PUA Tips: 4 Top tips for not getting Friendzoned

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pua pictureow here is a topic that many are struggling with… “Oh the struggle.” The zone we all hate and have all been in at some point of our lives. Nothing is worse then wanting to have sex with a woman and not being able to because she sees you as a “friend”.

I’ve decided to put together a list of some things everyone can pay attention to so that you can all avoid the dreaded friend-zone.

These are…

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1) Don’t be pushy.

I would say this applies to a guy that is anxious to get physical. Maybe you went for the kiss too soon and she pushed you away. So he struggles to try and force it in a cringeworthy manner; which just makes her want to get as far away from you as possible – if she hasn’t already. Most men would probably give up, but it’s fine if she rejects your advance to kiss her a couple of times. Most women are going to make it a little difficult to get the first kiss.

All you need to do is enjoy yourself and just keep trying to get that kiss. Best times to try is when you see she is laughing and having a good time. Once you get the kiss then you can potentially move on to more; depending on the woman.

What you shouldn’t do is expect your date to kiss you when you haven’t talked about anything. You also shouldn’t expect her to want to be your girlfriend all the way from the start obviously. It takes some time for her to get comfortable being around you before the both of you can bond.

2) Touch her.

I’ve said this many times… you need to get her comfortable with your touch before you can get her in bed. There are a lot of ways you can accomplish this. Among some of them is meeting in a crowded area so you have an excuse to grab her hand or just putting your hand up to hers to measure the difference in size – which is always an interesting thing to talk about.

From the hand you can move to the waist and pull her close to you. If she is alright with this then you can try for a kiss. Once you get the kiss you can test for more – I’ll let your imagination fill in the details for now.

Take into account that not every woman is going to be ok with this, but if she is worth your time then she will. However in some countries, such as Japan, I would save the touching for behind closed doors – since displaying affection in public is considered very rude.

3) Make sure you yourself are having fun on the date

Over the years I’ve come to realize that self-amusement is kind of a big deal. If you aren’t having fun yourself on a date, then your date won’t be having fun either. So enjoy yourself and go somewhere that you both would like to be.

I like to play Billiards… therefore I often take my date to a bar that has Billiards. I also like to listen to Frank Sinatra and sing Karaoke – so I will go somewhere that offers either of these choices as well.

4) Let her chase.

Nothing can turn a girl off more than a guy that is too attentive. Learn to just sit back and listen to the music of whatever place you are at. Wait for her to ask questions; you don’t have to be the main one talking. It’s even better if you can get her talking more than you. Remember the more you get her to invest, then the more she will start to like you.


The key to not getting friendzoned is to just behave like a man. It’s a happy medium between not being too nice and not being too mean. Just show her that you have your head in the right place and she is secure around you – there really isn’t a lot to it.

Also there is chemistry that you have to pay attention to also. Sometimes you just aren’t compatible with someone and there really isn’t much you can do but leave to move on to someone else.

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-PUA Redsky

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