PUA Tips: 5 ‘Real’ Dating Tips to have more success on a Date

5 ‘Real’ Dating tips to have more success on a date:

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re you unable to pick up ladies and convince them to go on a date with you?

Do you find your dates boring?

If this is the case you should not worry much since you are not the only one going through that. A date may be black and white for some men but for others it may be quite a challenge. However, some good dating advice should help you overcome all this trouble and make women like you more.

The best place to find dating advice is from a Pick-up artist; since that is what they focus most of their time on. Due to this reason alone they probably have the best answers for your dating issues. However, the following five tips should also help you out.

1) Formulate a plan:

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The golden rule in success with dating is to plan it properly. Ensure you work on all the details, even the ones you think are minor, in order to prevent disappointments. Chose a good location and ensure it is comfortable for your date so that they may have a great time. Movies are a common date option for many, but it would not be so good for a first date since most of your time will be spent staring at a screen.

2) Don’t be afraid to be yourself:

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Being you is dating advice that cannot be over-emphasized. Trying to put up a show or acting like someone you aren’t will only ruin the moment for both of you. Ladies don’t like fake men and so once she realizes you are putting up a show she will get turned off. There are many women who will like and appreciate you just the way you are. So be yourself at all times and stay genuine.

3) Trust your inner-confidence:

confidence pua picture

Most women will admit that lack of confidence is a deal-breaker for them. Even if you do not have confidence try to find some somewhere. You do not have to be the most confident guy in the world but you should never doubt yourself. Confidence will be required even in the later stages of the relationship; so try thinking of something you are good at and channel that into confidence. Lasting confidence will only come with experience as well.

4) Compliment her on the right things:

complements pua picture

She probably spent a lot of time to look stunning for you and so it would only be fair if you complimented her for that. However, do not exaggerate the compliments. If it is the first date do not use compliments that imply physical attractiveness and don’t excessively compliment her either; use in moderation. Most women can appreciate a complement as long as you are ‘real’ about it.

5) Talks as much as you listen(If not, listen more):

Listening pua picture

Most pick-up artists will advise you to avoid talking too much on the date otherwise you will make it boring for the lady and exhibit neediness. It is supposed to be a two-sided conversation and so you should also give her an opportunity to express herself as much as she can. Listening to her will also help you get to know her better, while building comfort. This will be a key factor in closing the seduction.

If you follow the dating advice above you should be able to make things flow significantly more natural and smooth, for the both of you. However, remember that the outcome of the date will depend on how much chemistry the two of you have to begin with and sometimes there just isn’t enough. Nevertheless, do not let that discourage you; it is all just part of the process. In time it will seem as though you tend to connect with women more frequently; which is due to experience.

So to finish things off, I bring another great book for reaching the next level. This book is called…

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” by Erik Von Markovik A.K.A. PUA Mystery and Chris Odom A.K.A. PUA Lovedrop.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Golden dating tips for Seduction

Golden dating tips for Seduction:

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hether you are a new member to the dating scene or regularly trying to satisfy new ladies, you are probably eager to understand everything concerning dating and probably gathering tips and suggestions that are going to assist you on a date. It just so happens you aren’t the only one. One thing many of us battle with is reframing that women are not the goddesses that many of us hold on a pedestal. They’re human beings and what you simply need is to behave like the sort of a man that conveys that you know this. However, it’s not a behavior that you can easily fake, you have to work on your behavior until the shoes begin to fit; yet in the meantime just practice being a more social version of yourself.

Below are some golden Dating tips and helpful hints to send you on your way to becoming a master of Seduction…


Preparation pua picture

Before you venture upon anything, preparation is something that’s a must. If you really have the will to become a master, you must assume the preparation that it requires before you begin. Try to go out daily and set a minimum of 15-20 approaches a day.

Don’t doubt yourself:

self-doubt pua picture

There’s no better tip for you than this. If you’ve got it already, you’re further along than most. If not then facilitate. Attempt to emulate confidence in every action and with everything you do. You’ll be able to gain confidence when you have more experience also. And no matter what, keep your thoughts positive.

Be patient with the girls you date:

Patience pua picture

Never hasten the seduction of a girl you’re dating before you are completely sure that she is comfortable with it. This will kill the connection and make you look like a creep. Your body language ought to make it clear that you are not excessively into her as well. This means not looking hungry, so to speak. Don’t become her dancing, little permission boy.

Build comfort by talking about happy things:

Happiness pua picture

Find something nice about your date to say and compliment her on it; preferably about her personality. If it’s painfully difficult to come up with something that you sincerely like about the person, then this might just not be the person for you; everyone comes across snags.

Pay attention and listen to your date:

pay attention pua picture

Your date will usually try to connect by talking and the more talking you get her doing, then the more comfortable she will become around you. This will provide you with further topics, accompanied by open-ended questions that will allow you to keep the conversation going, while gradually working to break the touch barrier. Positve and good listeners are more welcome than any kind of company, regardless of how much they say.

Ask good open-ended questions:

questions pua picture

Think up some fun things to talk about that will reveal an interesting part of your life or personality(DHV Stories). Don’t forget to work in questions along the process (Open ended questions). After telling a story, ask your dates opinion about what she would do. Use words like ‘why’ or ‘how’, and not ‘who’, ‘where’ or ‘when’. Most importantly, make sure your date is having fun and that you are not pressuring them.

Use their name often:

say name pua picture

Call them by their name… Ladies respond well to the sound of their own name. It also shows that you are listening to them and that you value their company and opinion.

Enjoy the process:

have fun pua picture

Listen to your desires or go with the flow. At the same time, you have got to keep in mind the fact that the primary and foremost step of dating is to be sociable and build familiarity. The only way you can do this is by allowing yourself to have a good time. Don’t let your mind get consumed with expectations, just let go and enjoy getting to know the new beautiful woman in front of you.

And to finish things off…

Be aware that it is not a quick process and takes practice to get the most beautiful of women. Undoubtedly, as long as you continue to internalize the dating advice above, then the seduction process will only get easier and easier. Just be sure not to go beyond who you really are; don’t pretend to be someone you aren’t; be realistic and optimistic. In time you will ultimately surpass the expectations you had in the beginning; but only if you are willing to get out of your comfort zone. Pick-up Artistry is a life-time journey that requires one to be continuously evolving. There isn’t any ‘know-all, end-all’, just an on-going process of evolution and adaptation.

Now I will leave you all with an interesting book, like I always do… to share some insight that will hopefully improve your game. Let me to introduce…

The Art of Seduction” by Robert Greene.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Art of Seduction” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 5 Tips for a Successful Date with the Woman You Like

5 Tips for a Successful Date with the Woman You Like:

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sking a girl out, especially a stranger, can be an unusually nerve wracking experience for many men. There are some men who appear naturally endowed with this talent. They step up to the plate with confidence, use wit and charm to their advantage, and never seem to lose their composure. But what about the vast majority of men who almost get into a state of paralysis when it comes to approaching a woman they like? Thankfully, with the right dating advice, combined with application, they too, can master ‘the game’. The key to success here is confidence, and not cheesy pick-up lines.

Let us, then, go over tips that will boost your chances of both securing and ensuring a successful date with the women you fancy. Here is a list of dating advice with 5 examples you should always bear in mind.

1) Approaching a stranger:

Approach pua picture

Remember that women are naturally suspicious when approached by a stranger. Your goal should be to put her at ease, not to further perpetuate that initial feeling of suspicion. This is not the time to be show off your cockiness. In other words, you should stay away from comments on her attractiveness, or body type. Nor is this the right time to try your typical pick-up lines; the only time I say a pick-up lines is when she asks me for one and then I usually use something that is clever and funny. Instead, you should look to ask her a casual question to get the conversation going. For example, if you are at a coffee shop, a good question would simply be to go up to her and ask about other coffee shops in the area that offer a WiFi facility. A gender neutral question like that assures her that you genuinely value her opinion instead of merely being interested in her sexually. The seduction can come later.

If she is interested, she would respond with a few questions of her own. You can continue the conversation for a while and round it off by telling her how nice she was to you with her answers and thank her. This is also a great time to ask her, in a casual manner, if she would be fine in trying out other coffee shops in the neighborhood.

2) Grooming and dressing for the date:

grooming pua picture

Women are exceptionally good at noticing the details. It would be a good idea not to let little things like unkempt hands put her off you. When it comes to dress, the golden rule is to feel comfortable. Unless the two of you have agreed to go to some formal occasion, you can forget about your classy suits. Suits give off an uptight vibe that is best avoided on a date. Casual shirts, trousers, jeans, etcetera, work best. Make sure your shoes go well with the the rest of outfit. Women notice shoes. Wear a light cologne, you should smell nice but not overpowering.

3) Choose the right venue:

right venue pua picture

As a rule of thumb, you should plan your date at a venue where you have been before. Having been to the venue before ensures you know what to expect, makes you feel comfortable, and gives you a sense of control. Women like a man who appears in control. Being on a date is a delicate affair and you do not want to add to the unpredictability by choosing an unfamiliar venue.

4) Look confident:

Confidence pua picture

Let us be clear on this, not many men feel confident when they are out on a date with a woman they like for the first time. But it can be faked, and it pays off if you get good at it. One of the biggest signs of lacking confidence is when you start talking incessantly. It makes you appear nervous, and bores your date. Instead, keep your remarks short and try to be a good listener. Being a good listener also makes your date feel valued.

5) Follow up:

follow up pua picture

It would be a waste of a date, and all the dating advice, if you fail to follow up. The first date establishes the chemistry and now your chance to practice the art of seduction.

So to finish…

Never allow yourself to be overcome with doubt; your biggest enemy. Doubt will kill any attraction with women and it’s one of the most important skills necessary for getting the hottest women.

Now I will leave you with an interesting book that will help, as I do always… to expand thoughts and open minds to a more productive and rewarding lifestyle. Allow me to introduce…

The Mystery Method” by Erik Von Markovik.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Mystery Method” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 5 New Dating Tips For Men – Old trick vs. New trick

5 New Dating Tips For Men – Old trick vs. New trick:

5-sexy-girls pua picture

H-design-1 PUA picture
eart aches, break-ups and rejection hurts. This is the harsh universal truth. Life takes us to these unkind realities at some point of time and you know what? We must never ever give up. If you have tried nearly hundreds and thousands of dating tips but nothing really worked; this write up can be your God Father. After my own wandering of alleyways of romance and experimenting with unique tricks, I introduce this article of the top 5 dating truths for men, all garbed in a new–generation rule.

1. Old trick – desktop dating

Internet dating pua picture

New trick – mobile dating

Online dating has really helped many of us to reach out to loads of prospects in a short time frame. The trouble with desktop dating is, if you are not present 24×7 in front of your desktop, you may miss the perfect time.

Mobile apps are now bestowed with a range of features to help scan girls based on similarities, location preference, looks, etc. So, if you want every night to be a date night’, embrace the new apps.

2. Old trick – checking out girls

Guy looking at girl pua picture

New trick – girls checking out boys

Women are always busy looking into who’s new on the market. Although, they never admit it, eye tracking technology has scientifically proven that girls give quick stare at boys physiques… not just face but also other parts of the body when interested. To keep it hot, make the most of your assets. Don on well-fitted shirts and don’t be shy to sport some fitted jeans.

3. Old trick – trying too hard to please a women

Attention seaking pua picture

New trick – trying hard for self prosperity

This is one of the age old dating tips. Do not try too hard to impress a woman. They will go anyway. Successful men never fall short of romance in their life because women love those who love themselves. So, next time when you plan for a date, make sure you are working toward a successful future or career. Don’t look desperate, breathe slowly and flatter with confidence.

4. Old trick – Listening to whatever she says carefully

Funny pic of president listening pua picture

New trick – Listening and interpreting what she says

Gone are those days when romantic stares and attentive ears used to do all the magic. So, here is some insight into how to read her lips wisely. There is a difference between what she says and what she means. Are you smart enough to catch it? Here is a helping guide:

Says – not seeing anyone.

Means – meeting guys frequently, kissing or even having sex but none of them qualify to be my boyfriend.

Says – let us go to yours…

Means – you are sexy, but I won’t probably call you after this night.

Says – I will pay

Means – I am smart, confident and have a great career. Are you smart enough to be with me?

5. Old trick – talking dirty face-to-face

Will ferrell talking dirty pua picture

New trick – sexting

‘Sex-texting’ is one of the new generation’s dating tips. It has gotten to be somewhat popular. When talking dirty face to face you have somewhat of an advantage; hence seeing her reaction to things being said. Try whispering in the ear of a girl you managed to make out with. Tell her that you imagined her naked. Now watch her blush or see her leave angrily. Dating gurus say that a girl’s reaction gives wealth of hints. But sexting rocks the new era, because it does not put her in an embarrassing situation with only two options; which are to either appreciate it or negate it. Besides, it gives more time to rethink her reply and control the situation to her liking.

So that’s what I got for today, hope you can put some of this information to some good use and remember to stay on track and apply these new tricks. Son enough your dream girl will come walking by just in time for you to snag her.

So to finish off, I bring another great book for reaching the next level. This book is called…

The Natural: How to effortlessly attract the women you want” by Richard La Ruina

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Natural: How to effortlessly attract the women you want” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Top 5 Places to Meet Women

Top 5 Places to Meet Women:

5 places to meet women pua picture

S-design-1 pua picture
ingle and tired of being alone? Stuck in a rut? Looking for a new girlfriend? Whatever the case may be, the time to get out there and start meeting women is now. Like right now. Guys who postpone meeting girls usually end up sitting around wondering how hard it’s to meet girls. Of course, it’s hard if you don’t get out there. You need to go out and meet new people-especially hot young women.

Meeting women at parties, bars, clubs, concerts, and bookstores is commonplace. However, there are some situations and places where trying to chat up a girl may not be a great idea. Well, there are some good places where you can meet a woman. The following dating advice explains 5 of the best places to meet and pick up women.

#1: Coffee shops

Coffee shop pua picture

Coffee shops are exciting venues because here you’ll find plenty of attractive women alone, doing homework or reading. Find trendy coffee shops in your town and go to the ones where women like to patronize.

Coffee shops are just like bars and clubs. Only that caffeine is sold instead of alcohol. Plus, women who patronize these places are likely to be grounded and more laid-back. Coffee shops are also a perfect place to meet women for those who work from home or aren’t really into bars or clubs.

#2: The dog park

PUA picture dog park

The dog park is a fantastic place to pick up women, especially for those who have dogs. If you don’t have a dog, stay away from these places or else you’ll be seen as a weirdo. This is not impressive for a woman.

In an ideal world, your dog and her’s will get along and play with each other. If that’s the case, great! In reality, your dog and her dog might sniff each other while you two talk. Dating advice: If all goes well, ask her out.

#3: Bookstores

bookstore pua picture

Bookstores are a wonderful place to meet educated, intelligent women. Meet a woman near the racks, and start chatting her up. Just find something other than books to talk about.

The best part about these places is that the girls here tend to be alone, and they’re in a better position to strike up an intelligent conversation if you decide to do so.

#4: Social events

social events pua picture

Whether it’s a charity event, a political get-together, a young professionals association meeting, or anything, a lot of social events attract young, cute women, and offer a ready-made social context in which to start talking to them. Women tend to go to social gatherings to meet new people-or even new guys. Try to be sociable, meet plenty of people at social events, make sure you’re seen and heard. This way, you’ll even find girls gravitating toward you while the event goes on.

#5: Parties

parties pua picture

Parties are a fun place to meet new people, especially attractive young women. Here you can meet friends, and their friends instead of strangers. Women here have their guards lowered and are open to meeting new friends as party goers are often considered to be normal and more trustworthy.

We are always looking for ways to meet the women of their dreams. This can happen at any place, any time. Whether it’s at the coffee shop, at a party, bookstore, or dog park, you can start meeting the women of your dreams if you follow the above dating advice.

On a final note…

I’ll leave by introducing a superb book that will go into a lot more detail than just places to meet women. This book is called…

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” by Erik Von Markovik A.K.A. PUA Mystery and Chris Odom A.K.A. PUA Lovedrop.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: World Powers, Media and Propaganda

World Powers, Media and Propaganda:

know-your-enemy pua picture

S-design-1 pua picture
ome of you may not know this but President Ronald Reagan set up a department in the United States Government that specialized in developing more effective strategies for influencing the masses; hence propaganda.

Supposedly it was shut-down after his term because it violated our rights and was deemed illegal. However, I do not believe that to be true.

Ronald Reagan PUA picture

Ronald Reagan is not the only one that has realized the power of propaganda either. If you look closely to a lot of major influences in the world, whether they be large corporations, The United Nations and (of course) ‘Feminism’, then you’ll notice many of these organizations are all about ‘propaganda’. All they care about is perpetuating their beliefs, despite whether or not they are truly ethical.

So today I felt that I needed to express my own concern for what is happening in the world…

When my homeland America was first established many of the nation’s leaders were more worried about keeping the balance of power equal with a system of government known as Democracy. However, another movement came into play called capitalism; which theoretically enabled the able-bodied individual, of whom is willing to dish out a respectful amount of hard-work, to become capable of financial success with whatever path he chooses to embark on.

Our founding fathers had no idea that our country was going to grow into one of the largest market-places in the world. Yet it still did… and in the process many generations of hard-working men built this great country into what it is today.

Unfortunately, the hard-working ancestors of the rich and powerful today could not pass on their ideals, nor their righteous philosophies that allowed them to overcome the British and achieve independence, as well as success.

So what does that mean?

This means that a lot of snot-nosed, selfish, spoiled brats are running this country now; which means they are developing the same kinds of mindsets and beliefs that ‘The Royal Family’ in England had; of whom early Americans fled from to begin with. In short, history is just repeating itself, but on another continent.

So I bring this up today because I want to warn those of you that have the sufficient intellect to realize the B.S. that is going on in this world. I don’t think we have to worry about any major problems in our life-time, but it’s important to teach your children to be aware of the corruption in this world; instead of thinking you can shield them from it.

Right now it sickens me how the U.S. expects Americans to believe that the assaults in Iran are not for oil. It also sickens me that the people running our country are so motivated by money that we can’t use the technology that we “already have” to convert everything to another more efficient energy source.

That right there is a dead give-away that the people running this world don’t give a damn about anything but lining their pockets with money. Well, to any politicians that may subsequently stumble across this article, think about this…

That money that you are stealing from us (The Tax-payers) is not going to be there when you are gone from this world; when you’re at the end of your life-span… we still haven’t discovered ‘the fountain of youth’ either. So it’s pointless hoarding all those resources if you really sit down to think about it. It’s not only useless, but it’s pathetic.

Honestly, if I was in power I would make it so that when we all get old and die, everything we owned was equally distributed among the masses or put into something like healthcare or scientific research. Scientific research that will help make life easier for all of us; not just those that can afford it.

Instead, all I see is world leaders using that money to oppress those that have something they want or don’t agree with them. In the midst of it all they are trying to distract us with all this crap and nonsense on T.V. or Social Media.

At the same time, we are even being conditioned to hate certain groups, whether they be racial or religious. The intelligentsia do not care about the ‘common folk’; they want to keep us quiet and keep the wool over our eyes.

So I’ll make a proposal to those that also see through the “crapola”; don’t give in to the garbage that the media forces into our faces; don’t pay attention to the crapola that they want us to hear. Find out first hand from those that have been to Lebanon and those that have seen innocent people get killed in Palestine.

Quit being ignorant and thinking that spending the majority of your life getting rich and cutting out people, that care about you, is going to make you any more happy than when you were living life as a normal person.

Keep your integrity and don’t do anything that will jeopardize it; even if it’s money or personal gain. Don’t let the politicians and media succeed at their constant demonization of innocent minorities that already have nothing where they live.

If we continue to turn a blind eye then it’s only a matter of time before Karma catches up to us. So we need no longer feed into the negative cloud that is upon us.

Instead, of hating we need to open our eyes and understand the situation. We are not here to be a herd of ignorant sheep feeding a never-ending path towards global self-destruction.

The media is nothing but a window into the superficial world that the intelligentsia live in; it’s not the real world. When you can filter out all the dog-shit and only see what matters, then you’ll be capable of spotting the lies and seeing the truth. You’ll see the selfish motives of the intelligentsia and no longer fall victim to it.

It’s only a matter of time… that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Now I’m going to leave you all with an interesting book that will help, those interested, to expand their thoughts; in regard to who is really controlling the modern world. Allow me to introduce…

Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (American Empire Project)” by Noam Chomsky.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (American Empire Project)” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Nutrition, Exercise and Inner-Game

Nutrition, Exercise and Inner-Game:

donjon pua picture

PUA Pictureknow a good amount of those reading this probably don’t want to hear this; but what you put into your body, as well as what you do for your body, has a big impact on your mood; it also has a big impact on your spirit in my personal opinion. The better care one takes of himself will undoubtedly have a positive effect on how he feels about himself as well.

After experimenting with different diets and forms of exercise, I’ve discovered what kind of physical activity and food allows me to stay in the most productive state of mind. Believe it or not finding what works for you, in regard to nutrition and exercise, can make you feel like a whole new person; a better and more improved machine that is running smoother and exerting more ‘Horse-power’.

Horse power pua picture

The only time I really even eat unhealthy is when my girl and I grab a bite after a movie. I know it’s a very difficult thing to commit to in the beginning, but the sacrifice is well worth the benefits. Yes, you can get girls without being in the best shape, but you are not just doing it for the girls; it’s a more intelligent decision and more intelligent way to live life.

You will safe-guard yourself from diseases associated with poor health; your quality of life will improve because you look and feel better; Independent, driven, high quality women will take more interest in you, because they’ll see your ambition, plus you’ll live a longer life. If you really sit down to think about it, you are a “Moron” for not taking care of yourself.

Now the benefits from better nutrition are also a higher amount of energy, which means you can get out more; hence meeting more women. Your body will be tighter, as well as the face, which leads to a lower flake rate; even for average-looking guys. Some of these women will even start to seduce you.

I have met a lot of PUA’s over the years, some of whom are already successful and just game for the love of it. Even the mediocre looking guys can sport a fitted shirt, that exposes some muscle; which on many occasions has attracted a quality of women that has surprised, even me. Moral of the story, even average men that take care of themselves, can attract beautiful women.

It isn’t just about the fact that a guy is built or has 15″ arms either. Eating well and exercise will change you spiritually; you’ll give off a more welcoming ‘aura’. An aura that is inviting and makes people feel good around you. Your cortisol levels will be balanced, you’ll feel more calm and collected.

To summarize…

If you have unhealthy eating habits or aren’t actively doing some type of exercise routine in your life, for whatever reasons, then this article is directed at you…

I’m not lying when I tell you that the grass is greener on ‘this side of the fence’.

Lastly, here is a good read to get those ‘that want to change their lives’ started on their journey. This resource is called…

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised” by Arnold Shwartzennager.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: Charlie Hebdo and the future of PUA

Charlie Hebdo and the future of PUA:

charlie hebdo PUA picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I recently read about ‘The Paris Shooting’ and Charlie Hebdo. I am sure many have seen this news already. It is getting a bit scary how so many out there are eager to take away our freedom of speech.

It seems like you never know who you might piss off these days. Before it was pick up artist Julien Blanc. Of whom was pissing off ‘the feminists’ and now it’s a french magazine; Charlie Hebdo.

A cop from the ‘Paris Shooting’ being gunned down below…

Charlie Hebdo PUA picture

Meanwhile one thing still sticks out in my mind… “Alliances”. Without alliances you are putting yourself against the world. Plus in this day in age people need each other in order to get to the next level and the only way you can do that is by becoming better with people.

It’s useful to take the initiative and try to perfect the art of tact. Even if you don’t like someone it doesn’t mean that they can’t help you in some way. Who knows… they might introduce you to someone willing to drop a million bucks into your business or business idea. The best way to get a hold on luck is to watch what you say.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
-Proverbs 15:1

So it’s kind of sad how this cop had to get blasted to death mercilessly. Still so many people are trying to stand up to this Al Quaida/ ISIS terrorist menace. Who would’ve ever known that it would’ve been possible to pull this off in Paris, of all places.

So getting to the point I want to make… when gaming I think it’s important to think about how others will view you. I think far too many novice guys just getting into pick-up are giving ‘Pick-up Artistry’ a bad rep; which, seeing how so many are eager to take away our freedoms, may lead to outlawing some practices that we take for granted now.

How would you like to go before a judge and plead guilty to sexual harrassment?

How would you like this to happen just for approaching a girl on the street?

I think it’s getting pretty ridiculous how much the world is changing; while also becoming feminized. Women are beginning to make more than men and obtain higher positions of power. It’s almost as though men will start staying home, not working, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children in later years. I would have to shoot myself if the world ever comes to that.

I could go on about a few other things, but I’ll save those for another post; only one argument per article…

If you really sit back and pay attention to how the world has changed, like I have, then it’s not difficult to notice how the media has gone from glorifying men to making us appear as though we’re total imbeciles.

I do not think that the demasculinization of men in our society is good for Pick-up in the future either. Now we are free to do cold approach all we want, but I couldn’t imagine life without that privilege. It’s just a matter of time before ‘Hillary’ gets elected, so every one of us can only count our blessings.

Now to finish things off I thought I might share a magazine by Charlie Hebdo. Let me give you the opportunity to grab a souvenir to mark an important event in history. This magazine is called…

Dégage Marine!” by Charlie Hebdo.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Dégage Marine!” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Lessons learned from Genghis Khan

Lessons learned from Genghis Khan:

genghis-khan pua picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I’ve recently been reading a lot about the life of Genghis Khan. This man only stood about 5’8 (173 cm’s) tall and still had, not only a great existence, but an extremely rough child-hood. Many of you might not know this, Khan’s father was a chief of a small tribe, but was poisoned while Khan was a young teenager.

He even had to kill his own brother, following the event of his father’s death, just to take control of the tribe. This was even after his father already made it clear that he was destined to be leader. Not only that, his family eventually became ostracized by the clan.

According to what I’ve read, something clicked in Khan’s head that caused him to become determined to take back control of ‘his tribe’. With an iron-clad will he raised an army of 20,000 men and dominated the enemy into submission; thus taking back the tribe.

But that’s not all he did… he went along to build an even larger army and eventually conquered most of the known world.

Among learning what I just mentioned, I also read the details of which allowed him to become so successful in life. I took note of 3 things that intrigued me and I think can be applied to achieving success in life, even today.

These 3 things are…

#1-Genghis was willing to adopt new, more efficient methods to reach his goals in battle, even if it meant using knowledge from already-conquered enemies:

PUA picture learned from enemies

Of what I learned about Genghis, the man was a ‘Chameleon’. He was able to mold his way of living and conquering into whatever was necessary to at the stay at the top of the totem pole. This is very similar to how I’ve developed and have continued to develop my personal means of getting the women and things I want.

At times I have gamed with people that have inspired me to expand my thinking, by allowing me to see things from a different point of view. Not just that, I am even given motivation when hearing of other’s personal achievements. At other times I can even enjoy a little rivalry.

#2-When Gengis Khan took his men into battle, he made sure his army had a steady supply of food, weapons and medical support:

military strategy pua picture


I considered this metaphor for the physiological part of one’s health. I think we can apply the concept of ‘food’ to what we put in our bodies. If you’re body isn’t getting the right support (Nutrients, exercise, etc.) then we will spiral down into a state of self-destruction.


For weapons, I am referring to the instruments that enable one to accomplish their goals. This can be such things as social skills, education, so on and so forth. The idea of this in ‘pick-up’ would be new techniques, experience with more situations that taught you how to behave to attain the desired goal.


As for Medical Support, I would say this applies to a PUA’s personal mind-set and beliefs. I think having a purpose that one is passionate about would be the best way to get this vessel under control.


PUA picture drive

If there is one thing, I definitely noticed from learning about this man, it is that Khan had a desire to win that was insanely strong; he didn’t care if he died in the process. Even when he had the whole tribe against him, where most people would give up and run off, he chose not to let it discourage him. He took what he thought was rightfully his and there was nothing anyone could say or do about it.

If ‘you’re a man’ and you want something, then you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. If you want a super-model, then you need to start on the journey to become the man that a super-model will date.

Now to wrap things up…

So that is where Genghis Khan took my mind earlier and I highly suggest reading about influential people, even if they are controversial. A person can get a lot out of it; it will keep the optimism alive.

Now I’ll leave everyone with the very same book that took me on the journey through the life of our man ‘Genghis’ himself. Allow me to introduce…

Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world” by Jack Weatherford.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world” now…

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PUA Tips: The ‘Real Reasons’ you are getting friend-zoned

The ‘Real Reasons’ you are getting friend-zoned:

36-maximum-friendzone-meme pua picture

A-design-1 PUA picture
lot of men just getting into, or trying to improve their dating life, may experience the dreaded ‘Friend-zone’. If you are one of the guys that deals with this a lot, hence is one of your sticking-points, then today is your lucky day… you are about to get the cold, hard truth on why this keeps happening.

Allow me to present to you 3 reasons why you keep getting ‘De-classified’ as a potential mate…

#1-You lack the balls to get physical:

PUA picture touch

Yes, that is exactly what I said… you think that she is going to just think you are so awesome that she randomly asks you to have sex with. Well, just because it worked a couple of times when you were young doesn’t mean it will work now 15 years later.

Sorry but you have to make the first move son!

If you ever expect her to get intimate with you, then she has to be comfortable making-out first. This means starting with a little playful hand-holding and escalating to kissing in a charismatic fashion.

#2-Your Conversational/Storytelling telling skills are shit:

PUA picture story telling

You have to get this part of outer-game developed and the only way one can do so is with practice. Reading about seduction theory or psychology books is great, there are definitely a lot of intriguing concepts out there, but figuring out what fits your own developing personality is only solved by putting in the work.

#3-You’re too negative:

PUA picture negativity

That’s right, I’ve noticed this in particular with a vast majority of the people I coach. They tend to have a very negative out-look on life. As soon as I’m able to convince them to change that out-look, then their lives start changing.

So don’t be that guy hanging around with a cloud over his head. Look for the positives in life and if you have to, watch a funny movie; laughter is the best medicine.

So moving on…

I think number 1 is probably the most vital, but I know that it’s very hard to get comfortable breaking the touch-barrier and especially for guys that haven’t experienced much success in the past. Undoubtedly, if you can get this part of your game figured out then you’ll drastically increase your win-to-lose ratio.

To finish, I have another good book for you all to check out. This is another book covering mainly outer-game strategies and it’s definitely something that will bring a new sense of awareness to your game. This book is called…

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” by Erik Von Markovik A.K.A. PUA Mystery & Chris Odom A.K.A. PUA Lovedrop.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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