PUA Tips: 4 Tips to keep a Girl around after a One-night stand

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PUA Picture have seen a lot of info online about how to get women in bed and so on. However I haven’t seen much on how to keep them around – especially after a one-night stand.

A lot of times after a one-night stand women won’t expect a relationship or something ongoing to come out of it. Nevertheless at times you might meet a girl that you really like and unfortunately she doesn’t have the same intentions. You hookup and never see her again.

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So I put together a list of things one can do to increase the odds of her wanting to continue seeing you. These are…

1) Take her to breakfast if she is free the following day.

Yeah, that’s right… nothing like a little post-date to present to her that she can also have a good time with you outside the bedroom. This will also show her that you actually value her for more than the typical booty call – which isn’t a bad thing. Depending on how much she values you she might actually see you as something more; even despite the fact that she let you bang her relatively easily.

2) Walk her to the train or to the taxi.

A great gesture that I have no problem with. I see this as a victory walk so that all my neighbors or her neighbors can see that we’re fucking; nothing like a little ego boost. Besides it shows her that you have a little class.

3) Text her your name after getting her number.

This is obvious… assuming you remembered to exchange numbers before you parted ways in the morning. Just text her your name so she doesn’t forget you. Do not text her a long text about how much you like her or how it was great to meet her; just sending your name is all that’s needed to make the desired impression.

4) Hold out on telling her your deepest darkest secrets after you finally get some.

I know a lot of us probably see what I am getting at here. When some men finally get a smoking hot female to sleep with them, then it is easy to get excited about it. One of the things some of us may do is overwhelm the target with a bunch of nonsense that makes us look like a desperate little bitch.

So I will say this once… do not tell her how great she makes you feel or that you want her to be your girlfriend. Don’t tell her that she is the hottest girl you’ve ever been with or start reading her poetry. Do not go emo by telling her about how bad your life is and how she is the only thing that brings happiness into it. Basically, just enjoy the moment and be positive or funny – if you can be. If you aren’t funny, then don’t try.


As your skill progresses you will experiment with new material and advice you read online hopefully. The best way to hone one’s skill of “the game” is to just not make the same mistakes over and over again. Therefore if you’ve tried something multiple times and the result never seems to come out in your favor, then it might be a good idea to start doing things a little different.

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-PUA Redsky

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  1. Dennis says:

    Good advice. I needed this. Thank you.

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