PUA Tips: How to test for quality women

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W-design-1 pua picturehen I grew up I had a fairly large family on both my mom and dad’s side. Also men were dominant, so I had more uncles than aunts. I am lucky to come from the family I came from, because most of my uncles were not only very successful, but also great with women.

I was able to get a first-hand look at how naturals pickup and keep, not only beautiful, but quality women in their lives. So among many great things that I learned from watching and doing what I saw my uncles doing – a few principles stuck out in my mind. They gave me insight that allowed me to come up with these 3 tests that will raise red flags right away; so I don’t end up with shitty women. Below I’ve listed a few ways to tell if you should stay with a girl or not…

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1) Ask them to pay for something.

When I’m out with a girl for the first time, I like to see if they’ll get at least one drink. This right here shows a few things for me. One is that they are independent and two is that they like me enough to invest money in me. People won’t invest a thing if they don’t truly like a person.

2) Shaming you.

This is a typical female manipulation tactic and it is a telltale sign that she is an abusive person. Some people just like to be abusive and although it isn’t right, you can’t change them. So in short, just stay away from them, because there are plenty of women out there that will treat you a hell of a lot better.

3) Ask a friend to try to get her number while you’re in the bathroom.

So let’s say you met a girl and she past the first two tests. Now you can see that she at least likes you. Next step is to see how loyal she is.

I have had women fail this test and it has done me great justice. I always end up in the most rewarding relationships. My women all fall hard for me and always are willing to stay in my life for a long time.

Not only that, they are thoughtful and give me my space. We don’t fight as much either and my theory for this outcome is that when a person truly values a person, then they won’t do things to upset them. The thought of losing me is too great, so in return she is more well-behaved.

For the most part…

All this advice is golden and you’ll thank me later if you follow this. If you lower your standards, then you lower your rewards. The key is to evolve to the highest level possible as a man (Physically, financially and mentally.) and when you’re there, then high level women will come to you with ease. So that’s about it for today, thanks once more for reading and make sure you get out this weekend!

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-PUA Redsky

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