PUA Tips: Top 4 conditions when women are looking for one-night stands

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pua pictureow this is something that I bet a lot of you might be able use. I’ve decided to narrow down some of the sure-fire times when women are looking to go home with someone. Some of you may have already realized all of these, but for those that haven’t; imagine all the time you might’ve saved doing more productive things if someone just had told you where to look.

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So I am going to give you some of that ‘where to look’ knowledge right now. Below I’ve made a short list of places and situations when women are most likely to be open to one-night stands…

1) On vacation.

Here’s a nice sign that you might get laid tonight. If you meet a girl and she says she’s on vacation and everything is going well between the two of you, then you might be able to isolate her after you’ve snuck in a few kisses. Let’s say she is still holding on to you and not backing off after the kiss-close. Now you can try to isolate and let nature run its course.

2) At bars on the weekends.

This is where I rack up most of my one-night stands honestly. Nothing says, “Easy hookup” like a cheap bar that has a lot of tourists flowing in. Just make sure to always be on good terms with the staff and treat everyone with respect.

3) When in public on an evening or night before a day off.

Yes, this is a good time to swoop in and catch a girl on an unexpected evening stroll. Just come over and introduce yourself or ask for directions. Once you’ve got her stopped, then you can invite her along with you. Tell her it’s your day off and you don’t want to have a drink by yourself. I can’t tell you how many times this has worked for me – sometimes women flat out ask me to go have a drink with them; timing is everything.

4) Concerts.

Almost everyone that goes out to a concert didn’t make plans in the morning. So why not take advantage of this window of opportunity? Take the time to talk to many girls and not just jam out to your favorite musicians performance. Most of the time these events are super easy to get make-outs at as well. Once you’ve gotten a few make-outs then just talk to those girls after and try to convince them to go to an after-party.

Sometimes I’ll actually have an after-party spot available, but if I’ve isolated the girl and she is obviously down to come home, then I’ll just suggest my place instead. If you don’t have an afterhours spot, then ask her if she wants to grab something from the store or some food with you real quick. I’ll usually start making out with her on the way – and judging from how intense we get – I’ll then decide whether it’s worth suggesting to go back to my place.

To conclude…

The time and place can have a lot of power when it comes to seduction. I see guys going out all day long and then seeing other guys that go out at different periods of the day or week – when they know women are in the mood. Guess who is getting more action? The latter of course.

So pay attention to detail and learn to be more observant on such matters as when you notice women being a little more promiscuous than normal. These little bits of information will skyrocket you to the front of the line in the world of getting laid. Now go out and open your eyes!

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-PUA Redsky

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