PUA Tips: 4 tips for channelling your inner Tyler Durden

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S-design-1 pua pictureo I thought today would be a really good day to discuss a fictitious icon of modern-day masculinity. This icon is commonly known as “Tyler Durden”. In short, Tyler Durden is the ideal image of what most women consider attractive; both physically and behaviorally. So pay close attention to some of the concepts I’m listing below so you can get in touch with your own inner Alpha (A.K.A. Tyler Durden)…

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1) Be real with yourself and others (Don’t kid yourself).

This means stop pretending and start learning to be comfortable being you. Let go of all your insecurities and encourage others to live that way too.

2) Live to amuse yourself.

When you go out, do things that you want to do. Be comfortable being the main focal point in your life. Think to yourself… what could I say to make this conversation with a hot girl more amusing?

3) Don’t waste your time around people you don’t enjoy being around.

Stop letting boring, energy sucking people into your night-life. That could be friends that are recently out of relationships or just typical downers.

We all have that one friend that always seems to love being depressed. Yea, that one… stay away from him.

4) Find your purpose and do whatever it takes to fulfill it.

Whether you like cars, motorcycles, playing Magic the gathering or whatever – embrace it. If it makes you happy and you’re good at it, then take that path. It’s not rocket science – you just need to take that first step.

And that’s about it for today…

Follow what I said above and you’ll be on your way to discovering your inner Tyler Durden in no time! now enjoy your week and don’t forget to keep things moving!

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-PUA Redsky

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