PUA Tips: Top 3 Dating Tips for Getting over a Broken Heart

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S-design-1 pua pictureome of you that are reading this may know me on social media and see me with all the girls I’ve been with. It may seem like women are coming into my life with ease, but I actually undergo a great deal of emotional stress with every relationship I have.

With every woman I get involved with there will be a time when they choose to leave or viceversa. Nevertheless when I am on the receiving end of the spectrum it is still as painful as anyone else. However I am used to it now and know that not every woman is going to want to stay in my life.

So instead of getting bent out of shape I have 3 things I do to help me move on and not let the pain send my life into a downward spiral. I’ve listed the following below…

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1) Tell her how you feel.

Whether you are angry or whatever it helps to tell her exactly how you feel. I don’t waste time doing it in person honestly. Why would I waste my time going all the way over to meet her when she doesn’t give a fuck about me anyway?

So instead I do it through text… it is simple and she can’t avoid it. You can tell her everything you want censored or uncensored. Yes she may try to tell you that you are a jerk, asshole, loser, etc. But you got it out of your system; believe me it will help.

2) Start dating other women – the more the merrier.

The best way to meet women, in my opinion, is with street game. I suggest going around a busy part of your city and taking out your earphones when doing this; you focus better. Start by asking for directions to a good resaurant, pub or some kind of venue where you can sit down.

After she’s stopped then she will answer you – that is if she knows the area. Following that I just point out the fact that I find her attractive and ask her if she wants to get coffee some time. She will either say yes or no.

If she says no, then you can try to turn the no into a yes by insisting you are a good guy or whatever reason you can think of – it might work. However I usually don’t try to persist unless we’ve had some decent conversation and I can tell we are comfortable around each other; the choice is yours to make.

Usually it will take 3-5 tries to get a good-looking woman’s number; at least for me. Some days I’ll get a number on my first try and some days I’ll get 2-3 numbers in a row. Nevertheless on average it takes me 3-5 tries for every solid number. So I am assuming it will take the same for you guys also.

After I get each number I will text them my name – so they know who it is. Once I get around 10 numbers then I try to set up dates with the women that are texting me the most first. Yet I still message the others – especially if I like a certain girl in particular. From 10 numbers I can usually get a few dates a week. From there it is just a matter of time before I meet someone new.

3) No contact.

This is probably the most important detail in my opinon: You need to cut her off. It is best to delete her from social media, your phone and not have any intention of seeing her again. You shouldn’t want to be with someone that doesn’t want to be with you. That is a recipe for misery and you would be a fool to hang on, because there is clearly nothing there. So don’t even consider trying to rekindle things. It will never work out, I’m sorry but it is the cold, hard truth.

And that’s what I have to do…

It is easy to go out and send a lot of money boozing it up and whining to a bartender or some random bum on the street about how much your life sucks. Yet that is not the most productive way to handle a breakup in my opinion.

So focus on these 3 things the next time you experience this. You’ll be on your way back to normal in no time. Just remember that pain is temporary and you shouldn’t want to be with anyone that doesn’t want to be with you; straight up. Now get up and go do what it takes to make “you” happy!

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-PUA Redsky

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