PUA Tips: Gaming in Japan (Part 2 – Tokyo)

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PUA Picture recently shared an article about my experience gaming in Osaka and this will be the continuation. Tokyo is the next place I visited and it is a whole different world compared to Osaka.

I liked Osaka somewhat because of the fact that it is much cheaper and the fact that I got laid twice within the first 4 days of being there was definitely a bonus. However after another week in Osaka I made out with countless women, had women grabbing on my genitals but never managed to bed any to follow.

Tokyo on the other hand was much more expensive but I was still able to rack up another couple of lays in just a week of being there. Like I said in the previous article… every girl I had sex with spoke a little bit of English. I noticed in Tokyo that there were a lot more Japanese girls that could at least communicate in English – which was a major benefit; at least for a Gaijin like me.

Another thing about Tokyo is they have these relatively inexpensive bars, well compared to New York, called HUB’s. They are British styled pubs that a lot of Japanese men and women hang out at in hopes of meeting Gaijin men and women.

Osaka had a few HUB’s also, but Tokyo had at least 6 within a 2 block radius where I was staying – which is an area called Shinjuku. This was perfect because since I love to go bar hopping in NYC – it was exactly what I was used to. I would just have a drink at one place and I’d focus on the Jgirls that were paying the most attention to me. If there wasn’t an obvious connection I would leave to the next HUB once I finished my drink. Sometimes I would even meet a wingman along the way.

This strategy worked very well and on the weekends I barely had to do any approaches at all because women would just come over to ask me to sit with them. There was also a Karaoke bar that was close by that was open even later than the HUB’s on the weekdays. I am not the best Karaoke singer but I can at least appear like I know what I am doing with the right songs that fit my vocals; this actually helped me with the first Jgirl I slept with in Tokyo actually. I’ve included a picture of her at the top of the article actually.

The next time I go to Tokyo I will have a more honed method for getting laid while spending the least amount of money. Since I was in Shinjuku I was limited on where I could meet women. I did check out Roppongi a couple of times and I had a good time. However I had to deal with a lot of cock-blocking from asian foreigners like Koreans, Chinese, etc. At one point a girl in one of the Korean groups was talking with me and one of the Korean men in the group started to get jealous; so he just grabbed her hand and dragged her away mid-sentence.

I actually had a Korean guy punch me in the chest another time and unfortunately for him I had to return the favor which left him with a busted nose. Luckily for me I was with a middle-aged Japanese woman, that decided to be my sugar mama for the night, who also knew the owner and saw exactly what happened. To make a long story short he had a bad night and had to leave – bloody nose and all. I guess one can say I got lucky. Nevertheless I do not suggest getting in fights in Japan, because being a foreigner, you are very likely to get deported and if you hurt the guy too bad then they might not let you back in the country; so keep that in mind.

As for other foreigners… I met a few Australians, French-fries, a couple of Italians, Brits, Spaniards, Chileans, Canadians of course Americans. I had a British wingman one of the nights in Roppongi – awesome guy. I also had a good time with a couple of guys from Chile and Spain – unfortunately for them I was the only one that got laid that night; it happens. Yet anyone could have gone home with a girl that night – I just was the first to escalate.

I’ve learned that in Tokyo Jgirls are a lot like American women; if they like you then they won’t be as reluctant at your attempts for PDA (Ie. Kissing in public.). There are still lots of women that aren’t ok with that, so it is pretty much up to how comfortable you are taking a leap of faith. Me on the other hand… I have zero issues with taking a leap of faith. My game is very much assuming the woman is attracted to me regardless of whether she is or not. Sometimes I’m right and sometimes I’m not. If not, then oh well, plenty of other women to talk to. I just make an advance a few times and if she doesn’t submit then I move on to the next.

To leave off…

I had a great time in both Osaka and Tokyo. They are both very different in a gaming sense; Osaka has more of a small town feel, where Tokyo is very similar to New York but with a lot more asians.

One of the great things about Japan is the fact that most women will be willing to talk with you from the beginning. There is always the chance that they have boyfriends, but you can always use that time spent talking to find out about cool clubs or bars that you otherwise would have never discovered.

For the women that don’t speak English: Google translate does wonders and you can rent a pocket WIFI device from the local airports. They are great if you don’t want to have a ridiculously expensive phone bill when you get back home; depending on your plan.

If you are going to Tokyo I would suggest staying 3 weeks to a month. Weekends are great for foreigners in Tokyo. Weekdays can be good too, but if you are the kind of guy that has issues with approaching women, then I propose taking advantage of as many weekends as possible.

Don’t waste your time with women that expect you to pay their way. There are many that are used to the man paying; which is kind of what is expected for Japanese men. The great thing about being a foreigner, however, is that you can get away with going Dutch simply by stating that you don’t pay for the woman in your country. Regardless of whether it is the truth or not – we foreigners have an advantage and that advantage is that a lot of Japanese women view us as exotic. And if you are frequenting a few of the places that I’ve mentioned above you will come across quite a few of these types of women; A.K.A. Gaijin hunters.

So there is a brief summary of my experience in Tokyo. I will be returning, and to reiterate, I had a blast. I definitely suggest visiting this wonderful place. It is a one of a kind city and if you just remember to have fun and enjoy the scenery, then you will love it.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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