4 Awkward Moments in PUA and what to do

4 Awkward Moments in PUA and what to do:

1. Greeting your target.

Picture for PUA Article

What you should do:

-Make eye-contact and introduce yourself like a normal human being. There is no real need to use any fancy pick-up line in my opinion. A simple “What is your name?” or “Hello” will do just fine.

What we want to do:

-Say some cheesy line that we heard out of a movie like ‘Greese’ or pick her up like Patrick Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing’.

2. Awkward Silence.

Funny PUA Picture
What you should do:

-Hold your frame and don’t allow yourself to get nervous; count to 30 in your head, if it helps. You can do this by paying attention to the T.V. or looking at a picture, out the window, etc.

Getting nervous shows that you are unsure of yourself. You don’t have to keep talking either; as a result talking excessively may actually make you appear as though you are trying too hard.

What we want to do:

-Tell jokes, brag about something we are good at or be a dancing monkey A.K.A. permission boy.

3. Dancing.

Funny Dancing PUA Picture

What you should do:

-If you can avoid it then just sit against a wall and twirl her at times while she continues to dance around you. If you do choose to dance then dance like a functional human being.

What you want to do:

-The Robot, The Worm, Break-dance, Pop-lock, etc. (If you do not have rhythm or have not been told by many that you are a good dancer then I suggest not attempting any of these.)

4. Kissing.

Funny Kissing PUA Picture

What you should do:

-Move your head close to her face while talking to see if she moves away. If she doesn’t then lean in for the kiss. If she gives you the cheek, then just smile and back away as though it didn’t bother you.

Most women aren’t going to give the kiss away easy because they feel it makes them appear easy. Don’t let it ruin your night, just continue talking; enjoy getting to know her. You can always try again a little later and chances are she will be ready by then.

What you want to do:

-Grab her head and give her a long passionate kiss like in movies like ‘Interview with the Vampire’ and ride off into the sunset.

So that’s all I got for everyone today.

Thanks for reading and make sure to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter for weekly updates on new techniques and advice available in the PUA World!

-PUA Redsky

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Building Momentum (By PUA Dragunov)

A post by PUA Dragunov of New York City…

Building Momentum

PUA picture

There is one concept in pickup that in many ways seems to separate the weekend warriors who spin their wheels but generally never get anywhere from the true ninja PUAs. This is the concept of momentum. It’s hard to clearly define what momentum is as it relates to pick up. It’s just one of those things you have to see to understand. But when you see a PUA with momentum, you recognize it right away, he appears unstoppable.

Conversely, lack of momentum is the sort of thing that causes even great PUAs with years of experience who have slept with tons of beautiful women to get into the field and game like a complete newbie. See we can know all the right things to do when it comes to women but there is this x factor, this imperceptible tonality, this swagger, this essence that takes consistent time in the field to gain and fades almost instantly without practice. That’s why when even great PUAs try to get back into the game after a long relationship their first few approaches are complete failures. They’re impotent.

It’s the difference between a whale and a shark. Whales, have dull teeth, they’re not very fast, they’re kind of oblong and ovular, they just sort of mozzy along looking for plankton or whatever. Sharks on the other hand, are killing machines. Their teeth are razor sharp. When they smell blood in the water a reaction occurs in their brain and they are suddenly single minded. Focused. Clear. Direct.

When they see their prey there is no hesitation. Straight in for the kill. A PUA who has lost his momentum is dull and lazy like the whale. However a PUA at the height of his momentum is streamlined and unwavering, he knows what he wants, and he foes for it. Just like a shark.
So as you are going out and trying to develop yourself as a PUA, it is important to cultivate momentum. My advice would be to make it a daily practice. Force yourself to do 5 approaches every day. You can do these in a coffee shop, on the subway, in a store, on the street, in a bar or wherever.

Doing this will keep your teeth sharp. But be wary, for even a single days deviation from this and your spidey sense will become less acute. Go ahead and try it out for yourself. Game for 10 days straight. Note how you feel on the 9th and 10th days. I imagine you will be feeling pretty on point.

Now take 3 days off, and on the 4th day go out and game again. You will likely find, that you are taking more time to approach, fumbling your words, not holding strong eye contact, failing to kino and smoothly escalate. You may also find that women are giving you fewer and weaker IOIs, their body language is less favorable to you, and they will be flaking more. This is because you have lost your momentum. Now it wont be like starting from scratch, but compared to where you were on the later days of your 10 day pick up streak, you will notice it and it will suck.

So I’d like you all to take a couple of lessons here. First, building momentum and maintaining momentum is an important part of getting results from pick up. The only way to build and maintain momentum is by doing pick up, more or less daily.

Second, if you are just coming back into pick up or have lost your momentum somehow, worry not, it is easily reclaimed. It usually takes about 2 weeks of going out, getting flaked on, getting rejected, etc, etc, to get it back.

But as you slowly break through this wall, slowly you will start seeing girls responding more to texts, agree to day 2s, show up to day 2s, k close, f close, etc, etc.

In summary, if you’ve lost your momentum, stick with it and you will get it back and once you get it, appreciate how important it is, and do whatever you can to keep it.

That’s all for today and don’t forget to subcribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Dragunov

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PUA Tips: A look at Frame-control

PUA Tips: Frame Control

PUA picture

What is this?

I know a lot of us may have heard this term and are not quite sure exactly what it is. This is something that is commonly used, not just in pick-up, but in other important areas of our lives.

For many, as we embark on different journeys and overcome different obstacles in life, we may feel a bit more comfortable in our own shoes. We develop a sense of purpose and after overcoming obstacle after obstacle we start to become more strong-willed. We will also realize what we truly value in life.

In time a man who has seen a lot will get a better sense of what they are capable of; or what kind of impact they have on the world. A person that has experienced a lot in life will typically tend to have a strong frame. In other words, he will not feel easily intimidated by beautiful women if he has had a good amount of experience with other women just as attractive from other times before.

How would one describe a frame?

Well, imagine that you are walking around everyday with a frame floating next to you. In every interaction that you have with a person, your frames are going to collide. When they collide, the stronger frame is going to be the remaining frame that has control.

In sales, the salesman is always supposed to maintain control of the frame or hold their frame. In doing this he is better able to push his ideas on to his client. Whether it be convincing them why they should get his product, why his product is going to be a good choice or how the product is going to make their life better; one of the concepts used for winning them over and “getting that sale” is mainly based around a little thing called ‘frame control’.

A meeting with a group of businessmen comes together to make decisions on how they should continue running their organization. In the process ideas are thrown out and against each other. Some of these ideas agree and other ideas clash, but in the end, the remaining ideas are created by those that maintain the strongest frame. Those that are not willing to submit to the other’s ideas will control the frame.

It does not matter whether these people chose to submit because the ideas were more intelligent, logical, ethical, beneficial, etc. The truth is that you can shape words into explanations that will make almost anything seem logical, ethical or beneficial; but it does not necessarily mean they are… What it means is that some of these men were not willing to continue arguing; therefore they allowed their frames to be absorbed by the strongest frame.

When you come in contact with a member of the opposite sex, you do not falter. Instead, make sure to look them straight in their eyes. They may try to tease you or maybe even push your buttons to see if you will get angry.

How do we deal with this?

Do we get mad?

Do we ask them to stop?

Do we laugh and make a joke?

The answer to all of these questions is that you do what “YOU” want to do. You don’t question it or allow yourself to become mentally defeated. You hold your frame and if you are convincing enough with your inner-game or inner-confidence, then she will give in.

Now I hope some of you all have a better understanding on what exactly frame control is and how it works.

That’s all I got for today and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: Another Spin-off from the Feminazi Saga

PUA News: Spin-off from the Feminazi Saga

PUA Picture

Hello everyone,

I don’t know if any of you remember the video of the woman walking through New York City while being “harassed” by mainly homeless men with a big appetite for butter-faces. But I kind of didn’t get enough out of that article and stumbled across something else I found interesting.

Right here is another video parody of something I found to be quite entertaining. It’s a ‘Starwars Cosplay’ video with a woman that is more attractive than the original, whom also has a good sense of humor about the situation.

Here we are:

So now that you’ve seen it… Now everyone has been brought to light of how nonsensical some women in New York City can be at playing the victim card.

For all the feminists out there, that think you have it hard, I think you should quit playing the victim card and go to a country like Israel for a weekend. I’m sure a weekend in Israel would teach you to appreciate what you got over here.

Go to Gaza… That’s something the world should be worried about, not a few men making a pass on the street.

I think it’s a bit sad seeing these disillusioned females that mainly have just had a few bad experiences with men. All wasting their free time just to bring down the other sex and make them pay for something we had nothing to do with. They could be doing some much more productive things like shopping, getting their hair done and of course going to ridiculous and over-priced pastry shops that wouldn’t even be in business, if not for women. Which is an excellent business I hear.

This is why it is so important for us as men to last longer than 5 minutes and not roll over and go to sleep immediately after getting some action. You never know, you might unintentionally create a feminist.

So anyway, I would like to thank you all once again for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter.

All the Best!

-PUA Redsky

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Pick-up and Sword-making (Introducing PUA Dragunov)

Pick up and Sword Making:

Pick-up and Sword Making

Here is a post by a Local New York City PUA that I game with, whom is quite skilled. He is doing us the honor to help provide some quality insight to this Blog, enjoy!

Many men in pick up seem to be focused on acquiring and using magic bullets. What is a magic bullet? Essentially this term refers to a word, phrase or tactic that when used will instantly cause the target to feel massive amounts of attraction and all but beg the user to sleep with her. Panty Droppers. Quick Fixes. Pick up lines… A lot of guys think/hope that all it takes to attract a woman is the clever implementation of a series of high percentage lines and/or gestures. And that’s it. Game over. Victory.

The hard truth is that Pick Up and becoming successful at pick up is so much more complicated and personally involved than that. Pick is not about memorizing techniques, it’s about walking a path. Pick up is about evolution. And evolution takes time. When discussing biological evolution, it takes millions of years for even small phenotypic changes to take place in an organism. While evolution in the personal development sense does not have quite as protracted a course, it is by no means instantaneous.

Becoming a good PUA is akin to the process of forging a good sword. When making a sword, a piece of steel is heated, hammered, folded, and cooled over and over and over again. In the case of the best sword, the katana, this process is repeated literally tens of thousands of times.

Trying to pick up girls with magic bullets and lines is like pouring molten steel into a mold that is in the shape of the sword, and then taking that thing that looks ostensibly like a sword and trying to do battle with it. As soon as that sword shaped piece of steel clashes against something real, something strong, it will shatter. A person using openers, routines, lines and throwing in a few negs here and there, is a man who is shaped like a PUA, but at the core, really isn’t one. He can say some of the things that a PUA might say, but will crack under the pressure of a shit test, or amog, or a stretch of awkward silence or a pull that isn’t going a hundred percent smoothly.

Alternatively, a properly forged sword remains intact when it clashes against the enemy’s steel. Similarly, a legitimate PUA can take on rejection, shit testing, amogging, awkwardness and logistical obstacles. When battle tested, the best PUA’s, the Katanas always prove their mettle, their strength, are never shattered by even the hardest blow, and always keep it together. If you want to be the katana of pick up, you must hone your craft over time by continuously and consistently reading material, approaching almost daily, doing game in different settings (day game, night game, clubs, parks, coffee shops, etc, etc), risking getting rejected, putting up with rejection, going on day 2s, trying to pull, working with different wingmen, trying different styles, and coming home and taking meticulous notes on all of the above. You must be completely consumed by pickup. You wanna get good, you have to be obsessed. It can’t be a hobby, it has to be a way of life.

Who makes a better sword, the Hattori Hanso (kill bill) who has committed his mind, body, and soul to crafting the strongest and sharpest blades on the planet, or some guy who likes making swords when he has free time on the weekend? This has to be the way you view pick up. You have to ask yourself “how badly do I want it”. If you only kinda want it, then you’re not going to be able to stick it through the tough times. You won’t be consistent. You will be a brittle sword. If you want it so bad that you would be willing to chop of your index finger with a rusty spoon just to get a number, then you will have the fervor to push through when a girl you think is super cute, treats you like you are less than nothing or when you are getting rejected for the 10th time in a row, or when your last 3 day 2s all flake on you . You are going to have to put up with a lot of shit but we all know what the rewards are and the rewards are…Well fucking awesome. So get out there young swordmaker and heat, hammer, fold, hammer, and cool. Become the Katana.

-PUA Dragunov

Now thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to GBTN Newsletter!

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PUA Progress: The Value of Consistency

The Value of Consistency:

Self-improvement quote

I believe being consistent is necessary, otherwise you will hit a plateau. If one really intends to hit the next level with anything, then he must submit to it completely. You can’t put anything before that goal or you’ll never get any better than you were after gaming for a month or so and stopping.

You can’t be more focused on the next Call Of Duty or sitting on the couch/bed watching reality T.V. or Game of Thrones, etc, etc. You can always do that with a beautiful woman next to you in the future.

Furthermore, if you have the idea that pick-up will ruin your life if you get overly invested in it, you are wrong… It will improve it and open up pathways that you didn’t even know were available. The truth is that you are developing a skill that will allow you to advance, not just with women, but with people in general. Over-all, I think the majority of us become better leaders and develop a sense of empathy for everyone that is just starting out; in short, you become more attractive to people in general.

You have to be passionate and like all people with passion; we eventually get what we want. You need not get discouraged at the constant rejection and BS that some women dish out. It’s a long battle of pain and hurt, but that’s what will make you a better PUA and the rewards are well worth it.

There will be times where it seems like all the women are rejecting you, especially in the beginning, but eventually you’ll make it over the hump. You’ll begin to get hotter and hotter women and you’ll develop a completely new sense of self-value.

Especially for those that are just beginning, you’ll under-go a period of overcoming approach-anxiety and it can be one of the hardest struggles in this journey. The key is just to go for it and understand that after a good amount of rejection, then you will just become used to it; which is quite a humbling experience. It will feel that much better when you finally meet a beautiful woman that is interested and even better, when you meet the following after that.

I think many of us get stuck in our head and try to think of ourselves as the ‘top-dog’ and that all women should want us. When taking this perspective for so long, it can be earth-shattering to some people’s egos when they realize that not all women feel this way. I guess for some it is easier to live within a sheltered delusion, rather than accept the reality.

With others it might just be a feeling of inferiority that is bitterly difficult to overcome… Yet for those that want to actually do something about it and escape their delusions; I personally think you need to go out at least 4-5 times a week for at least 3 years to get there. You need to make sure you live in a densely populated city as well. After that amount of commitment and hard work, then you can start getting a sense for what it means to hit a new level in “Game”. That’s what it takes and if you don’t have that work ethic in you then you aren’t gaining zilch.

You can’t be afraid to approach and you can’t be afraid of rejection. It’s vital to get comfortable gaming alone. I know it might be hard for some of you, but these are things that are going to hold you back and keep you from achieving success.

So there it is and I hope I was able to get through to some of you.

Thanks for reading and make sure you subscribe to our newsletter on tips for getting hotter and higher quality women.

I wish you all good luck.

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: How to avoid being “too nice”.

The importance of not being too nice:

PUA picture

So I’m back!

And with a new thing or two to share with anyone that’s interested.

Today I wanted to get into how I think it is important to not do too much for women until, uh… They sleep with you. I feel like it is “too easy” to get put into the nice guy frame, if you aren’t pretty much a cold hearted prick; at least a little bit of the time.

I feel that when I do this, I am able to elevate my value and behave more like a man who has options or an “Alpha”. And the truth is that we do have options, even a prick like me.

If you live in a city of nearly 9 mill with 53% women and 47% men; while in Manhattan(Where I live) there is a ratio of 2 single women to 1 single man. Then you can afford to be a little more choosy than if you lived in a smaller town.

If you were to be in a smaller town, I personally believe that one can convey an abundance state of mind with one’s behavior; which in return will make a man far more compelling than the surrounding competition.

A good way to emulate this trait is by not having expectations and not allowing yourself to get overly-invested in the interaction. An example would be trying to avoid paying on the date or if she is offended by this, then agreeing to take turns buying rounds. I remember Paul Janka talking about how he would even go as far to make women pay him back.

I found Paul Janka’s response quite interesting, because I have him friended on Facebook and that guy is with a lovely lady that most of ‘those without game’ would probably consider out of his league. So in my opinion, I would see his success as evidence that withdrawing investment works.

The way I view the interaction, when out with a girl, is as though I had nothing better to do and didn’t feel like staying home. As long as she doesn’t annoy me too much, then I will keep it going and if she does something to test me then I won’t give her the response she is looking for; if anything I will do something similar to test her or to challenge her.

In my personal experience I see that when women are given the opportunity, they will most likely take advantage of the situation. It’s not that they are doing it on purpose, most women just have a false sense of entitlement.

I remember this girl getting kicked out of a bar, that I guy I know owns. I guess he was watching her in the camera and she would go up to a bunch of dudes and just spend her night leading men on and getting free drinks. Seeing this really opened my eyes to how some women can be.

So that is why it is important to be a little bit of a douche my friends. By being this way you are weeding out the trash and getting the women that actually value you. This will not only get you more sex and faster, but it will leave you less stressed out with women in general.

The way I see it; there are ‘No-Win’ girls and there are ‘Win’ girls. A good PUA is skilled at screening for them. Over time you will get better and better at finding the ideal target and eventually you’ll have so many women in your life, that you can just bring them around to places where the no-win women are. Doing this will convert the no-win girls into a win.

There are a few bars that I frequent here and there. In the process I’ve brought a significant amount of beautiful women to these places. I began to notice that the female bartenders and waitresses would begin to flirt with me when I would show up alone. At that point I wasn’t super keen on pre-selection and social-proof. But after a cute waitress asked me to hang out with her after she got off, which led to getting laid, then I realized that it wasn’t BS.

Initially this girl at this bar thought of me as just another ‘average Joe’ with no value. Yet when she sees me bring in beautiful women, time after time, then I become interesting.

Yes, this is how women think… They are just as shallow as us and some even more.

Now getting back to my point, if you are going to get anywhere with women, I suggest setting some boundaries and getting used to setting them. Get them abiding by your rules, then once they are used to it, they become comfortable with it. Not only this, they will become more appreciative.

It is human nature to have a high appreciation for what one has to work for.

So that’s all I got to share today and thanks for reading.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more tips on getting hotter and higher quality women and remember to keep harassing!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: Feminazi Outrage

PUA News: Feminazi Outrage:

What’s up everyone?

I recently noticed how feminists have been making a lot of noise lately. I see them releasing videos about ‘Street Harassment’ and getting people to sign petitions in order to take certain controversial PUA’s *Cough* “RSD Julien” *Cough* off the internet.

These “Feminazis” are quite a bunch and I usually try to avoid writing about garbage. However, this garbage is irritating me because it is full of toxic beliefs that are polluting the minds of beautful women all around the world.

I remember hearing stories from my parents about “Free-love” and how the world was so much more fun back when they were younger; even though they had more serial killers. Now most HQ women are frightened to death that they are going to end up with a guy that doesn’t make a 6 figure salary.

It seems that the more power women obtain, the more materialistic they get. I am going to say something controversial now, so listen up…

Women are…





On this…



They cheat, they lie and they use… Just as much as men and even more so.

They know they are victims of their own hormones, but aren’t willing to accept it. They continuously think they are more innocent than they really are and are not willing to take responsibility for their own actions.

Most HQ women(ie. Beautiful and Educated women) that I’ve been intimate with, are haunted by a false sense of self-worth that is built on how good they are at convincing themselves that they aren’t sluts. But sorry to break it to you ladies… We are all sluts; myself included.

Just because this chick in the video doesn’t want to hook up with those guys she was trying to denigrate on camera then; does not mean she wouldn’t hook up with another just as nasty when she was horny and drunk on a night off or on vaca. This is bogus nonsense and I think it needs to stop.

So my message to all feminazis reading this… You know what I’m talking about. Quit trying to deny it, we accept you… Even if you are a slut.

Now let me summarize the feminazi video I watched… This is a popular video that shows an average-looking female taking a stroll through “my city”(New York City), while being approached by what looks like mainly homeless men.

Pretty cool right… I didn’t think so either.

Now the second I uploaded off of facebook because I thought it was more entertaining than watching the first. Not to sound too apathetic about women’s rights or anything.

Now that one actually made me laugh out loud. Ha!

Now the third video is about some dude, that I’m not too sure is even into women, walking around the city dressed like he just got out of a Salsa club or Copa Cabana’s. I thought it was pretty enlightening to see just how many girls want to be with a salsa dancer.

I felt like I was watching “Dancing with the stars” for a second there. High five if we are on the same page.

So getting back to the big picture… I don’t know where all this is going, but I don’t think it’s good. For those that are new to pick-up… I suggest spending every waking moment, that you can, trying to sleep with every hot girl you see. I say this because there may just come a day when all the women decide that they want to become lesbians.

So anyway, I think I said all I had to say.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep harassing!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA: The Truth About Looks

To start off, here is a helpful video explaining how to use the Pre-selection PUA Concept:

The Truth about Looks:

The truth about looks is often misinterpreted when trying to understand what men attract the most females. The reality is that the majority of men can become attractive with the right tips on appearance and behavior.

You don’t necessarily need a 6 pack or 6% body fat, but it will definitely benefit all of us to spend some time in the gym. It doesn’t just help with your appearance but it obviously will help with behavior as well.

From all of the years I’ve spent chasing the opposite sex, I’ve learned that just being relaxed and being able to let go of your worries is the best thing a guy can do when out with a lady. If you spend a lot of time in the gym, then you may have noticed that you are not just more sure of yourself, but you will also become over-all more relaxed.

The way a man dresses will tell a woman a lot about him and if you work on it enough, then you will learn to dress in a way that attracts the kind of women that you are looking for. If you dress like a rich businessman, then you’re going to attract gold-diggers and superficial cunts. If you dress casual and the way that you personally like to dress, then you are going to attract women that are more genuinely into you and not preoccupied with what they can gain from you. This can be a subjective topic, but I am speaking from my own personal experience; as a result of my own personal social-experimentation and observations over the years.

These observations have shown me that the more time one spends on his appearance will in return lead to a greater deal of sex. However, the majority of the women that you hook up with will be quick to leave or cheat, once it appears that you are starting to let yourself go. So for me, if I am going to have a woman for a short amount of time, then I am wasting my time!

And since we are all going to be old and decrepit at some point, then I see it best to spend just as much time, or even more, on developing ourselves internally and socially. This way we will not all be lonely once the wrinkles and slow metabolism start to set in.

One of the things that one will learn from developing themselves socially, is not just how to talk, but he will get a better sense of what chemistry feels like. When you are able to identify this phenomenon, one will begin to experience more meaningful relationships. Not just more meaningful, but you will find women more comfortable around you. When this starts to happen, you’ll be blown away by what women are willing to do for you when they fall in love. You will finally feel what it really feels like to be “The Alpha”. You will be even more struck by the quality of women that you will begin to attract.

Developing yourself socially is not just about watching videos to learn methods that are being taught on the internet or in a book. There are a lot of things you will learn on your own that you can only learn from experience. There is a lot going on that cannot be explained and that one will only learn from years of hard work and application.

*You need to make pick-up a passion if you ever expect to get good at it…all the time.

*You can’t get discouraged and you need to see as many women as you can…all the time.

So I come to the end of this article to tell you that looks do matter, but if you want to see the longest amount of success in “The Game,” then you need to have a strong core. A core of skills that will lead to the ability to identify the woman that best suits your lifestyle and how to show that woman that you are not just well put together physically, but emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Now thanks for reading and remember that pick-up is a lifestyle not something you do here and there, whenever you feel like it.

Good luck!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Becoming the improved ‘you’

Before anything, I included a video about 3 qualities that should be considered when finding a good wing-man:

PUA Becoming the improved you:

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to get a little deep…

I have noticed a lot of guys that come out and expect a magic pill that fixes all of their female problems. A lot of people get discouraged by the fact that women aren’t falling at their feet overnight.

I think this comes down to one thing honestly…

Do you bring up the people around you?

Think about this deeply and internalize what I just wrote.

If you are the guy that is always bitter and irritated most of the time; to the point that you’re not being invited to go out with anyone, then this is aimed directly at you.

Do you expect a friend to sacrifice the woman of his dreams just to entertain his friend that sits in the corner; in his own bitter little world?


That is not what friendship is about.

Friendship is about having positive people around you that push you to become better.

If you are constantly mad at the world, because you don’t have a beautiful woman around to treat you right, then just maybe you need to re-educate yourself.

Only you have the tools to create your own happiness…

You need to look inside and think about whether you are making the people you are around better as well.

When I go out, I like to make people feel good about themselves…

I like to make people laugh and I like to help my friends become better with women, but I am not going to make their over-all happiness my goal.

If I meet a girl I like then I will enjoy my time with her, because I am out to have fun. I don’t owe anything to anyone and neither does anyone else.

I see others around me watching other’s success and getting angry from it. Next thing you know they are leaving early.

However, when I was in their shoes I didn’t give up. Instead of being jealous, I was happy for them and I used that experience as inspiration; that is the correct way to think.

Instead of leaving right there to go and feel sorry for myself at home…

I went and talked to 15 different women…

If one didn’t like me then I moved on to the next…

If they all didn’t like me then I would go online to find information that would educate me. After doing my research, I found techniques that I could use to level my playing field.

Just like a chess match; the most experienced and educated player will have the highest chance of winning.

I learned how to deal with rejection, I learned how to add value to conversation, I learned how to make myself appear more physically attractive and the number one thing is, that I never gave up!

We can stay where we are and accept defeat or together we can climb out of hell, one inch at a time…

Get up and don’t ever give up!

Now to get back to what I was saying…

If you are always thinking about ‘the negative’ and complaining about this and that, then stop!

Stop it right now!

That isn’t going to change a thing and you aren’t only hurting yourself, but you are hurting others around you.

Instead of complaining, go out and learn to make yourself better in the area of life that is causing you to complain; for most of us, the root of that complaining is our relationships.

Most of us are social creatures and most of us cannot experience true happiness on our own…

A rich man can make all the money in the world, but what’s the point of making all that money if you have no one to share it with?

Someone that genuinely cares about you and isn’t just using you…

Someone that brings you happiness…

Someone that you don’t have to impress to stay with you…

If you ever expect to be in a relationship with a beautiful woman that actually gives a crap about you, then you first need to know how to make her feel good around you.

In order to do that, you need to understand women…

And the only way one can do this is by getting to know women…

Lots of women…

You need to approach, talk and interact and not just stand there; expecting hand-outs.

That is the only way!

So now I am done with this rant and I hope I helped some of you snap out of the mental purgatory that is hindering you.

Thanks for reading and all the best!

-PUA Redsky

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