PUA Tips: 4 Top tips for not getting Friendzoned

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pua pictureow here is a topic that many are struggling with… “Oh the struggle.” The zone we all hate and have all been in at some point of our lives. Nothing is worse then wanting to have sex with a woman and not being able to because she sees you as a “friend”.

I’ve decided to put together a list of some things everyone can pay attention to so that you can all avoid the dreaded friend-zone.

These are…

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1) Don’t be pushy.

I would say this applies to a guy that is anxious to get physical. Maybe you went for the kiss too soon and she pushed you away. So he struggles to try and force it in a cringeworthy manner; which just makes her want to get as far away from you as possible – if she hasn’t already. Most men would probably give up, but it’s fine if she rejects your advance to kiss her a couple of times. Most women are going to make it a little difficult to get the first kiss.

All you need to do is enjoy yourself and just keep trying to get that kiss. Best times to try is when you see she is laughing and having a good time. Once you get the kiss then you can potentially move on to more; depending on the woman.

What you shouldn’t do is expect your date to kiss you when you haven’t talked about anything. You also shouldn’t expect her to want to be your girlfriend all the way from the start obviously. It takes some time for her to get comfortable being around you before the both of you can bond.

2) Touch her.

I’ve said this many times… you need to get her comfortable with your touch before you can get her in bed. There are a lot of ways you can accomplish this. Among some of them is meeting in a crowded area so you have an excuse to grab her hand or just putting your hand up to hers to measure the difference in size – which is always an interesting thing to talk about.

From the hand you can move to the waist and pull her close to you. If she is alright with this then you can try for a kiss. Once you get the kiss you can test for more – I’ll let your imagination fill in the details for now.

Take into account that not every woman is going to be ok with this, but if she is worth your time then she will. However in some countries, such as Japan, I would save the touching for behind closed doors – since displaying affection in public is considered very rude.

3) Make sure you yourself are having fun on the date

Over the years I’ve come to realize that self-amusement is kind of a big deal. If you aren’t having fun yourself on a date, then your date won’t be having fun either. So enjoy yourself and go somewhere that you both would like to be.

I like to play Billiards… therefore I often take my date to a bar that has Billiards. I also like to listen to Frank Sinatra and sing Karaoke – so I will go somewhere that offers either of these choices as well.

4) Let her chase.

Nothing can turn a girl off more than a guy that is too attentive. Learn to just sit back and listen to the music of whatever place you are at. Wait for her to ask questions; you don’t have to be the main one talking. It’s even better if you can get her talking more than you. Remember the more you get her to invest, then the more she will start to like you.


The key to not getting friendzoned is to just behave like a man. It’s a happy medium between not being too nice and not being too mean. Just show her that you have your head in the right place and she is secure around you – there really isn’t a lot to it.

Also there is chemistry that you have to pay attention to also. Sometimes you just aren’t compatible with someone and there really isn’t much you can do but leave to move on to someone else.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Gaming in Japan (Part 1 – Osaka)

Japan-part-1 PUA picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo I just recently spent a month in Japan for those that aren’t following me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. I started out by visiting my son for the first week; which was great. I won’t go into that much however because I like to keep that part of my life private. Anyway after that I began my Japan pickup rampage.

I have to say it wasn’t exactly easy to meet women in Japan, considering I don’t speak the language but I did manage to rack up another 4 notches regardless. Out of those 4 I managed to get footage of 2; simply because the other 2 left before I had a chance to whip out my phone.

Upon the first week I hooked up with 2 girls and I must mention beforehand that all the women I slept with in Japan were from one-night stands. I did do day-game in the beginning, but after seeing my success with night-game – I just stayed with that. After all I only had 3 weeks in total.

The first girl was a young Taiwanese traveler that was staying at a hostel in Osaka. I met her through a group of people I believe she was in a hostel with. She was very sexy and I had a great time from the moment we met to the moments we spent between the sheets. All I have to say is that she let me do whatever I wanted behind closed doors.

Following that I continued to go out and met up with a couple of other women before I had another success. They were both Japanese and very beautiful – probably among the most beautiful women I had seen in Japan.

The first date we went out for Ramen and I was quite put off by how she slurped her Ramen at first, but I later read an article online that this is a custom. It is similar to how in Hungary belching is considered polite – in other words it’s a compliment to the chef.

Unfortunately this first date didn’t lead to anything more than hand-holding. I could tell that she was significantly attracted, but the language gap was too large. We eventually got sick of going back and forth reading each other’s phone screens. We had to do so in order to translate what was being said.

I did try to escalate but we were in public and for the majority of Japanese women PDA in public is a big no-no. When I tried to kiss her she would just pull away and shake her head no. Eventually I just told her with Google translate that I thought it would be best to meet up another time when either of us could communicate in a language that we both know. Also I might add that every girl I went to bed with on this vacation could speak English well enough to at least communicate.

After realizing that things weren’t going anywhere I told her I am going to drop her off at the station we met at. She agreed and we walked there together. We still messaged on Line (A popular social media platform used by many Japanese.) after that for awhile, but I ended up angering her when I got bored one day and sent her around 10 pictures of me kissing other random women.

But moving on…

The next date was also with a local Japanese girl in Osaka. I figured this time around I would take the target somewhere more interactive than a Ramen restaurant – so I picked a local bar that has free Karaoke. I went out with the owner the night before; which was also the same day I had Ramen with the other Jgirl. The owner is a cool Canadian guy that I got along pretty well with. He got me into a bunch of clubs for free and also hooked it up with free drinks, so my thoughts were I might as well repay him by bringing my date there.

So we met up and walked to the Karaoke Bar, but the owner wasn’t there that day. We still had a good time for the most part and I probably would have got her home if it wasn’t for her boss showing up. Yea, this is the best part of the story actually: Apparently they don’t have strict laws about sexual harassment in the workplace in Japan. This means that like 90% of straight men in authoritative positions take advantage.

Therefore I had to deal with her boss texting and callling her nonstop, then coming in to eventually tell her she needed to leave me to wake up early for work the next day – real stalker shit. This guy seriously deserves the “cockblock of the year” award. What is even worse is that she was ignoring him most of the time and talking to me instead; which of course made him even more upset. Naturally he had to be even more pathetic and demand that she go home immediately.

Luckily I ended up winging with a cool British guy that was singing Karaoke with us at the bar after the Jgirl left. We went to a small club called G3 which happens to have some of the most amazing female EDM DJ’s. Here I met another Jgirl that was very into me and randomly convinced her to come home with me – like I said before… she also spoke english relatively well enough to communicate.

I don’t know exactly how I managed to pull this one-nighter off, but it might have had something to do with my nonchalant, IDGAF dance moves I suppose. That and the fact that when I saw the level of interest she had I decided to go in hard with the escalation – at one point we were making out very aggressively against the wall of the dance floor.

I stayed until the club closed with her and suggested we get something to eat after. She was with a friend and the friend also was talking to a guy. So I told them I knew a place and walked them all the way but a block away from my place. Her friend actually was the one that said she wanted to go home after getting tired of walking – we probably walked a good mile actually.

What I think sealed the deal was this girl’s high level of attraction. I told the Jgirl I was with that my place was literally a block away and even though her friend was trying to get her to leave – she still decided to stay with me.

We spent the night together and she left around noon the next day. I enjoyed meeting her and it was probably one of my top 20 favorite girls so far. She is very sweet and we are still in touch – we talk on Line around 2 to 3 times a week at this point.

Here’s a pic of the morning after…

3 things I learned from gaming in Osaka:

1) Day-game is not as effective as Night-game.

2) To get laid efficiently; It’s better to focus on women that can at least communicate in English until I can myself communicate in Japanese.

3) An easy way to get a target to go home with you is if you suggest going somewhere to eat and walking her to your place instead. If she decides she doesn’t want to go with you, then at least you don’t have to go far to get home. After-all she might just decide to stay because she doesn’t want to go all the way home herself (IE. Law of investment).

And this is where I’ll end the article…

So now you’ve read a little about the first 2 lovely ladies I had success with on this trip. I am not going to say Japan is easier than New York or other cities in the United States. I think if I had as much free time to go out and just try to get laid, then I would probably do much better in my own country. My thoughts are when you know the language, then it’s much easier to make the target comfortable. Nevertheless it was a great experience and don’t worry I still have 2 more girls to write about that I met in Tokyo – so stay tuned!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 5 Signs that you’re in a Toxic Relationship

toxic-relationships pua picture

pua pictureow today I am going to talk about something a little bit different. Today I’m going to talk about relationships. I know I usually don’t talk much about this but I am kind of getting sick of seeing all these poor guys, when I go out, that are being totally taken advantage of.

So I decided to put together a few red-flags to pay attention to before or when you enter into a relationship. If you notice any of the following then I strongly suggest you rethink your situation.

Here are 5 toxic examples of a relationship that will only end in misery…

1. Your self-esteem has lowered since being with her:

This is somewhat of a dead give-away and you should never jeopardize your confidence. If she is making you feel worse and worse about yourself then get the hell away from her.

I’m not saying that it is entirely her fault all the time either – maybe you just aren’t mature enough to be in a relationship. I tell people all the time that you need to be content with yourself before you can be content with somebody else. So until then just play the casual sex game.

2. You argue more often than you get along:

I have seen this a lot… sometimes if the sex is really good then people will overlook the fact that they don’t get along otherwise. Regardless this is not going to achieve happiness and it is going to end up with a break-up anyhow. So the sooner you get out then the less pain you’ll feel.

3. She puts you down or compares you to other men:

Yeah, if you are dealing with this kind of ordeal then leave her immediately. The last thing you want is a woman that will treat you like you’re nothing. Respect is the backbone of a relationship and if she has trouble naturally giving it to you then she isn’t worth your time.

4. You aren’t or are barely having any sex:

It doesn’t matter if you get along extraordinarily well my friends. When you find yourself in a conversation with your buddies and realize that they have a lot more erotic stories to tell about their relationships than you do, then maybe you should take into consideration that something’s wrong.

Sexual compatibility is 50 percent of the relationship and if she has trouble giving it to you then you should look elsewhere. If she isn’t turned on by you enough to have it everytime she sees you then she’s being selfish and maybe even getting it elsewhere.

5. She’s overly dependant on you:

Needy women are a recipe for disaster and it always leads to an unnecessary amount of stress that no one needs in their life. A woman should be able to support herself financially before you come into her life and even after. I understand if you have a kid with her, then everything changes, but until then there is no reason she should need anything from you.

This includes paying her way on dates, her asking you for money, her moving in with you and not paying her share of the rent. Everything should always be 50/50 and if she has a problem with that she can go free-load off someone else. Don’t ever let anyone take advantage of you, because if they see that they can, then they will.


If you or someone you know is involved with someone that exhibits the qualities I just mentioned then either you or they need to find someone else. I know the dating world these days can be very difficult at times but there is always someone better out there – someone that will truly make you happy.

Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged just because you can’t find your ideal girl over-night. The cold hard truth about dating is that it just isn’t that easy and we have to accept it. If it was easy then we all would be knee deep in flaming hot pussy.

It’s always going to be competitive and it’s always going to feel like a challenge. The only thing that changes, at least for me, is that when you begin to have more success you will fall in love with the challenge.

You’ll see that what you once thought would never happen is possible and you’ll want to experience it again and again. The truth is that one of the best feelings in the world is meeting an intelligent and beautiful woman that feels the same amount of attraction for you as you feel for them. There isn’t much that can beat that.

And when you find that it becomes intoxicating. You will crave it and you will fall in love with the chase, the experience and the game. Like I said before… there isn’t much that I’ve experienced in life that can replace that kind of symbiosis. And I know some of you already know what I’m talking about, but for those that don’t… your hard work will eventually pay off. Trust me.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Have better Sex with Marijuana

marijuana-for-sex pua picture

PUA Picture have something interesting for everyone reading this today… today I am going to talk about sex. Not only that but I am going to explain how to increase the quality of the sex you are having.

One of the main reasons many women stay with a man is because of how good he is in bed. Therefore if you can increase the level of pleasure she feels when with you, then you have a higher chance of keeping any woman you want around for a much longer period of time. So if you’ve never had an excuse to experiment with Marijuana before, then you do now.

According to this study (Read Study Here) Marijuana has a big impact on receptors in your brain that will increase the pleasure both you and your female friend will feel during sex. This means she will orgasm easier and even feel more intense pleasure when climaxing.

Sounds pretty cool right? All you need to do now is just convince her to take a hit of a joint.

Actually I’ve known this little fact about Marijuana for some time and haven’t really needed to read a study to realize it. Being a mild user myself… I can tell you from experience that it’s very beneficial introduce this semi-legal drug into the equation, but I do advise doing so with caution. Not all women can handle it and it might just turn her off completely if the weed is too strong.

So if you choose to go on this journey then I suggest getting to know the girl for awhile and don’t be overtly anxious to propose having a smoke. Instead date her for a month or so and get her comfortable having sex with you without it for awhile first. Make sure that you never go limp and if you have this problem then take something for it – there is a variety of herbal supplements that will give you a boost; I may cover this issue in a later article.

Following that don’t drink too much and if you do manage to convince her to smoke with you then don’t smoke too much yourself. For men Marijuana can have a very detrimental effect on keeping an erection.

If you do smoke before sex then I recommend having no more than 1 puff. If you aren’t used to it then that much might be too much as well. I suggest smoking on your own before to see where your level of tolerance is.

So that’s what I got…

I hope I was able to help some of you with this information. Now you have a new idea on how you can spicen up your sex life if it seems to be getting dull. Also if you are in a country where this substance is banned then please disregard, but if not, then have at it!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 5 Things that make you look Desperate

desperate pua picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo it’s about to be Christmas in a few weeks so I am in the giving spirit. Since I’m in the giving spirit I thought I would give you all a list of 5 things many of you are probably doing that make you look desperate as fuck.

So pay attention…

1. Texting long answers and texting too often:

Oh yes, the dreaded text game… I know for some of us this can be a real pain in the neck. The reason for this is there is a great deal of patience required in the courting process – well for most women.

Part of that is knowing how not to present yourself over text. When a woman texts you I know there is a significant urge to tell her everything you feel, but you have to learn to relax. The key is to just take your time. Don’t be a try-hard and just remember that the purpose of texting is just to get her out so you can eventually go home together.

If you really like her, then in time you can have more. However first you need time to get to know her. We do this not just for the sake of getting her comfortable with you, but to make sure she isn’t going to turn into an obsessive psycho when she realizes she has feelings for you later on down the road.

Honestly I have girls I’ve seen for half a year without ever getting serious. Yes I admit that in the beginning I sometimes get some pretty strong feelings, but then later on I may end up spotting some serious insecurities. When this happens I then realize maybe it’s not so wise to get involved any longer. Which is why I like to give everything time and space in the beginning. Besides you can’t rush anything you want to last forever.

2. Leaning in too much:

I understand this can be difficult… especially if you can’t hear the person, but getting the woman to lean in herself is actually a good thing. It shows that she really wants to be with you and it also gives you power over the interaction. Just don’t be a dick and try to make a smart ass comment about it after because you can quickly turn a girl off that way.

Once you get her investing then just treat her the same as you would treat anyone else that you have a conversation with. Believe it or not now that she’s invested somewhat, by coming in close to you, then she’s more inclined to give you her number and possibly even go home with you.

In essence seduction is a mind game and if you know how to play it well then you will never have any trouble getting sex with a beautiful woman. It’s all about power and control – it might not make sense to you now, but in time it will all come together. You just have to keep going out and collecting that mental data.

3. Bragging about what you’ve done or what you do:

This is a big no no, and even though most people’s parents have been preaching not to brag most of our lives, I still see guys doing this constantly when I go out. If you think all women care about is your status and how much you have in your bank account, then you’re in for a lonely journey.

Most women get over that mindset as soon as they get done with school. They see that thinking that way doesn’t bring true happiness and they “grow up”; which is exactly why you should too.

What women care about is authenticity. They want a man who is not like everyone else and that they can enjoy their time with. If you are always bragging about all the things you got or what school you went to, then all you are proving is how stuck up you are.

Even if you do manage to impress a girl with this nonsense – in the end she will leave you for someone that she actually has a real connection with. So if you are the guy obsessed with all the superfical balogna that I just mentioned, then I suggest you stop and start thinking about who you really are.

4. Offering to buy her a drink or paying for everything on dates:

One thing I’ll never do is pay the woman’s whole way and you shouldn’t either. A relationship is supposed to be a partnership and if she isn’t willing to put in her share, then she can take a hike.

Not only will you save money, but she will respect you more for making her get at least a round or 2. Don’t ever supplicate… if she isn’t willing to help out she isn’t worth your time.

5. Agreeing with everything she says:

One particular person most men don’t have respect for is a kiss-ass and women are the same way. You can’t brown-nose your way into the bed sorry. So don’t waste your time and develop a backbone.

Don’t be afraid to speak about how you truly feel but do so with tact. You can still disagree with someone without insulting them.

Alrighty then…

So that’s a few tid-bits for those of you that are still struggling with looking like a desperate little manlet. These are all pieces of information most people will learn after awhile just by going out a great deal – at least I hope.

The idea is to just behave like someone you would enjoy being around and that doesn’t necessarily mean being entertaining; it just means being relaxed. Not overcompensating or being a push-over either. Just be a man or an adult male and at the same time be yourself.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: 5 Top Signs she wants to go Home with you

ready-to-go-home pua picture

pua pictureow here’s an interesting topic that I bet a lot of you are probably wondering about. This can be tricky if you don’t know what to look for, but don’t worry I am going to fill you in on everything you need to know. Soon you’ll be on your way to more one-night stands than you know what to do with.

The 5 top signs to look for before suggesting going back to yours or her place are…

1. She’s very touchy feely:

Although not guaranteed 100%… if she is doing this then there is a slight chance that she will agree to go home with you. This can be anything from hugging, holding on your arm, feeling on your shoulders/muscles or even just holding hands. If it’s frequent then you might be able to get yourself some action – you never know until you make a move first though.

2. She likes being very close to you:

I’ve actually had women tell me after hooking up with them that they get somewhat clingy when they are in the mood for sex. This is normal and don’t judge a woman because she happens to be in the mood for sex. It’s human nature and she is just letting nature run its course. Instead accept the invite so you can enjoy nature to the fullest.

3. She keeps asking you where to go next:

Most of the time when a girl does this she is basically hinting that she wants you to make a move – meaning she wants to get “busy”. There are many factors that come into play beforehand; like if you already kissed her, etc.

If you did kiss her and she is having a good time, then suggest going back to yours or her place. You can even just say let’s get out of here and she may just follow along. The trick is to learn how to lead. When you get comfortable leading, then they will follow.

4. She likes making out with you heavily:

It’s not just about getting the kiss, but about her really liking to kiss you. If she can’t get enough of that then imagine what else she probably won’t be able to get enough of. A lot of guys think they want a girl that likes to have sex until they actually find a girl that likes to have sex. When you find a girl like this she’ll probably wear you out.

5. She keeps grabbing your buttocks or crotch:

An obvious sign… pretty self-explanatory and if you don’t have the balls to take advantage of this kind of situation then you might as well give up on life. When you experience this, and trust me you will if you go out enough, then grab her and kiss her. After that tell her, “Let’s go”. Go give her what she wants without any hesitation.

In conclusion…

Not every woman is going to be a for sure thing obviously. There are always women that don’t sleep around on the first date so you’re going to have to take some losses here and there. Nevertheless there are plenty that won’t have a problem going home with you.

So don’t be afraid to suggest going back to yours or her place for some tea or to watch a movie – you never know what she might agree with. Besides if she is giving you any of the signs mentioned above then she is obviously attracted to you. When a woman is attracted she is much more likely to be persuaded; so stay assertive.

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Top 5 Dating Tips to Attract Women

attract-women pua picture

pua pictureow if you ask many supposed “pickup gurus” they will all have their own opinions. Just like many I have my own beliefs that are based on my own experience with the opposite sex. The list I have made is not from books I’ve read or from videos I’ve watched on YouTube, but from actual real-life experiences that I have had with countless women – from phone number to bedroom. So get ready!

The following are…

guy and girl kissing pua picture

1. Be mysterious:

I really can’t count how many times I’ve had a girl tell me this. I’ve been getting this most of my life and honestly I think it might be because I come off kind of reserved when they first get to know me. When I first got into “the game” I thought this was a bad thing but it is actually the exact opposite of bad.

It means that you aren’t trying too hard to impress her and because of this you stand out from the rest of the guys. So if you are naturally introverted, then embrace it. Get used to being this way but without portraying any attention-seeking or fake behavior. You can have a conversation without trying to be the life of the party and still get the girl.

2. Have a life:

I would say this goes hand in hand with having drive or purpose. The idea is to not be a lazy bum and to actually have healthy activities other than chasing women going on. For me that would involve going to the gym, writing, playing guitar – I think you get my drift.

It’s also not a bad idea to have some friends that you hang out with and see an occasional movie at the theatre with. It’s healthy to have human interaction every so often and not just be a loner all the time. If you have this part of your life handled then you are one step further than the rest of the crowd already.

3. Build some muscle:

Studies have shown that even just a little bit of exercise can help you exude confidence (View Study Here). Not only that but the status quo that most women are fawning after is the hard body that you can only get from, you guessed it, working out.

So I suggest getting a trainer that you trust if you are serious about finding yourself a woman of quality. It’s a great feeling when you find a woman that finds you sexy and unless you were born with the looks of Brad Pitt then you’re going to have to take some initiative.

4. Be bold:

When I say be bold I’m talking about approaching shamelessly and mercilessly. I am not talking about approaching every woman in your sight, but approaching when you see a woman take notice.

If she is looking at you for longer than a couple of seconds or even looks at you more than once then that’s your green light. Make your move… just say hello and try to strike up a conversation. If she is smiling and seems like she enjoys talking to you then ask for her number. With more practice it will become more natural but you must be willing to make that first move.

5. Make her invest:

This doesn’t have to be much… just asking her to watch your drink while you go to the bathroom is fine. The reason I advise that you do this is because people are much more willing to accept that they like a person if they do them a favor.

However do not stress it or you can easily go from casual to rude. So use this sparingly and remember that after she’s done something little for you she might expect you to do something little for her as well. As long as it’s not excessive, meaning a tiny favor as well, then remember to return that favor. If it is excessive then you can just make up an excuse not to do it.

*Bonus: How to pass a common “shit test”*

Sometimes women will test to see how reactive a man is by making ridiculous requests. An example would be, “Can you wait here and watch our stuff while we go freshen up in the bathroom?” This is just one example, but if the girl is going to try to push to see how much she can get you to do then back out immediately. Just tell her something like, “I just was about to get up and get a drink sorry.” Since you only asked ‘her’ to watch your drink before, then it makes no sense why you would watch everyone else’s.

Then go to the bar and pretend like you were going to do so. When they get back you can join them. If she asks where your drink went just tell her you finished it or got sick of waiting for the bartender.

Yes, it sounds ridiculous but if you stayed back to watch their stuff she would view you as a beta male; or a weaker male. She would lose respect for you and she would most likely never return your call or text – if you managed to get her number in the first place. So to make a long story short… don’t ever let a woman take advantage because they will.

And there you are…

I’m keeping everything as straight to the point as possible. I’m not a fan of unnecessarily long step-by-step tutorials that will just confuse whoever is reading them. Instead I like to talk in concepts. When you can understand the concepts then you can connect better and eventually seduce the target.

There isn’t some one time trick that will all of a sudden make every woman you talk to attracted to you. The only real thing you can do is work on yourself to become a person of character. When your character is put together correctly then you’ll gradually start to see more and more women become attracted to you.

In the end it comes down to behavior and a healthy sense of entitlement. When you master how to behave along with learning to be comfortable in your own shoes wonderful things will start to happen.

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: 6 Best Tips for Building Confidence Now

confidence pua picture

PUA Picture‘m back once again to open your ears and fill your minds. Today we’re going to get into confidence and how to obtain it right here and right now. Some of you might not need this, but to those that are still struggling with this – pay close attention.

Below I’m listing some sure-fire ways to boost your confidence ASAP. So read on…

Funny confidence pua picture will ferrell anchorman gif

1. Work out regularly.

Yeah this is pretty self-explanatory… just sweat out the stress, toxin build-up and make way to a new life of feeling much better than you did before putting in the exercise. Not only will you feel better you’ll look better and probably live longer.

2. View yourself as a trophy.

Although I am not a fan of embracing narcissism I do think it is in fact very beneficial to have a healthy sense of self-worth. I believe everyone has the right to value themselves highly to some degree. Just remember that there is a big difference between arrogance and confidence.

For those that need me to explain… arrogance is when you think you’re better than others and confidence is when you are proud of all the hardwork you have put in to build your character into what it is today.

3. Never stop trying to achieve the next level.

Self improvement should always be one of the main priorities in your life. We must never stop trying to grow and part of being confident is being able to look back to see all that you’ve accomplished with a sense of glory. If you can look back at everything you’ve done in your life so far and feel good about it, then you are on the right track.

4. Stop giving a damn what people think.

Sticks and stones… words mean nothing – actions mean everything. Take less notice in what people say and focus on yourself. Remember to work hard towards your goals and as long as you are moving forward then go at your own pace. No need to compare ourselves to anyone – no one is you and will never be.

5. Remember compliments from those whose compliments you value.

Have you ever had a hot girl tell you that you were cute? Or maybe at least told you that she liked something about you?

It doesn’t matter what they said… all that matters is that they said it. Remember those compliments and cherish them because that is proof right there that you have something to be confident about.

6. Where a great smelling cologne.

A great smelling cologne will do wonders and I’m not exagerating. I suggest Armani Code or Drakkar Noir. There is nothing more confidence boosting than when I hot woman grabs on to you aggressively and pulls you in just to get a whiff of your scent.

Women love the scent of a nice smelling man and it has almost as strong of an impact on them as catnip does on cats; no joke. So go to the store and do yourself a favor by picking up a quality scent.

To conclude…

Believe it or not we are not all born with confidence. It is learned… we either learn how to be confident when we are young or many of us struggle years until we get a grasp on it – I know I did. However in time anyone can become confident. The only thing holding you back is that you have to be willing to work on it – which means tackling new challenges and getting out of your comfort zone.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 5 Dating Tips your Dad should have Taught you

your-dad pua picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo I was thinking to myself the other day about the fact that a lot of the people that are coming to me are asking questions their fathers really should have taught them. That being said… I’ve decided to leave everyone with just that knowledge that everyone’s father should have shared with them.

The following tips are…

old man slapping bear pua picture

1. Don’t ever ask a girl if she likes you.

There is no faster way to turn a woman off then by asking them this ridiculous question. It shows that you doubt yourself and the number 1 thing women are most attracted to is, you guessed it, confidence.

2. Don’t talk too much.

I don’t know anyone that likes a blabber mouth and women definitely don’t either. Besides how masculine is it to behave this way; not very. Instead try to get her talking more than you – you can do so by asking positive and normal questions.

An example question would be something like:

What’s the story? Did you do anything excited this week?

Asking about events happening in a woman’s life is perfect. I do this all the time and most women will be more than glad to share what they have going on with you – even on a first date.

3. If you like a girl you have to be the one who asks her out.

This applies to all of you that are still stuck in your head and think that the perfect woman is just going to magically appear in your arms one day. Sorry but that just isn’t going to happen – you have to make it happen and that means getting up off your ass and approaching.

4. Never be ashamed of being yourself.

Be who you are, do what you do and don’t care if others don’t see eye to eye. Not everyone has to agree with you. If you don’t agree on something or your date doesn’t agree with you, then so what.

It’s not the end of the date if you don’t see things in a similar light oh well. You can still flirt and have fun – just focus on the things that you both enjoy.

5. If you don’t like her anymore then don’t continue dating her and vice versa.

This is one of realest pieces of knowledge anyone will ever tell you. If she isn’t making you happy, then say goodbye; even if it hurts. Staying with someone that you aren’t that into or that isn’t that into you is a recipe for heart-break on either yours or her end and trust me that will end in disaster. You’ll end up with a whole plethora of problems you could have avoided if you just ended it at the first sign of trouble.

There you have it… some blunt and straight to the point knowledge for all of you. I understand in the oh so ever-changing world that we all can have a wide range of upbringings which is exactly why I put this together. For whatever reasons the general male public is not being correctly educated in the facets of how to attract a mate these days.

I will always share what I’ve learned on this journey through my blog – so be sure to pay close attention. However most importantly go out and figure things out for yourself. You can start by doing just that now – so get out and meet some ladies!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 6 Ugly Dating Truths

6-dating-truths pua pic

S-design-1 pua pictureo I was thinking the other day about this topic and figured I might put it up for everyone to enjoy. In the many years I’ve been machining my way through countless experiences with the opposite sex many realizations have come into play. Among all of them I’ve managed to piece together 6 notorious truths – brace yourselves…

What pua picture

1. Those that give less of a damn usually determine the outcome of the relationship. No one wants to be the one chasing.

Yeah, life’s a bitch… get over it. Sometimes you win more when you stop caring too much about people; or at least until they show that they care substantially for you. Nevertheless women can care a lot for you at one point and be like “fuck this dude” a few moments later. The only real way to win is to just enjoy it while it lasts and if it doesn’t “oh well”.

2. No one talks on the phone anymore. Texting is the new mode of communication. Which isn’t much different from a pager in the 90’s – we just prefer to do it with a cell-phone.

The only real purpose of talking on the phone these days is to talk with other people that grew up in the age when people talked on phones – talk about a paradox. Quite frankly I’m not opposed to texting for the simple reason that you can send and receive pictures, but I’ll save that rant for when I want to write about how much I love getting women to send me photos provocateur.

3. Modern dating usually involves mind games like purposely taking hours or days to text back – how fun.

I don’t know how many times I have to play this game with American women. Yes the same games we played in grade school also apply to dating.

4. The sweet text you sent earlier did go through. Sorry but they intentionally didn’t respond and it had nothing to do with their cell-phone provider.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but being sweet is not always going to get you laid. Instead just give short answers and keep it straight to the point – you know like when you’re trying to explain something to a child.

5. You can know a woman for years and not know who she really is until you actual enter into a relationship with her.

When I think about this an experience pops into my mind from when a friend of mine met a cute little Irish girl he really was attracted to. After a month of seeing her he decided he wanted to get serious.

He dated her for about 3 months before beginning to realize that she was always getting calls from a certain number. One night he stays over at her place only to see the same number calling her phone while she was asleep.

He decides to answer it and guess who it was?

Her Madam.

6. With every new woman we meet we are either going to end up together forever or break up at some point or another. Unfortunately the ladder is going to be the most common.

There’s no other way to put it… you will lose most of the women you hook up with. The reality is that sleeping with a woman is just a start. Keeping them is a whole different ball game.

So there we have it…

I hope I was able to amuse some of you because I certainly amused myself with all that I was able to come up with. It’s so real how fast the dating world changes and I bet when I am ready to throw in the towel then everything will change even more.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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-PUA Redsky

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