Tips: Top 4 dating tips for becoming more Charismatic

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PUA PictureI have seen this topic pop up a lot lately online, so I thought I would give my own input today. Charisma to me is about energy and knowing what behaviors ramp up the symbiotic energy that flows within a group. Mostly being charismatic is about how you feel inside, but there are a few other concepts that I consider vital and some of these are…

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1) Have fun.

Talk about things that interest you, do things that interest you. The environment and people that you are around can have a big impact on your confidence. So making sure that you only surround yourself with the right people – and going to places that you enjoy – will have a lot of clout. How you feel inside is a huge part of being charismatic; which should always be your main focus.

2) Listen to people.

There is a little thing called “active listening” and this is when you actively partake by genuinely wanting to get to know someone. I have a natural desire to meet new people… I guess my view on this topic is that everyone has a little piece of knowledge they can share with you.

I crave knowledge and everyone has some to offer. It doesn’t matter whether it is how to protect myself in the streets or good places worth visiting in Russia. There is always one piece of information someone has that I could really use.

3) Encourage people to tell you more.

One great way to keep a conversation going without much work is through prompting others to talk instead. All you need to do is say a few easy trigger words like:

“Can you elaborate?”

“Where did this happen and is that a cool place to visit?

“What’s it like living in that part of the city?”

Questions like this will get people talking long enough for you to think of something worthwhile to talk about. If you think about it, conversation is a game and the better you get at it, then the more natural it will feel. Much like meditation – you’ll crave practice the more often you do it.

4) Smile.

Yes, smile and I’m not saying to just smile; put your soul into it. Don’t smile unless you can be real. Fake smiles will just make you look self-conscious and basic. Smile because you are having a good time and you are grateful to now have the knowledge to be spending your night hanging out with a beautiful woman. Keep your head up and live in the moment.


Charisma is just like learning to play an instrument – you won’t master it in a day. It’s an art-form that you can only perfect with trial and error. You need to push your comfort-zone and always be curious to see what kind of behavior triggers people in a way you want them to be triggered. Embrace every new interaction and always try to learn something new with every person. Now go out and get some experience!

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-PUA Redsky

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