PUA Tips: 5 Things Only People who Date in Big Cities Know

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A-design-1 PUA picture person can experience a lot living in a big city and among many of those experiences is a completely different reality for dating. So I’ve decided to put this together so I can look back, enjoy and relive some of my own personal experiences on this 10+ year journey.

A few are…

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1) 5 room-mate interrogation squad:

She invites you back to her place – how nice. You even take the liberty of covering the cab fare only to realize that she has 5 room-mates that you have to make a good impression on before she even thinks about letting you spend the night.

2) One night stand and goodbye forever:

This is probably the most common for me and I can almost always assume that when she asks to go back to my place instead of hers, then it almost always means I am never going to see her again when she leaves the next morning. Out of sight and out of mind.

I can’t blame most women though. The city is tough and not everyone can manage a relationship on top of work and school. Many women are busy 12 hours a day trying to make ends meet while also working on their education. These struggles are all too real.

3) Seeing some of the most beautiful women on public transit making deep eye contact with you right before you have to get off:

This happens to me way too often. It always seems like the more busy I am the more missed opportunities. Not only that the most beautiful women I ever see, other than in the strip club, always seem to be right across from me on the train to and from work.

If I ever have a chance to retire early then I’m going to dedicate a good amount of my time to picking up beautiful women on the trains. If you are lucky enough to be retired and young, then I advise you to do so as well.

4) Getting your heart stomped on one week – ladies man the next:

It’s quite ridiculous how bipolar the dating world in a big city can be. I can’t tell you how many times I was rejected by a girl I really fancied; only to meet another girl a week later that’s 3 times hotter and practically forces me to go to bed with her. Never stop taking advantage of female abundance – the odds are always going to be in your favor in a densely populated area.

5) Going home with a hottie you met in your favorite speak-easy only to find out later she’s already gone home with 3 of your favorite drinking buddies:

This is why I don’t get serious with any of the women that hang out in bars I routinely visit. Thanks to this happening once or twice I now have been awakened to the reality that most women are just as promiscuous (If not more-so) as us men.

All in all…

The dating life in a big city is a rocky road, but I’ve had the privilege of being with some of the most beautiful women I could have ever been with thanks to living in just a few. I guess you can say that for all the crazy, stuck-up and emotional disturbed women I’ve come across I have also managed to be with some of the most beautiful women, inside and out, that I would have never been with otherwise – take the good with the bad.

It is definitely a challenge but I believe we are meant to evolve through change and challenges. It’s either we evolve or dissolve… the decision ours.

So that’s everything I got to share with everybody today. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep going out!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: New Rules of Dating

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A-design-1 PUA picture lot of us have been raised with the old-school hypergamy principles that pretty much tell us to go to school, become successful and find a woman to settle down with. However the world is constantly changing one generation to the next and having the white picketed fence is not necessarily what will bring everyone a sense of contentment in this age.

These days many of us can lead completely arbitrary lifestyles and still have no issues with achieving a satisfying dating life. You don’t need money and you don’t really even need a fancy degree from a great university (Although I do urge everyone to pursue a higher education regardless.) You do however need a stable sense of self worth.

I am going to list a few guidelines for the changing world that I think everyone should pay attention to when it comes to creating a connection with your newfound female friends. The following are…

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1) Never let a woman compare you to other men:

This is a shit-test if you think about it. When a woman brings up another guy in conversation, then she is testing you. She is testing to see if you become insecure and the way you need to react is not by acting as though you are unphased – like many dating instructors will probably tell you.

The correct way to react is by simply saying that you do not see any reason to be talking about other men while she is on a date with you. If she has a big problem with that then just leave.

The many generations that us men have allowed the feminist propaganda to manifest in our society needs to come to an end. Women need to re-learn to respect their male counter-parts and the only reason to change this is by not allowing them to play such ridiculous games as we have for the past 50-60 years.

A self-respecting man will sacrifice a chance of sex to preserve their own integrity. A woman that feels the need to subject a man to a phony mind-fuck does not deserve a dignified man’s attention anyway.

2) Focus on commonalities 80%:

I can tell you from my own personal experience that the more a woman feels they have something in common with you, then the better the bond. So find some common ground and focus on those things as much as possible on your dates.

But be actually interested in learning about this woman across from you and not just going through the motions to get her in bed. Be a good listener, don’t be critical and respect how she feels about certain things even if you don’t agree.

3) Quit using dating apps and go out:

Fuck tinder, fuck Okcupid and all the other garbage they keep coming out with. Quit allowing technology to make things easier for us. Develop your social skills with good, solid work ethic. Go out! Go out! And Go out!

4) Fuck astrology and be in the moment:

I hate when I hear a woman bring up some astrology nonsense and try to tell me or one of my friends who we are compatible with. Astrology is hogwash and I have had many great experiences with women I am “not compatible with” according to our astrological signs.

5) Don’t be afraid to put a woman in her place when she is treating you unfairly:

Since the rise of the feminazi campaign many women have been miseducated in a way that has them thinking it is ok to mistreat men. We’ve been raped by the justice system through marriage alimony, unfair rates for child support and in the end the judge always gives the women whatever they want.

These facts are so blatantly obvious yet many naive men are still going out of their way to be the white knight that most women is our modern society do not deserve. So we must make an effort to change this norm to a much more realistic norm. One where we are once again looked upon as a valuable entity and not just a cash machine.

Therefore we must speak our mind when necessary. Tell them they are wrong and present a valid argument. Do so with a stern demeanor and if she has a hard time accepting this, then leave and don’t even waste another word on them. Instead move on to another woman that deserves your attention.


We are in a constant state of change: Every 5 years our metabolism slows, we grow older, we become wiser and we lose energy. The only way to survive this journey we call life is by always keeping our minds in the right place.

We will meet a lot of women along the way that will overall just waste our time. Never have expectations for more than you can offer and those special women will, in time, choose to stick around. And when they do you should cherish them.

Now that’s all I have for today. Remember never stop working on yourselves and keep going out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Gaslighting – A Manipulation Technique

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F-design PUA pictureor many of us, when we think of dating, we like to think of it in a light-hearted way. We think about everything we do as being harmless and just trying to have fun while getting laid in the process.

We never really think about what kind of power we can have over people or women in particular. What I’m getting at is that getting in the game will give you a newfound ability that many of us never thought we could ever have. An ability to change someone’s life forever – maybe for the better or maybe, just maybe, for the worse.

What I’m talking about is having the ability to change someone’s reality. Having the ability to get inside a woman’s head and convincing her to think the way you want her to think.

Believe it or not this is very real and although not every woman is susceptible you can still have a big impact on many. Even the most beautiful women if caught off guard can easily become influenced.

Now what I am foreshadowing is a little technique called gaslighting. Today I am going to explain exactly what this is and how some may use it to get their way with others.

There is much debate to whether this is ethical or not. I choose to stay neutral and will plead the 5th when it comes to that debate. Nevertheless I feel that it is good to be educated on things like this because we never know when someone may be trying to pull the same wool over our eyes.

So moving on…

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What is gaslighting?

In short this is a technique where the perpetrator attempts to change the targets reality through various means. One common avenue is with debate or what may seem like simple suggestions.

At first they will tell you what they think about you and maybe imply that you should change something about yourself. Most people will usually find it humorous and probably laugh it off. Many of us will see this person as just being ridiculous and not pay their comments any mind.

After awhile we might end up spending more time with this person for whatever reasons. They could be hitting you up to hang out, maybe they’re a regular customer at your job or even a co-worker. In time that person will keep bringing up similar suggestions in hopes of persuading a target to do what they wish.

They will give logical reasons and over time it may even start to seem as though what they’re saying makes sense. If a person isn’t careful then they might just give in to what the perpetrator is asking.

“When something is repeated over and over again then it may be mistaken as truth.”

Who is susceptible?

Anyone can be susceptible depending on how well the perpetrator earns their trust. However the most common types are a combination of people pleasers, those obsessed with trying to do the right thing or people with a lack of self-esteem.

Regardless it can be anyone who falls for this. It all depends on how much power one allows the perpetrator to have over them. If you value someone or look up to them in some way, then you yourself could very well become a victim.

How does one apply it to pickup?

If someone is good with words or has a great sense of humor then they will find themselves getting on people’s good sides more often than most. Once that level of comfort, or trust, has been built then the perpetrator’s target is much more willing to listen to what they have to say.

Should you apply it?

That is entirely up to you, but I wouldn’t. I have found myself in many situations over the years where I could have applied this and had my own personal human pet. However I am not that kind of person.

This is the closest thing to mind control that I’ve experienced. I won’t list any how-to examples for the sake of those that may become victim to it; but I am sure if one looks hard enough and applies what they learn appropriately then you will get the desired result. But before you do so just ask yourself this…

What would you do if your victim committed suicide? Would you be able to forgive yourself if you were partly responsible?

Believe it or not people are fragile.

How to protect yourself if used on you?

I would say that no contact is the best path to take. As long as you give this person a chance to speak then you are potentially at their mercy. If you have some attraction to them, then you might just find yourself in a position where they have hijacked your mind. Next thing you know they have you doing all types of ridiculous things for them.

So it’s wise to cut off all contact. You are doing yourself a big favor. There is no good that can come from this kind of person. They are just going to play with your emotions, have you spiralling into a deep dark depression and may even ruin your life.

Last but not least…

This is quite an interesting subject and I enjoy writing about things like this. Gaslighting is nothing new. This technology has been around for years and there are even traces of it in modern day media.

It’s not just applicable to one certain individual it’s also used on groups. The Nazi’s used this technique to convince the under-educated masses in Germany during World War 2 to believe that Jews were evil. The Roman’s, Spartans and Mongols used it as well. Gaslighting is basically a form of psychological warfare.

I could go on and on about many other cases in which this technology has been abused, but I don’t have the time to write a whole book right now. All I can say is that this kind of power is very real and everyone should be mindful of it.

Anyway that’s all I got for today. I’ve said what I have to say. So get up, get out of your house and get your asses laid!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: When to kiss a woman

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H-design-1 PUA pictureere I am again my friends and here to spread some knowledge about a well known beginner problem a lot of us have when first starting out in the dating world. This little dilemma is of course the kiss.

Yeah a lot of us have questions in regard to this…

When should you take it? How do I know when to take it? How do I get her to want to kiss me?

I see these questions being asked all across the internet and today I’m listing just what you need to know. So get ready! The signs you should pay attention to so you know when to go for the kiss are…

when to kiss pua picture

1) Eager eyes:

This is a very clear sign that the girl is into you and you should act on it fast. The truth is that the longer you wait then the less interested she’ll be – so capitalize.

She won’t just have eager eyes either, she’ll be eager to hear what you have to say and she may even be overly polite. When you notice any of this then go for it and without hesitation.

2) Frequent touching:

This can be teasing you by poking with her finger or just touching you randomly without any reason – this happens a lot actually. Also another pretty obvious way that many women touch me is by feeling on my arms or shoulders. So it definitely helps if you work out.

3) Biting or licking her lips:

This is almost a 100% guarantee that she is preoccupied with the thought of your lips pressed up against hers. So go in and give her what she wants – do so like a man!

4) Leaning in:

Let’s say you’re at a bar and go up to talk to a girl. She is receptive and clearly enjoys your company. Next thing you know she is getting very close to you. What do you do now?

When I was younger this happened to me a great deal and I would just stand there like a little lost puppy. Later I’d see that same girl making out with one of my more assertive friends. Since then I never give up an opportunity like that and I suggest you don’t either.

5) Complimenting your appearance:

If a woman tells you that you are cute, good-looking, sexy or anything of the sort then you need to get the ball rollin’. In the language of women that means she wants you and you better act fast or she’ll move on to somebody else.

This is also known as qualifying and she is letting you know that you are good enough for her to sleep with. She is validating you or openly submitting to you and letting you know that it’s time to make a move.


Do not over-analyze the situation and expect to need to make the perfect move or have perfect timing. All you need to understand is that you must be willing to just make the move and that’s it.

Whether it’s smooth or rocky does not matter – if you are able to just have the balls to try and kiss her then you are half-way there. A funny thing about women is they can go as far as to say they never kiss on the first date, then you go for the kiss and they give it to you.

So don’t let her get in your head and don’t get discouraged either – just be a man. Go for what you want and calibrate accordingly. Expect there to be a rocky road ahead of you. The rockier the seduction is then the more information you will gather.

Once you can see how she reacts to your advances you will know whether or not you even need to talk in the first place. Sometimes all you really need to do is make the move. So moral of the story: Actions speak louder than words.

Well that’s all I have to say for today and thanks for reading. Now get up, get the hell out of your house and start approaching some women!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 6 best dating tips for finding the right woman

The right woman pua picture

pua pictureow today I figured I would put together some content for the other branch of men out there that aren’t exactly up for the whole player lifestyle and just want to find a great woman that they can fall in love with. In other words a woman that is beautiful, sweet, loyal and will be there til the end of each other’s lives.

Since I’ve found this a few times already I think I can give some decent advice on the topic. Before anything I must say that these women are not common and you’ll crash, burn and fall a lot until you finally find one. Nevertheless I can tell you all that it’s definitely worth the time spent searching because they will give you a taste of just how wonderful the opposite sex can be – even in the dreadful era of feminism.

So to get on with it I’ve listed 5 tips we all can pay attention to that will allow us to sift through the women who are not worth our time…

Girl with attitude pua picture

1) She answers your texts in a timely manner if she is available to do so:

Yes sometimes women are busy or have their phones in their purse on vibrate, but after dating them for awhile you will get an idea of what their schedules are like and have an idea for when they shouldn’t have any issue answering.

A lot of women these days will say that they have no obligation to answer sooner than later – which is true. However I am not coming from an obligatory perspective; I’m coming from a perspective of a woman that genuinely wants to be with a man. And if a woman genuinely wants to be with a man they will want to keep him happy and have no problem being considerate of his feelings.

2) She doesn’t look for meaningless reasons to argue:

If you find yourself constantly having to calm a woman down because she is constantly getting her feelings hurt, then tell that mental case to get hell out of the house. Not only is this childish and primitive behavior, but it is not healthy. You will stress yourself out and maybe even increase your risk of heart attack or stroke in the long term. Women like this are dangerous and you should avoid them at all costs.

3) She feels bad when you feel bad:

Let’s say you had a death in the family, we all will have this at some point, she should be capable of acknowledging your suffering or being vicarious. A woman that expects you to be strong at all times is either dense or delusional and has no real meaning to her life.

4) She chooses to see you over her friends:

This is a very amazing quality to find in a female in particular. If you are lucky enough to find a girl that you really like and one that will put you before her friends, then she’s a keeper.

5) She doesn’t talk to other men when around you unless you are alright with it:

This is also a rare quality of women; at least in the west. If you find a girl that won’t talk to other guys, when you are out with her, then she obviously has a great deal of respect for you. Learn to appreciate this and understand that women only do this when they really appreciate a certain man in their life.

6) She likes having sex with you:

This is a big deal and I don’t care what anyone thinks. If you’re seeing a woman that doesn’t enjoy having sex with you, then you’re with the wrong girl. Sexual compatibility is not only important but necessary.

So if you begin to notice that your sex life is going to hell after a couple of months, then by all means find a new girlfriend. You are not only wasting your time, but in the long run your self-confidence will suffer from it as well.

Think about it this way: Sexual compatibility is 50% of the relationship and everything else is the other half. You can’t have a healthy relationship without good sex – so don’t kid yourself. If your girlfriend is not ecstatic to get frisky with you every time you are together then dump her and never look back.

Last off…

I can tell anyone with a straight face that the majority of women we meet, for most of us, will fade out and turn into nothing more than mere memories. So I advise you all not to allow yourself to get hung up on any one girl if she doesn’t seem completely into you.

If she has even a little bit of hesitation for seeing you then kick her to the curb. No relationship should be one-sided and since men seem to be getting the short end of the stick these days, then there is no reason any of us should be tolerating any selfishness or nonsense.

All that matters in the end is that you are a good guy that is going to work hard to be the best you can in this life. If she chooses to be part of it then she should have the ability to empathize with the fact that it takes 2 to tango and it’s not just up to the guy to kiss her ass – she must be willing to reciprocate.

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Get laid on the first date

PUA first-date picture

S-design-1 pua pictureince I’ve been a veteran in ‘the game’ quite awhile now, I have noticed a great deal of patterns over time. Maybe I am just smarter than most or maybe anyone with the same amount of experience will begin to become enlightened over time – who knows.

The only way I’d ever be capable of knowing if I have some kind of gift is if I was reborn as someone else and spent the same amount of time dedicated to pickup. Nevertheless I know what I know and I also know what works.

So today I am going to point out a few of these observations that I’ve been lucky enough to harvest from my countless years of dating woman after woman – in regard to seducing them faster on the first date. The following are…

Hot girl playing pool pua picture

1) Take them to more than one place:

Also known as venue changing – this will allow you to build more comfort in a shorter amount of time. I usually start out at a place like a pool hall and then move on to a more isolated location with a view. This can be a park with a clear sky, a pier, a rooftop or even a bar on a hilltop that looks over the city; just make sure each place you take her is no more than 10-15 minutes walking distance from each other. I’m sure you can think of many places just use your imagination.

After taking them to the spot with a view I’ll go to another isolated bar that plays good music. A dimly lit bar with a vintage look is always nice. If it has a Juke box even better and play nothing but Frank Sinatra if possible.

2) If they are boring don’t be afraid to drop them:

I’ve flat out left many women because of a bad attitude or even not being willing to kiss on the first date. I understand that some women came from somewhat conservative upbringings, but come on this is 2016.

If a girl isn’t at least willing to kiss you by the second venue, then she can take a hike. 9 times out of 10 she isn’t even worth the trouble to begin with. So be selective and don’t be afraid to walk if necessary.

3) Start off with an activity:

Like I said in number 1, I like to start off at a pool hall then go on from there. Guess what we do in the pool hall? We go swimming! No just kidding – we play pool obviously.

Playing a game to start off whether it be darts, billiards, ping-pong, strip poker (If you can get her into it.) – it doesn’t matter what. The important thing is that you are able to frame a fun situation where you are both capable of relaxing and teasing each other about missed shots or what not.

Trust me doing this will get her laughing and smiling. She will feel positive emotions and in return be more comfortable around you. Just remember not to be a bully if you are much better than her; I suggest playing at a rate where she feels like she has a chance so she won’t get bored.

4) Wear a good cologne and clothes that look good on you:

Drakkar Noir, Armani Code and so on. There are countless aromas one can experiment with to find the ideal scent. I personally like Drakkar Noir but it might not be for everybody – I wouldn’t want you to buy a cologne that you didn’t appreciate yourself.

As for clothes: If you are a medium wear a medium; if you are a large wear a large – not a medium. Don’t expect a super tight shirt to get you laid; if anything she will probably just think you’re in the closet.

Pants shouldn’t be too baggy, I suggest Calvin Klein jeans or even Levi’s will do. I like to dress casual because I don’t like to dress up and I’m definitely not trying to give off the impression I have money – especially in a city like New York. The last thing I want to do is activate a woman’s gold digger mode.

5) Don’t be pushy and enjoy yourself:

This is the most important part of the article right here: I usually don’t go for the kiss right off the bat. After a couple of games of pool/darts I’ll move on to the next location. By this time she has had a little bit of fun and I’ll walk her to the location with the view.

If she asks where we are going I just tell her I want to show her a view I think she’d like. When we get there I’ll ask her what she thinks – most of the time they like it. After she takes the view in I’ll look at her in her eyes, smile and pull her close to me.

At this point I have had women kiss me on their own, but sometimes you still need to make the move. Some women won’t ever make the first move. You can blame overbearing, brainwashed parents from the previous generation – it is what it is. However, in short, right after she’s taken in that view and sees you looking at her; that is the perfect time to steal that kiss.

On a final note…

A lot of my advice stems from the fact that I don’t like to stress myself out in excess. I have 2 children already which I have to take care of and I also have to take care of the feelings of their mothers. So at this point I am not trying to stress myself out anymore than I already am.

When I bring a new woman in my life I don’t look at her as a potential mate; because quite frankly I already am tied down with 2 that I am stuck with for the rest of my life. I’m not ashamed because they produced 2 beautiful children and I couldn’t be anymore grateful. However when I am meeting new women then I am just looking for fun – nothing more. I don’t want them to take me seriously and I don’t want them to fall in love with me; I just want them to sleep with me and for as long as possible.

Many guys come from a different place in their heads and want more than just a little bit of fun. In a big city where women have an endless amount of resources you are going to have to look around for awhile before you find a woman that is “actually ready to settle down”.

So my last bit of advice for today is just have fun. The more you allow yourself to sit back and enjoy life then the easier it will be to bring more women into it. That’s all I got for today, now get the hell up out of your chair and go out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Seducing bartenders

Seduce bartenders pua picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo I figured this might be a good topic to cover since I have had a good amount of success seducing bartenders. This is a fun ability to have and can be very rewarding to a man’s self-confidence. Honestly it’s gotten to the point that I always end up sleeping with one of the female staff when I frequent a venue long enough.

But enough about me let’s get to the good part. Below I’ve listed a few ways to get a bartender you fancy to warm up to you…

1) Bring other women to the bar:

Yeah, you heard me! Make sure she is seeing you with other women. But not just other women… other women that are as good-looking or better looking than her and even better if they see these women kissing or going home with you. If you’ve read my Daygame or Pickup guides then you shouldn’t have a problem figuring out how to do this (–> Read my books! <--).

2) Allow yourself to cut loose and show that you are capable of being a positive social influence:

This means having fun and showing that you are capable of having fun with other people at the bar. This means other regulars, etc. If her regulars like you then you are scoring some major brownie points with her- that’s a given.

3) Go to the bar to do something other than see them:

At many bars there are billiards tables, darts, ping-pong, so on and so forth. Go there to play a game or even just to hang out with friends. Just don’t make it obvious that you are there to try and hookup with the bartenders.

4) Don’t get stupid drunk- ever:

A serious no-brainer here: If you’ve ever hung out at a bar long enough then you may notice at the end of the night there are always a few guys that had a little over their limit; don’t be that guy.

If you can’t handle your liquor or don’t know when it’s time to quit, then I can assure you that you aren’t getting anywhere with any of these girls. So be smart about drinking… if you are a light-weight then eat something before and drink slower.

Once you get a little buzz then slow down completely. Have a drink in front of you but there is nothing wrong with not drinking it when you are reaching your limit. And if you are reaching your limit go home. You can always come back another time and I can guarantee you that she’ll be even more excited considering you have showed her that you are one of the lucky few that can actually contain themselves.

Remember if you are wanting to seduce a bartender then you are going to have to drink. Sorry to break it to you. The truth is you won’t get anywhere but kicked out if you go to a bar and never order drinks.


It may take a couple of months to get these lovely ladies to the point where they are obviously very glad to see you every time you walk in. Also be ready for jealous bouncers and male co-workers. This is actually pretty common and I’ve had to deal with it quite a lot.

Other orbiters will either be adult about your success and applaud you or they will allow their jealous sides to take over and of course hate on you. The best way to deal with this is by just avoiding those people as much as possible.

If you are forced to have to interact with the haters, then just be nice. Understand that not everyone is at your level and jealousy is a natural human emotion. We all have it and at times it has gotten the best of all of us. I understand this and therefore I don’t take it personal when someone becomes jealous of me. Nevertheless if someone is going to act out and try to physically harm me I am not incapable of defending myself; yet words will never hurt me and the last thing I will let bother me is “those words”.

So remember that having a thick-skin is a huge advantage in the PUA world. I constantly deal with gossip, but it no longer bothers me because when those same people get to know me they always realize they were wrong. This doesn’t mean I will be best friends when I receive an apology, but I won’t let someone else’s hatred ruin my time.

To conclude…

Excited bartender PUA picture

After you’ve gotten these lovely bartenders excited about seeing you then the next thing to do is to get their contact info. This can be Facebook, Instagram, a phone number – it doesn’t matter. If they are genuinely into you, then they will find a way to see you and if not oh well; it is a numbers game at the end of the day.

Once you’ve gotten their information you can invite them out and go about things as though you would with any other woman you are on a date with. If you don’t know how to do that, then I advise you to have a look at one of my books (–> Read my books! <--).

So there we have it! A nice little piece on how to get your favorite bartender in your bed; which I have personally had success with time and time again. Thanks for reading and get the hell out of the house!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

Just click the icon below to begin reading now…

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PUA Tips: The craft of communication

PUA Article communication

PUA T-design-1 pictureoday we’re going to start off with a man that sets up a table on a busy corner with a sign that says”Conversations for free”. After a minute or so a couple decides to sit down. They talked for about half an hour. They rambled on about campfire stories, menus of restaurants, good food and even dinosaurs came into the mix.

Once they left, a few other people sat down and the man spent that day speaking with random people in order to develop his own skills within the art of conversation.

Soon enough they discovered that most people are in desperate need of genuine interaction. So in short people just need some authenticity – no strings attached peer to peer support.

Even from long ago in Rome to Paris in the 19th century – conversation has always been seen as an art-form. Now mainstream society has taken to online and now we are communicating through a computer screen. Nevertheless, a computer will never replace a face-to-face interaction and no matter how much you learn online, the skills you learn from actually conversing with people will never be learned any other way.

It’s important that we have human interaction and that we do so face-to-face. Watching a person’s body language and facial expressions is necessary for bonding. We must communicate visually – only then can we ever really judge whether we want to trust someone.

Maybe you’re the more timid and introverted type. Never fear… look ahead because even you can master the art of conversation.

Starting a conversation

For me it can be tough talking to someone I don’t know. One way to become more comfortable with someone we don’t know is through small talk. Small talk is like the beginning course for a meal. When doing this be sure not to bring up anything deep or something that requires the target to strain themselves mentally. A simple story about something funny that happened to you earlier will do just fine. Once the target is more at ease – smiling and relaxed – then you can move on to more intimate topics.

If you happen to receive the pleasure of being invited to a party, I suggest going where the refreshments and appetizers are. There you can practice socializing amongst your peers. Besides, food is a great topic to start out with for initiating a good conversation.

Don’t be afraid to bring up things you like and allow others to do the same. Instead of answering with short answers, explain and finish with a question. An example could be like when someone says, “How’s it going?” Just follow up with something like, “Just got done with legs at the gym. How about you?” This way you can both share each other’s interests and increase trust.

Don’t be reluctant to give a compliment, but always follow up with a question. An example would look like, “Nice shirt – is that Armani?”

Remember a little thing called an open-ended question. This will keep the conversation from dying out and get the target speaking more than you. I’ve listed a few good questions to ask below:

“So do you have anything exciting going on outside of work?” This will most likely lead to something interesting and worthwhile to talk about.

You can even bring up someone you mutually might know: “So how did you meet (name)?”

Also a good thing to do if you can’t answer a question is to ask the target whatever they have asked you. Like if someone asks you something deep like, “Where are you going to be in 5 years?” You can jokingly remark, “I don’t know… where are you going to be in 5 years?” or “Where do you think I’ll be in 5 years? I have no idea.” This is a good way to bring some playful teasing into the conversation and lighten the mood from serious to not-so serious.

Conversation landmines

I’m sure we’ve all been talking to a girl and have suddenly seen it cave in from lack of interesting content. There is a number of things that could have caused this and I’ve listed a few below…

Staring at your phone: Looking at our phones can be construed as not having respect for someone. If you are going to do so, then be sure to alert the person you are talking with beforehand.

Questions related to personal issues: Stay away from sensitive topics or things that you would find uncomfortable. For example, I wouldn’t ask questions pertaining to politics, religion, sports or how old they are – if they look like they are at a mature age.

Stay away from negativity: Negative remarks like, “Some people’s kids.” or “What a weird outfit.” will make you look like a dick and make people uncomfortable. Also you only get one first impression, so make it a good one.

Relatable topics: Excessive nonsense about your old baseball coach or your favorite soccer player can quickly become dull. I suggest asking questions about your target and find out if you can relate to their interests. Bounce around from your own personal interests and mention a series of things you like. Now look at the target’s eyes to see if they are becoming engaged or if they are waining in interest. If they are having trouble listening, move on to something else or ask a question like, “So do you have anything exciting that has happened to you lately.”

Refrain from talking too much: Let’s say you’re at a dinner and noticing that the majority of the group is nearly done eating, while you still have much further to go – maybe you should dial it back a notch. Maybe you have a hot girl in front of you and a minute into the conversation she excuses herself. Meanwhile you are thinking back and noticing that the only thing you probably remember about her is the initial approach. At this point you should already know you are talking too much. Instead, allow her the opportunity to speak and actually take interest in finding out more about her.

How to converse with those you see regularly

When you’ve gotten to know someone pretty well, then most of the time we stop talking about interesting topics. We go to the default topics relating to work or things that you may have talked about many times before. Below are a few ways to keep the fire burning and to never let it burn out…

Listen: People that see each other a lot tend to stop listening to each other. So we end up just spitting out whatever is on our own minds. The key is to turn off your own thoughts for a moment and tune in to the other person. Just take the time to listen and you never know… your coworker, spouse, girlfriend or friend might actually have something new and intriguing to say.

Give a little: If someone asks if you had a good day and you tell them, “Good.” Then you are giving up a major advantage to build on. Instead explain at least a sentence worth, this will make conversing with you much less dull and make people enjoy talking with us much more.

Get the details: Never tell someone “you know how they feel” or “that you can relate”, because you can’t – you aren’t them. Ask for more information about the problem or subject. Keep the target talking, it will help you get to know them quicker and the more they talk, then the more comfortable they will begin to feel around you. In exchange you’ll bond better and she’ll start to feel as though she did when she first met you.

Keep things moving: Believe it or not, getting people to go to different places with you can have a huge impact on bonding. This is also why I usually like to take my dates to more than just one place when we go out. I might start out in Times Square, head over to a nice little bar that plays Frank Sinatra, then move over to a nice rooftop. For some reason bouncing around from place to place keeps the mood exciting and it’s also a lot of fun showing off all the cool places I know of.

Body language to pay attention to

The best thing about face-to-face interactions is that we can see how the person behaves and not just hear what they are saying. This is often why online dating can be a waste of time for most people.

First we need to identify signs that someone is comfortable. Below I’ve listed a few things that mean you are communicating effectively and building comfort:

-Leaning in.

-Touching – most of the time it’s touching of the arm.

-Also another sign that someone is comfortable talking with you, believe it or not, can be when people look away. A woman will break eye contact which in return will allow her to interact more care-free.

Now I’m going to list a few signs that a target is uncomfortable:

*When you see the signs below, then it’s probably a good idea to get off the topic that’s being discussed…

– A person blinking abnormally often is a sign that they are nervous.

– Tight lips or biting of lips is a sign that the person is anxious or stressed out.

– Also another pretty obvious sign that someone is uncomfortable is when they raise their shoulders close to their ears. This is somewhat of a turtle neck kind of look and usually means the person either doesn’t feel very confident or feels embarrassed.

– Another indication of discomfort is when someone is moving their feet or bouncing their knees when sitting down. However, depending on the circumstances it can also mean the person has become excited. Think about when a nerdy guy in grade school was sitting next to a girl he liked; he most likely did something similar to this. I guess you can consider it an instinctual response for celebration – much like how some of us dance when we celebrate our days off on the weekends.

To add to what was mentioned above, if the person’s feet are pointed away from you, then they aren’t completely comfortable with the conversation. Furthermore, if their feet are pointed toward you, then they are interested in what you have to say and most likely intrigued.

People also cross their legs when they are comfortable. Usually when two people are both sitting with their legs crossed, while talking, then they are most likely very comfortable with each other – this is also known as mirroring.

Becoming a better listener

funny pua picture for article

It is very uncommon that we actually focus on who we are interacting with. We’re usually thinking about what’s in front of us or what business matters we must attend to. The reality is that most of the time we are more in tune to ourselves than the actual people we are talking with.

Below I’ve listed a few points that will allow us to become better listeners:

Have intent: When conversing we need to learn to be in the moment and open to what the other person has to say. A couple of things that help are breathing deeply before talking to whomever we wish to talk to and also silencing our phones completely; so we won’t be distracted obviously.

Pay attention: Ask questions if you are not understanding exactly what is being said. Be completely honest with how you feel. Actually participate and allow yourself to become engaged in what is going on.

Be fair: Don’t talk down to people or speak as though you are on a pedestal. Don’t give unsolicited advice or advice that wasn’t asked for. The idea is to listen and not assume an authoritative role. Treat everyone engaged as though they are on the same level as you, because they are.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself: Don’t think about the correct way to answer, be genuine and behave congruently with the way you feel. Being congruent is necessary for allowing the other person to understand you better as well.

Know how to excuse yourself

So this is a pretty useful skill and can make an impact on forming solid relationships with anyone you come in contact with. So below I’ve mentioned some helpful point to pay attention to…

Have a goal: If you have a goal in mind it can make the conversation flow much better. Once you’ve accomplished this goal, then you can get it and then move on to whatever you wish to do next. This is good for building business relationships, getting a woman’s number and making connections. Let’s say your goal is to get the contact information of an attractive girl you always see on your way to work everyday. Since you know the purpose, then all you need to think about is approaching, making a connection, maybe suggesting a coffee and popping the question for her contact info. Once you’ve reached your goal, then you can make your exit.

Take advantage of being in groups: Now let’s assume you are with a couple of friends and you want to go talk to a pretty woman that you see by the bar. You can strike up a conversation with someone close by and introduce your friends. Once you see that they are getting along well and now occupied, then you can walk on over to that girl at the bar. I do this a lot, because I know that more than 2 people going up to a pretty girl can be somewhat overwhelming. Plus, like I said earlier… you only get one first impression.

Be truthful: No need to apologize for leaving or to even discuss why you are leaving. All you need to do is highlight the things you enjoyed talking about and then be on your way.

Leave firmly: It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been talking just be sure to keep your eyes locked, grab their hand and give them a firm shake (If dealing with people you don’t wish to get romantically involved with.); maybe even clasp your other hand over the arm you’re shaking. You can even tell them you enjoyed talking with them or that you always learn a lot whenever you’re around them. This kind of behavior will solidify the connection and permit satisfaction to the very end of the interaction.

As for those you wish to be romantically involved with…

Never leave without some kind of kiss, whether it’s on the cheek or the lips. If she isn’t comfortable with the lips quite yet, then move on to the cheek. It’s important that you at least go for a kiss, because it will show you aren’t afraid to go for what you want.

To finish off, here is another good book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Game” by Neil Strauss A.K.A PUA Style.

Just click the icon below to begin reading now.

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PUA Tips: How to tell stories

pua article

A-design-1 PUA picture lot of us tell stories to our friends and people we work with. Sometimes we do this for their support, to give advice and sometimes just to motivate each other. This is a valuable skill, but what makes a great storyteller and what makes a great story?

We live in the age of information and no one will know about anyone that can’t tell a good story. Facts never stick in anyone’s mind unless a story is behind it. Creating a great story with some emotion behind it will be all you need to form a memory in your target audience’s minds. Those who can master the art of story-telling have a significant advantage over those that are oblivious to this skill and anyone can master this with a little bit of hard-work and dedication.

Below are a few ways to start developing this unique skill…

Think about the message:

Whenever you practice telling a story you must consider the audience and what message you are trying to send. Whatever path your story goes down should correlate with that message. If you are trying to convince a girl to go home with you, then you can tell a story about how you’ve been playing guitar for years, share that journey and then just finish off by telling her you learned a really great song – possibly something she’s heard or has mentioned before. When you’ve brought her home, you can just play her another song and tell her you thought she was talking about that song.

Share Real-Life Stories

Some of the best stories come from our own experiences. Think about what you’ve already gone through in life – I’m sure you can pick something interesting to talk about if you really think about it. Maybe you can even teach a lesson that someone has taught you through their own stories. Don’t be afraid to share a little piece of yourself, people will appreciate you for it.

Be Humble

Remember not to make yourself the coolest guy in your stories either. Don’t talk about how awesome your life is, because you are only impressing yourself. You are the one telling the story – so tell a story that you would like to hear yourself. A story includes great experiences, things you’ve learned from other people and if you are going to brag, then brag about cool people you’ve met. Don’t be afraid to bring people in the audience also – you can do this by mentioning someone in the audience that reminds you of “a great guy you went to school with”. Including the audience in a positive light can and will create a deeper bond – which will make it easier for you to influence the group.

Focus On A Challenge

When telling a good story, the easiest way to create intrigue is by introducing a challenge of some kind. Whether you are talking about a fight or just explaining what happened earlier before you met whoever you are telling the story to. It’s also a good idea to bring up a challenge when trying to motivate others – believe it or not, we like to hear that something isn’t going to be easy. This makes sense because naturally whenever something becomes easy for us, then we tend to lose interest.

Simpify The Details

You don’t have to say anything emotionally either. All you need is something to the point and that gets your message across. Remember that sometimes saying less will make the listener want to know more. Don’t get caught up in dates, times and ridiculous details as well, just focus on the interesting parts of what you are trying to say. What’s important is the delivery and how you say it and what exactly is being said. Some examples are confident tonality, focusing on why something was funny to you – think why it made you laugh. Also describing someone’s struggle to fame; like a rock-star or artist that you are inspired by. Topics like these are perfect for building familiarity or comfort.

More Practice, More Expertise

funny storytelling pua article

Knowing how to tell a great story is an incredible skill and a true art that needs honing through careful observation. The only way to perfect it is through application – so take advantage of every person that gives you an opportunity to practice. Learn to tell a story that is fascinating and will stay in a listeners mind long after telling it. Spend time thinking about what parts of a story will be the most compelling; doing so will be immensely rewarding. People will want to listen to you more and more, until you will start to become overwhelmed with all the attention.

What To Focus On The Most


Think about who you’re talking to — pick something that the people you are talking to can identify with the best.
Think about the main points.
Think about what inspires you most in the story.


Never doubt yourself — remember we all have something interesting that has happened to us at some point.
Don’t make yourself the hero.
Don’t give every exact detail – time, place, date, etc. Just state what was interesting.

So I think I covered everything I wanted to discuss today. Keep these things in mind when you are out next and keep pushing your comfort zone – no excuses.

To finish off, here is another good book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Game” by Neil Strauss A.K.A PUA Style.

Just click the icon below to begin reading now.

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PUA Tips: Improve your social life

PUA Picture Social life

H-design-1 PUA pictureave you ever wondered why it is that you are more likely to go to a restaurant that has respectful staff that make you feel welcome, as opposed to other places where staff may treat you like you are just another customer?

Did you ever notice how many people will most likely choose the group’s decision over their own?

Everything mentioned above is part of a web of inconsistencies that will probably never be thoroughly explained; but are still widely noticeable again and again.

I’ve included some tidbits that will educate you a little bit on human psychology and give you some ideas for how to behave in more socially acceptable ways. Each of these that I share will give you an edge on building a solid social life.

1. Give back what is given to you
There was some research done in the early 2000’s that showed that servers in the hospitality industry could increase the amount of money they made by being more polite. They also saw that on average a server could increase their earnings by 3-5% just by leaving the customer with a peppermint candy. It went up 15-20% when the server just briefly stopped and took the time to tell the customer that the candy was just for them.

There was also an experiment done where a man sent 600 Christmas cards to 600 different strangers. He ended up getting 200 Christmas cards in return.

Experiments like these give us wonderful insights about how to work with people. Below are a couple of those insights…

Most people feel entitled to get something from the start.

Everyone wants to feel important.

Being nice and polite always sets a better impression than any other form of behavior. When we are treated fairly and with respect we will favor a person more. When we are agressive, negative, rude or forceful, then people are less likely to vote on our behalf.

However, it’s important to be able to spot the ‘happy-medium’ that does not send the message that you are needy. There is a difference between having manners or class and being needy. If a person is too nice, then people in your social circle will simply see you as a push-over; we want to refrain from this, because it will lower your level of influence. So to keep from doing so, remember not to over extend a helping hand, simply give a person the respect you’d expect in exchange and without allowing anyone in the group to take advantage.

2. Consistant Banter
People respond better to something that has been discussed prior.

There was a study done where a non-profit was seeking volunteers for an event. The first experiment involved calling up around 100 people to gather volunteers on a whim. Only 4 agreed and followed through.

Another experiment took place where the non-profit contacted 100 people and asked them if they did happen to have an event in the future, then how many might come. 31 agreed that they might come “in the future”.

One of the best ways to connect with women more profoundly is by suggesting ideas that will include them in the future. You can do this by implementing expectations that may take place later.

Let’s say you meet a girl that is cool enough to socialize with you. If you want to see her later then ask her a question like: “Do you have any plans later?” or “Do you want to know where the best pizza is in the area?” Let’s assume she agrees, if she does then she will most likely be interested in going there after or another time with you – given you don’t screw up the vibe by overcompensating or try to act too cool, etc.

Another good way to get even further with her is by building sexual tension early on with her. You can do this by getting close to her face when talking; like an inch away. You can also make strong eye contact with her when talking or just flat-out tell her that you think she is sexy. Don’t dwell on the statement though, just go about the interaction like nothing happened. The fact that you aren’t acting hungry after mentioning this will get her thinking more about you; as a result you raise your value.

Let’s say you want her to respond more to your messages via text… what should you do?

You can raise your chances of getting a response by mentioning something you’ve talked about before; when you initially met. For example if you were laughing or talking about a funny movie. I would mention something like, “Hey (Insert name here), I am free Wednesday, it’s nice to meet someone that has good taste in film. Let me know if you’d like to do something.”

3. FITD Technique (Foot-in-the-door)
Foot in the door technique PUA Picture

One of the first things you’ll learn in sales is that when you ask someone to do a small favor, they are much more likely to do a bigger favor in the not-too-distant future.

In the 60’s a man named Scott Fraser studied the foot in the door technique. What happened is Scott’s team phoned a list of people that regularly do house maintenance and asked what supplies they prefer. Next, They call a few days following and asking to send a group of workers to come look at their projects. Those that responded were 150% more likely to agree with the proposal.

Lesson learned…

So in short, if you want someone to participate in something you are doing, you should start out with minor favors or questions they can relate to and build up. You’ll be surprised what all this little concept can apply to. I listed some examples below…

A – Building a network

Let’s say you have some contacts that know important people that can help you benefit in one way or another. One way is to ask them to introduce you when you find out who they know. Be subtle: Ask them to introduce you to many other’s the same way, but to others without any significance. This will make it appear as though you ask this question as though it’s your own way of being friendly and without any ulterior motives.

You can use the foot-in-the-door strategy to get that person comfortable doing favors for you as well. Nevertheless, be careful not to come across like you don’t give back in return; people are less inclined to continue helping you if you take more than you give. Remember to give as much as you take and always keep your conversation and behavior as positive as you can.

B – Female Interaction

You can even use the Foot-in-the-door technique with women. Just start small and build up – get her comfortable with your touch (Hand-holding, hugging, being close, etc.), then move in for the kiss when she’s alright with that. Regardless of if you are talking about your deepest, darkest secrets or getting initmate – you need to start little-by-little and build up.

4. Frame-control
The only real reality is the reality that we ourselves perceive.

There was research done on two different parties of people at one point. These 2 parties chose 2 different treatments for people that were infected with a disease that could potentially kill its victims.

For the first group the participants had to pick one of two treatments for the diseased victims. The first treatment was supposed to save 200 people. The second treatment had a 33% chance of saving 600 people, but a 67% chance of not saving anyone at all. Obviously the majority of the participants picked the first treatment.

For the second group there were two more treatment options. The first treatment guaranteed 400 people would die. The second treatment had a 33% chance that no one would die but a 67% chance that 600 would die. Naturally the group chose the second treatment.

It doesn’t matter who you interact with, if you know how to frame something in an attractive manner, then you can make a poison seem like an antidote.

So to make a long story short, be sure to downplay your negatives in conversation as much as you can. Remember to highlight the positives and focus mainly on those distinct positives. In otherwords, be clear on your delivery when bringing up the positives to your argument and try to avoid focusing on the negatives; if you can don’t even bring them up.

5. Averting losses
On average, people tend to focus more on the negatives opposed to the positives. In Chicago there was a study done to measure teacher performance. The study was controlled by giving the teachers bonuses at different times. The first group was only given a bonus following the test scores of their students. The second group received the bonus before the testing, but could lose it if the student’s scores were unsatisfactory. As a result the teachers that received their bonuses prior had the students with the highest test scores.

This study showed that one’s fear of loss has a stronger impact on them than the potential for gain. This can be applied to many areas of life; like relationships. Once someone has your respect, then they are more inclined to work on keeping it; as opposed to investing in someone else who couldn’t care less about them from the beginning.
An example of how someone can use this would look like…
“You’re going to miss a great experience if you don’t join where we are going next. You should go with us, it’s going to be a lot of fun.”

6. Influence and conforming:
Believe it or not, a lot of us mold our behavior to be more like others. A researcher named Solomon Asch did a study that showed that the majority of us change our behavior in a group setting to fit in and be more like others around us. What he did was have actors participate in answering questions for a test. he did so by showing cards to the participants and having them make visual judgements in a group setting along with students. The outcome was that the majority of the students agreed with the judgements the actors made based on the sheer quantity of actors with the same judgements – despite them being incorrect.

Our natural instincts want us to do what it takes to survive, which is fitting in with the pack, and over thousands of years those instincts have allowed our species to become dominant. Being capable of distinguishing the advantages of this finding can benefit very much in the art of persuasion. What I’ve come to realize is that we can take advantage of this with our own circle of friends; choose people that you know well and have a lot in common with. You can persuade others by bringing these supportive friends around and displaying that support in front of others.

When you have people that respect you and who support you around when you are in a group setting, then it can raise your value in the eyes of other people. Next time you are out with friends, I suggest talking about this and how you all can benefit. Talk and think of things you all can say when interacting with other people that will make you all look good in front of other people.

7. Conformity effect
A lot of us tend to respond based on, not just what seems logical, but also how we will appear to others. There are 3 options that most people tend to focus on that will help them decide whether or not someone is credible. I’ve listed them below…

– A person seems to be gifted or seems to have more value based on a set of skills or some trait that makes them admirable.
– A person is in need of a skill that we ourselves might possess.
– We’ll also agree with someone or go along with their answer if the answer is complex and we don’t feel the need to spend energy answering it.

Asking a leading questions can also be a good way to encourage a desired answer. An example of a leading question could be something like…

“Do you have a problem with our boss?”

Most people will not be willing to admit this, in fear of losing their job – especially if the question is being asked by a co-worker obviously.

Never be reluctant to challenge opinions. This is a great way to converse with more meaning and also raise your value in the eyes of others that are watching.

Most people aren’t bold enough to challenge others for the fear of keeping them from liking them. Thinking in this politically correct manner will hold you back from raising the respect you could be getting from others in your social circle. A minor challenge of opinions will show to others that you have leadership qualities and make you more interesting compared to those that choose to be controlled by fear of not being accepted – hence conformity.

8. The Exposure Principle
When something is constantly being thrown in your face, you begin to tolerate it. It’s like your mind adapts and decides to accept the forces it cannot change, in stead of continuing to combat them.

A researcher named Robert Zajonc conducted an experiment where he introduced Chinese writing to those that participated. Each person saw the character one to twenty five times, following this he asked them to tell him what they thought the writing meant. The higher number of times each person saw the writing, the more they began to address the more favorable qualities.

Over the the years I’ve known couples that had gotten off on the wrong foot in the past, yet as they were forced to see one another from day-to-day, they quickly became more and more fond of each other. Most people, including women, will form stronger bonds to people the more they get to know them; even if they didn’t like each other in the beginning.

I remember a lot of relationships I saw with kids in school that started out horrible, but then over-time the same people remarkably would begin to date and become infatuated with each other – that right there is the essence of the exposure principle.

So never beat yourself up over not making the perfect first impression, you can always change things over time. Just show people who you are and eventually they will begin to accept your own unique qualities. As you portray who you are, without pretending to be someone else, then others will begin to appreciate you just for that.

9. Peer Support
One thing that I find interesting is how when you have support from your friends in a public setting, most of us feel much more relaxed than when we are alone. In that case, you can be in a much more hectic atmosphere and exude a greater amount of confidence – which will make you look much better to those observing.

There was a study done with pregnant women that showed that 91 percent of women that came from an socially unsupported background would have complications with their pregnancy. On the other side of the spectrum, only 33 percent of women that had a lot of support ended up suffering from complications. Not only will support from your friends allow one to have a stronger amount of influence on others, but it will also allow one to feel a higher degree of confidence – which will lead to more success not just with people, but when facing new challenges as well.

I think this effect is similar to how mobsters gain power and influence. The more members and stronger the members, then the more intimidating and powerful the people in the group appear. Of course the added bonus of confidence resonates in those that are in the spotlight as well.

A good tip for building better bonds with people in your social circle, is showing support to people you want to like you more. This will also build more trust and you’ll gain more respect from these people in the future. When done right you’ll have a strong support group that will allow you to influence those around you – which means you’ll get women easier and also make new connections or friends along the way.

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To conclude…

This information is amazing to have if you want to meet more beautiful women or expand your social circle. Human behavior is not as complex after experimenting with it enough. We all have similar needs and desires.

With factual evidence one can see the world for how it really is. Getting familiar with how to behave in an attractive manner can be extremely advantageous when it comes to building an exceptional social life.

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