PUA Tips: Top 5 things not to do when Seducing Women

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PUA Picture have been getting a lot of questions lately about what behaviors attract women the most. I’ve noticed that a lot of the answers stem around only a few things that can be easily avoided – as long as you don’t make a few major mistakes.

So I took the time to delve deep and came up with this list. The following are…

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1) Don’t take her to dinner on the first date.

There are a couple of reasons for this: One is because usually there is a table dividing you and that keeps you from getting her comfortable with your touch. Also the fact that she will get filled up with food and she won’t exactly be in the mood to go home with you if she needs to go number 2; plain and simple.

2) Don’t talk too much.

One of the worst things you could do is out-do a woman in the area of talking. We all know how much women like to talk and if you are depriving her of that need, then there will be trouble. Instead just ask her positive, open-ended questions and if she asks you questions then answer them with quick answers. Also make sure to eventually turn the focus back on her.

3) Don’t be afraid to get physical.

Although you should not be too hasty there does come a time when you need to get her comfortable with your touch. I believe the best time is when you see her relaxed, smiling or laughing. When you see this it’s the best time to make an advance. I would start with hand-holding and then when you see that she is comfortable with this you can go for the kiss.

4) Don’t be cocky or an asshole.

Don’t think because you see all the assholes in movies and in school getting women that this is how you need to behave. In fact it is quite the opposite when you are an adult. The idea is to just not be a push over.

5) Don’t stay in one place the whole time.

Venue-changing is necessary when you want to create comfort. The atmosphere can have a huge impact on bonding and this is why I always take my dates to places with a relaxing ambience.

A dimly lit bar that isn’t too busy and that plays soothing music is perfect. After that a nice roof-top with a great view is even better. Following that… a walk by the pier will prepare her for a romantic kiss with a nice view of whatever is near by.

And that’s it…

If you really pay attention to these 5 concepts then you will be light-years ahead of your competition. Although looks do help a lot for first impressions; it is important that you also learn how to behave. Behavior is key for keeping the women around – so start by not doing the aforementioned and watch as things finally start to get interesting.

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-PUA Redsky

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    Your writing always makes me want to go out and pimp it

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