PUA Tips: 4 people you should never get Relationship Advice from

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A-design-1 PUA picturelright well the other day I overheard someone talking with a friend of his that quite frankly I could tell had zero to no experience with women at all. The guy was asking about how he should handle a situation with a girl he was dating. Of course the advice given was complete shit – so I thought I might dedicate an article just to this. So here is a list of people I believe you should never get dating advice from…

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1) Your family.

Although ‘the fam’ may have good intentions most people don’t have family members that are qualified for giving dating advice. For one your parents are from a different time period when dating was a lot easier and chances are your siblings have about the same knowledge as you. So they literally have no value that they can shed. Talking to them would be no more productive than tossing a coin on whether you should stay or leave.

2) The friend that never gets laid.

Well this is quite obvious… no matter how much advice they have to give, which I’m sure is a lot, they can’t help you. They just aren’t qualified – so move on.

3) Co-workers.

There is no way a co-worker will ever know exactly what is going on in your life because they only see you at work and if you are hanging out with your boss, then you don’t want him thinking you’re weak. On top of that… you should not be mixing work with your personal life – plain and simple. That just isn’t professional and you don’t want everyone at the office knowing your business either. When people get bored at work, what do you think they do? They gossip, so don’t be a fool unless you want to be the topic of discussion at your job.

4) Anyone that hasn’t been in a relationship more than 2 years.

I say this because most people can’t handle being in a relationship for more than 2 years unless they really know they are with someone that is worth it. So if you know someone that is still in a relationship for 2 years or longer, then you might be able to learn a thing or two about what kind of partner you should be looking for.

To conclude…

If you really like a girl then I would advise not leaving it up to whatever comes out of some random person’s mouth. Instead make an educated decision and actually consult someone that knows what he’s talking about. Well that is everything I have for this topic – now absorb what was just said and then get back to work!

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  1. Ty says:

    true dat.

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