PUA Tips: 3 Habits for a better life

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S-design-1 pua pictureo I was thinking to myself the other day about what habits I’ve changed about myself that have really improved my quality of life. I came up with these 3 habits that have not just made my life better, but have increased my overall productivity ten-fold. Of course, I’ve listed them below…

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1) Read.

Although, I don’t really list any books – I do read a lot and I can definitely understand why supposedly most CEO’s read around 50 books a year. I personally am up to 3-5 a month – so around 40-50 a year.

I have always been a pretty avid reader and I tend to focus on non-fiction. I also like to research the author first and make sure they are successful (If still alive) and if they aren’t alive, then at least I make sure they are somewhat of an influential figure that have some kind of traits that I value.

2) Meditate.

The definition of meditation, for me, is to “still the mind” and this is exactly what it does. So if I’m feeling a bit stressed out, then I’ll lay back, close my eyes and meditate. After doing so for around 15-30 minutes I always feel much more relaxed and ready to tackle whatever work I need to get done.

I am not going to get into detail on how to meditate, because there is so much great and free content online that you can all discover for yourself. Besides I am not a meditation expert, I just do what works for me. The main point is that you feel relaxed afterward; whatever techniques you decide to to utilize is entirely up to you.

3) Work out and eat healthy.

One of biggest factors that will regulate how you feel and how productive you are is how well you take care of your body. The biggest mistake a person can make is neglecting one’s health.

It really makes a difference when you change up your diet with healthier foods and a nice, weekly routine of about 3 days a week at the gym. I like to combine about an hour of weight training with 30-40 minutes of mild cardio after; usually just walking on the treadmill.

After that I’ll stretch and hop in the shower. I mostly workout in the morning, because it helps me sleep better at the end of the day and I also get my blood flowing before I have to start working. Trust me, working out makes a big difference in how you feel – you will have much less stress and are less likely to feel depressed; if that is one of your problems.

And that’s it…

Stick to these 3 habits and I guarantee that you will feel so much more better than you were before. Happiness is about what you do in your spare time and as long as you are trying to reach your full potential, then you will always continue to feel better and better. So that’s all I got for everyone today… thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep going out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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-PUA Redsky

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    You are the real mvp

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