PUA News: World Powers, Media and Propaganda

World Powers, Media and Propaganda:

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ome of you may not know this but President Ronald Reagan set up a department in the United States Government that specialized in developing more effective strategies for influencing the masses; hence propaganda.

Supposedly it was shut-down after his term because it violated our rights and was deemed illegal. However, I do not believe that to be true.

Ronald Reagan PUA picture

Ronald Reagan is not the only one that has realized the power of propaganda either. If you look closely to a lot of major influences in the world, whether they be large corporations, The United Nations and (of course) ‘Feminism’, then you’ll notice many of these organizations are all about ‘propaganda’. All they care about is perpetuating their beliefs, despite whether or not they are truly ethical.

So today I felt that I needed to express my own concern for what is happening in the world…

When my homeland America was first established many of the nation’s leaders were more worried about keeping the balance of power equal with a system of government known as Democracy. However, another movement came into play called capitalism; which theoretically enabled the able-bodied individual, of whom is willing to dish out a respectful amount of hard-work, to become capable of financial success with whatever path he chooses to embark on.

Our founding fathers had no idea that our country was going to grow into one of the largest market-places in the world. Yet it still did… and in the process many generations of hard-working men built this great country into what it is today.

Unfortunately, the hard-working ancestors of the rich and powerful today could not pass on their ideals, nor their righteous philosophies that allowed them to overcome the British and achieve independence, as well as success.

So what does that mean?

This means that a lot of snot-nosed, selfish, spoiled brats are running this country now; which means they are developing the same kinds of mindsets and beliefs that ‘The Royal Family’ in England had; of whom early Americans fled from to begin with. In short, history is just repeating itself, but on another continent.

So I bring this up today because I want to warn those of you that have the sufficient intellect to realize the B.S. that is going on in this world. I don’t think we have to worry about any major problems in our life-time, but it’s important to teach your children to be aware of the corruption in this world; instead of thinking you can shield them from it.

Right now it sickens me how the U.S. expects Americans to believe that the assaults in Iran are not for oil. It also sickens me that the people running our country are so motivated by money that we can’t use the technology that we “already have” to convert everything to another more efficient energy source.

That right there is a dead give-away that the people running this world don’t give a damn about anything but lining their pockets with money. Well, to any politicians that may subsequently stumble across this article, think about this…

That money that you are stealing from us (The Tax-payers) is not going to be there when you are gone from this world; when you’re at the end of your life-span… we still haven’t discovered ‘the fountain of youth’ either. So it’s pointless hoarding all those resources if you really sit down to think about it. It’s not only useless, but it’s pathetic.

Honestly, if I was in power I would make it so that when we all get old and die, everything we owned was equally distributed among the masses or put into something like healthcare or scientific research. Scientific research that will help make life easier for all of us; not just those that can afford it.

Instead, all I see is world leaders using that money to oppress those that have something they want or don’t agree with them. In the midst of it all they are trying to distract us with all this crap and nonsense on T.V. or Social Media.

At the same time, we are even being conditioned to hate certain groups, whether they be racial or religious. The intelligentsia do not care about the ‘common folk’; they want to keep us quiet and keep the wool over our eyes.

So I’ll make a proposal to those that also see through the “crapola”; don’t give in to the garbage that the media forces into our faces; don’t pay attention to the crapola that they want us to hear. Find out first hand from those that have been to Lebanon and those that have seen innocent people get killed in Palestine.

Quit being ignorant and thinking that spending the majority of your life getting rich and cutting out people, that care about you, is going to make you any more happy than when you were living life as a normal person.

Keep your integrity and don’t do anything that will jeopardize it; even if it’s money or personal gain. Don’t let the politicians and media succeed at their constant demonization of innocent minorities that already have nothing where they live.

If we continue to turn a blind eye then it’s only a matter of time before Karma catches up to us. So we need no longer feed into the negative cloud that is upon us.

Instead, of hating we need to open our eyes and understand the situation. We are not here to be a herd of ignorant sheep feeding a never-ending path towards global self-destruction.

The media is nothing but a window into the superficial world that the intelligentsia live in; it’s not the real world. When you can filter out all the dog-shit and only see what matters, then you’ll be capable of spotting the lies and seeing the truth. You’ll see the selfish motives of the intelligentsia and no longer fall victim to it.

It’s only a matter of time… that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Now I’m going to leave you all with an interesting book that will help, those interested, to expand their thoughts; in regard to who is really controlling the modern world. Allow me to introduce…

Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (American Empire Project)” by Noam Chomsky.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Hegemony or Survival: America’s Quest for Global Dominance (American Empire Project)” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Nutrition, Exercise and Inner-Game

Nutrition, Exercise and Inner-Game:

donjon pua picture

PUA Pictureknow a good amount of those reading this probably don’t want to hear this; but what you put into your body, as well as what you do for your body, has a big impact on your mood; it also has a big impact on your spirit in my personal opinion. The better care one takes of himself will undoubtedly have a positive effect on how he feels about himself as well.

After experimenting with different diets and forms of exercise, I’ve discovered what kind of physical activity and food allows me to stay in the most productive state of mind. Believe it or not finding what works for you, in regard to nutrition and exercise, can make you feel like a whole new person; a better and more improved machine that is running smoother and exerting more ‘Horse-power’.

Horse power pua picture

The only time I really even eat unhealthy is when my girl and I grab a bite after a movie. I know it’s a very difficult thing to commit to in the beginning, but the sacrifice is well worth the benefits. Yes, you can get girls without being in the best shape, but you are not just doing it for the girls; it’s a more intelligent decision and more intelligent way to live life.

You will safe-guard yourself from diseases associated with poor health; your quality of life will improve because you look and feel better; Independent, driven, high quality women will take more interest in you, because they’ll see your ambition, plus you’ll live a longer life. If you really sit down to think about it, you are a “Moron” for not taking care of yourself.

Now the benefits from better nutrition are also a higher amount of energy, which means you can get out more; hence meeting more women. Your body will be tighter, as well as the face, which leads to a lower flake rate; even for average-looking guys. Some of these women will even start to seduce you.

I have met a lot of PUA’s over the years, some of whom are already successful and just game for the love of it. Even the mediocre looking guys can sport a fitted shirt, that exposes some muscle; which on many occasions has attracted a quality of women that has surprised, even me. Moral of the story, even average men that take care of themselves, can attract beautiful women.

It isn’t just about the fact that a guy is built or has 15″ arms either. Eating well and exercise will change you spiritually; you’ll give off a more welcoming ‘aura’. An aura that is inviting and makes people feel good around you. Your cortisol levels will be balanced, you’ll feel more calm and collected.

To summarize…

If you have unhealthy eating habits or aren’t actively doing some type of exercise routine in your life, for whatever reasons, then this article is directed at you…

I’m not lying when I tell you that the grass is greener on ‘this side of the fence’.

Lastly, here is a good read to get those ‘that want to change their lives’ started on their journey. This resource is called…

The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised” by Arnold Shwartzennager.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding: The Bible of Bodybuilding, Fully Updated and Revised” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: Charlie Hebdo and the future of PUA

Charlie Hebdo and the future of PUA:

charlie hebdo PUA picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I recently read about ‘The Paris Shooting’ and Charlie Hebdo. I am sure many have seen this news already. It is getting a bit scary how so many out there are eager to take away our freedom of speech.

It seems like you never know who you might piss off these days. Before it was pick up artist Julien Blanc. Of whom was pissing off ‘the feminists’ and now it’s a french magazine; Charlie Hebdo.

A cop from the ‘Paris Shooting’ being gunned down below…

Charlie Hebdo PUA picture

Meanwhile one thing still sticks out in my mind… “Alliances”. Without alliances you are putting yourself against the world. Plus in this day in age people need each other in order to get to the next level and the only way you can do that is by becoming better with people.

It’s useful to take the initiative and try to perfect the art of tact. Even if you don’t like someone it doesn’t mean that they can’t help you in some way. Who knows… they might introduce you to someone willing to drop a million bucks into your business or business idea. The best way to get a hold on luck is to watch what you say.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.
-Proverbs 15:1

So it’s kind of sad how this cop had to get blasted to death mercilessly. Still so many people are trying to stand up to this Al Quaida/ ISIS terrorist menace. Who would’ve ever known that it would’ve been possible to pull this off in Paris, of all places.

So getting to the point I want to make… when gaming I think it’s important to think about how others will view you. I think far too many novice guys just getting into pick-up are giving ‘Pick-up Artistry’ a bad rep; which, seeing how so many are eager to take away our freedoms, may lead to outlawing some practices that we take for granted now.

How would you like to go before a judge and plead guilty to sexual harrassment?

How would you like this to happen just for approaching a girl on the street?

I think it’s getting pretty ridiculous how much the world is changing; while also becoming feminized. Women are beginning to make more than men and obtain higher positions of power. It’s almost as though men will start staying home, not working, cooking, cleaning and taking care of the children in later years. I would have to shoot myself if the world ever comes to that.

I could go on about a few other things, but I’ll save those for another post; only one argument per article…

If you really sit back and pay attention to how the world has changed, like I have, then it’s not difficult to notice how the media has gone from glorifying men to making us appear as though we’re total imbeciles.

I do not think that the demasculinization of men in our society is good for Pick-up in the future either. Now we are free to do cold approach all we want, but I couldn’t imagine life without that privilege. It’s just a matter of time before ‘Hillary’ gets elected, so every one of us can only count our blessings.

Now to finish things off I thought I might share a magazine by Charlie Hebdo. Let me give you the opportunity to grab a souvenir to mark an important event in history. This magazine is called…

Dégage Marine!” by Charlie Hebdo.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Dégage Marine!” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Lessons learned from Genghis Khan

Lessons learned from Genghis Khan:

genghis-khan pua picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I’ve recently been reading a lot about the life of Genghis Khan. This man only stood about 5’8 (173 cm’s) tall and still had, not only a great existence, but an extremely rough child-hood. Many of you might not know this, Khan’s father was a chief of a small tribe, but was poisoned while Khan was a young teenager.

He even had to kill his own brother, following the event of his father’s death, just to take control of the tribe. This was even after his father already made it clear that he was destined to be leader. Not only that, his family eventually became ostracized by the clan.

According to what I’ve read, something clicked in Khan’s head that caused him to become determined to take back control of ‘his tribe’. With an iron-clad will he raised an army of 20,000 men and dominated the enemy into submission; thus taking back the tribe.

But that’s not all he did… he went along to build an even larger army and eventually conquered most of the known world.

Among learning what I just mentioned, I also read the details of which allowed him to become so successful in life. I took note of 3 things that intrigued me and I think can be applied to achieving success in life, even today.

These 3 things are…

#1-Genghis was willing to adopt new, more efficient methods to reach his goals in battle, even if it meant using knowledge from already-conquered enemies:

PUA picture learned from enemies

Of what I learned about Genghis, the man was a ‘Chameleon’. He was able to mold his way of living and conquering into whatever was necessary to at the stay at the top of the totem pole. This is very similar to how I’ve developed and have continued to develop my personal means of getting the women and things I want.

At times I have gamed with people that have inspired me to expand my thinking, by allowing me to see things from a different point of view. Not just that, I am even given motivation when hearing of other’s personal achievements. At other times I can even enjoy a little rivalry.

#2-When Gengis Khan took his men into battle, he made sure his army had a steady supply of food, weapons and medical support:

military strategy pua picture


I considered this metaphor for the physiological part of one’s health. I think we can apply the concept of ‘food’ to what we put in our bodies. If you’re body isn’t getting the right support (Nutrients, exercise, etc.) then we will spiral down into a state of self-destruction.


For weapons, I am referring to the instruments that enable one to accomplish their goals. This can be such things as social skills, education, so on and so forth. The idea of this in ‘pick-up’ would be new techniques, experience with more situations that taught you how to behave to attain the desired goal.


As for Medical Support, I would say this applies to a PUA’s personal mind-set and beliefs. I think having a purpose that one is passionate about would be the best way to get this vessel under control.


PUA picture drive

If there is one thing, I definitely noticed from learning about this man, it is that Khan had a desire to win that was insanely strong; he didn’t care if he died in the process. Even when he had the whole tribe against him, where most people would give up and run off, he chose not to let it discourage him. He took what he thought was rightfully his and there was nothing anyone could say or do about it.

If ‘you’re a man’ and you want something, then you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get it. If you want a super-model, then you need to start on the journey to become the man that a super-model will date.

Now to wrap things up…

So that is where Genghis Khan took my mind earlier and I highly suggest reading about influential people, even if they are controversial. A person can get a lot out of it; it will keep the optimism alive.

Now I’ll leave everyone with the very same book that took me on the journey through the life of our man ‘Genghis’ himself. Allow me to introduce…

Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world” by Jack Weatherford.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Genghis Khan and the making of the modern world” now…

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: The ‘Real Reasons’ you are getting friend-zoned

The ‘Real Reasons’ you are getting friend-zoned:

36-maximum-friendzone-meme pua picture

A-design-1 PUA picture
lot of men just getting into, or trying to improve their dating life, may experience the dreaded ‘Friend-zone’. If you are one of the guys that deals with this a lot, hence is one of your sticking-points, then today is your lucky day… you are about to get the cold, hard truth on why this keeps happening.

Allow me to present to you 3 reasons why you keep getting ‘De-classified’ as a potential mate…

#1-You lack the balls to get physical:

PUA picture touch

Yes, that is exactly what I said… you think that she is going to just think you are so awesome that she randomly asks you to have sex with. Well, just because it worked a couple of times when you were young doesn’t mean it will work now 15 years later.

Sorry but you have to make the first move son!

If you ever expect her to get intimate with you, then she has to be comfortable making-out first. This means starting with a little playful hand-holding and escalating to kissing in a charismatic fashion.

#2-Your Conversational/Storytelling telling skills are shit:

PUA picture story telling

You have to get this part of outer-game developed and the only way one can do so is with practice. Reading about seduction theory or psychology books is great, there are definitely a lot of intriguing concepts out there, but figuring out what fits your own developing personality is only solved by putting in the work.

#3-You’re too negative:

PUA picture negativity

That’s right, I’ve noticed this in particular with a vast majority of the people I coach. They tend to have a very negative out-look on life. As soon as I’m able to convince them to change that out-look, then their lives start changing.

So don’t be that guy hanging around with a cloud over his head. Look for the positives in life and if you have to, watch a funny movie; laughter is the best medicine.

So moving on…

I think number 1 is probably the most vital, but I know that it’s very hard to get comfortable breaking the touch-barrier and especially for guys that haven’t experienced much success in the past. Undoubtedly, if you can get this part of your game figured out then you’ll drastically increase your win-to-lose ratio.

To finish, I have another good book for you all to check out. This is another book covering mainly outer-game strategies and it’s definitely something that will bring a new sense of awareness to your game. This book is called…

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” by Erik Von Markovik A.K.A. PUA Mystery & Chris Odom A.K.A. PUA Lovedrop.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: The 4 P’s

The 4 P’s

PUA Girls-Football

S-design-1 pua picture
o I was thinking about the right behavior that will basically make any woman fall in love with you; at least over time. Behavior can do this because the way women choose a life-long mate… well the way quality women choose a mate is not entirely superficial.

You don’t have to be the best looking guy; hence Jessica Alba’s husband. All you need is to have is a great personality and a great vibe about you. A perfect example is Joe Rogan for instance…

Watch Joe Rogan and Jenna Jameson below…

Joe Rogan never has a problem getting women, you can see Jenna Jameson throwing herself at him above…

He is chilled out, no ego and seems like he just loves to have a genuinely good time wherever he hobbles off to.

So now I am going to cover 4 things that will pretty much get you almost every woman you pursue. I like to call them the 4 P’s.

These 4 P’s are…


PUA picture Playfulness

Be playful and hone your game to a series of jokes that are actually good. Not only that, but you need to figure out what a good sense of humor is and not just what ‘you’ find funny.


PUA Picture positivity

Keep your words clean and positive, even up-lifting, at times. This will show her independence and that you are someone that will not faulter and whom she can lean on when she may need a boost inspiration herself.


PUA picture persistence

This is what separates you from the friend-zone, you need the balls to actually try to get what it is you want. Not getting discouraged when she says no. Even if she does say no, if she is being playful and receptive to having conversation, then that is an indication that she is still attracted to you. However, she may just be seeing someone or emotionally unavailable.


PUA picture patience

Don’t ever be pushy or forceful in any way, because this is not how love/bonding develops. Don’t be whiney or complaining about things she does that you don’t like excessively. If you expect women to want to be around you long term then you need to allow them to get completely comfortable around you. If you bitch and complain all the time, then you are just going to scare them off; at least the quality girls.

In conclusion…

You need to start thinking about all of the formal and you’ll be good to go or at least significantly better than you were. For now on pay attention to this stuff every time you go out. The ‘4 P’s’ can be added to your gaming foundation. Take a mental note and add them to your mental checklist whenever you advance upon a new target.

Next time I will get into “the real reasons” why guys get friend-zoned or pushed into the nice-guy category.

Furthermore, I have a great new book to suggest for those that are wanting to read some quality material that will make a difference. Allow me to introduce to all of you…

Models: Attract women through honesty” by Mark Manson.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Models” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: One-night stands

One-night stands

one-night-stand pua picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I thought I would talk about this since we are on the dawn of a new year. I know a lot of us might be eager to meet someone new to get things off to a good start.

One-night stands are fun but they almost always are with someone you don’t want to have an LTR with. True happiness is about giving things time to grow and blossom into something meaningful. Undoubtedly, we do have the urge to dip in something risky and exciting to spicen things up there and again; hence my choice of bringing up the topic.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a chance that you could meet the love of your life from a one-night stand; there is always a chance for anything. However, most of the time, if they are hot, then they are hot party girls. Other times they are just desperate women, with low self-esteem or women that just aren’t looking for anything serious; just speaking from experience.

But if you are willing to take that chance, because you are about the fast life, then by all means.

To begin, here are 3 questions you need to ask in order to find a potential target that will lead to a one-night stand…

#1-Who are you here with?

PUA picture one-night stands

This I ask so I can see if she is here with her boyfriend or friends that I can win over if needed. Not really a big deal if she is with friends, but there is always the chance of getting cock-blocked; which will lengthen the process.

#2-Do you work tomorrow?

PUA picture no work tomorrow one night stand

I ask this so I can find out if she has any obligations. If she doesn’t and she is behaving receptive then she is a good choice, obviously.

#3-Do you live close?

PUA picture one night stands

This is for the guys that don’t have their own place. Of course there is always the occasional dirty stall, bathroom hook-up. But I would only leave that for the young and adventurous. If that’s not your style then picking the target that doesn’t live far is the next best option.

So on a final note…

When you’ve identified your target then just play it cool and use what you’ve learned in regard to outer-game. You should be asking them these questions in between playful banter and only if she is receptive to your advances or eager to engage you in conversation. When identifying a potential one-night stand, one should seek out the most receptive women above all else.

So to finish things off, I’ll leave you all with a great book for developing the ‘One-night Stand Skill-set’ and this is called…

The Natural” by Richard La Ruina.

Just click one of the icon below to start reading “The Natural” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Pros and Cons of a massive Ego

Pros and Cons of a massive Ego

self-confidence pua picture ego

PUA T-design-1 picture
o start off, I thought I’d describe what the ego is exactly and tell you if you have one…

The ego is a dirty little thing that we all need to get into check, otherwise we’ll drive quality people away and only attract the wrong ones. The ego is centered on greed and thirst for power. A man that loses control of his ego never has true happiness and will be rejected by most.

Even if you are the strongest guy in town, no one wants to know it and it is definitely not going to impress any woman you’ve just met. Neither is telling them how much you can bench or what you are studying/studied.

Most women don’t care about that, all they care about is how you make them feel. They care about whether you are fun or not, whether you are a good person, whether you will stand up for them if someone disrespects them, whether you are genuine… All of these things are what matter most.

Yes a woman can appreciate a guy that has his finances in check, but not if he has a shitty attitude or stresses her out everytime she is with him.

The truth is that whether you can conquer your ego or not. Don’t ever expose it and the better you get at this, the more success you’ll have with attracting people as a whole.

I’m going to list 3 things never to talk about which will steer you clear of looking like a douche A.K.A. egomaniac.

#1-Don’t brag:

pua picture

Yes, this is a good start and I know some of you may have been able to pull some foreign girls bragging about how you were the captain of the lacrosse team, but don’t do it anymore. Instead use DHV’s. Learn the art of the DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value). Learn to tell DHV stories that are humorous and enjoyable to hear.

#2-Don’t get jealous:

PUA picture

One of the biggest signs of not just a big ego, but an insecure person, is getting jealous of other’s attention. Some guys are even in denial. I see this a lot and you’re garbage if you let yourself get jealous easily.

Sometimes guys even go as far as to start knocking their long-time friends while he is with an attractive girl he just met. It’s not cool and if you have a guy like this in your social circle then I suggest cutting him loose. He isn’t mature nor socially developed enough to be around you and your friends.

#3-Be modest:

pua picture modesty

If you don’t know want modest means, then look it up…

Just kidding, modesty is basically the opposite of arrogant. When a guy is arrogant then he views himself as being better than everyone. It makes him feel powerful to have people wait on him and to do him favors, etc.

The opposite would merely be, saying thank you when someone does something for you; whether it be taking your coat at the coat check or even just moving out of the way so you can get by.

Modesty is viewing yourself as equal to the rest of the world and working together for a greater good or better world. It’s being a team player and naturally, anyone can see why this is an attractive trait.

Now to conclude…

The ego is a massive battle for most of us and even the most spiritual and giving person can have one. We can’t always get rid of it completely, because in a lot of ways it’s necessary in order to keep the burning drive required to be successful; this is debatable but I feel this is true.

Nevertheless, whether we have a high appreciation of ourself does not mean we need to share it with the rest of the world; bottom line. Instead, pet your ego by demonstrating discipline, class and charisma.

For any of you that want a better understanding of what I’m talking about I’ll leave you a wonderful personal development piece called…

Take Me To Truth: Undoing the Ego” by Nouk Sanchez, which will get you not only more in touch with your life but with yourself as well.

Just click one of the icon below to start reading now “Take Me To Truth” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: The Con-Artist Strategy

The Con-Artist Strategy:

PUA conartist-picture

PUA Picture
don’t know if any of you have seen “American Hustle”, but in that movie there is a scene where one of the main characters (Irving Rosenfeld or Christian Bale) is walking around breaking windows while walking on the street in broad daylight. I think I remember that he had a business that insured broken windows; something along those lines.

Well, that got me thinking and I realized that a similar strategy can be applied to Pick-up Artistry. I think this applies in terms of supply and demand. What Christian Bale’s character does is create that demand by breaking all of those windows. Your outer-game is looked at as a tool for creating that demand; outer-game is how you behave or look when seducing a target.

One can control his appearance and behavior to create or destroy that demand. If you are inexperienced and have no idea how to make yourself look and behave more attractive en route to between your target’s sheets, then you will undoubtedly shit yourself and destroy that demand.

However on the flip-side, if you game day-in and out, while holding on to what you discover works and tossing out what doesn’t, then you will strengthen or increase your market value in the dating world.

Instead of thinking in matters of go with the flow, or saying whatever is on your mind, one will start to think in matters of DHV’s (Demonstrating Higher Value), BHRR(Bate, Hook, Real, Release.), Take-aways, Frame-Control, etc, etc. All these terms are full techniques and field-tested knowledge used for improving your outer-game.

Over-time, if you choose to learn these concepts and actually get better, each technique will be like whatever object of choice Christian Bale was chucking into those windows to break them.

To summarize…

You are now a Con-artist that has an insurance company that specializes in broken windows. You are in a small-town, where you are the only window insurance company that exists, and this is back before surveillance equipment was commonly used. Therefore, you are free to create all the demand you need and more!

Now to finish, I’ll leave with an opportunity to be inspired by “American Hustle” in the flesh. I’ll also share with you another useful book for developing one’s outer-game called…

The Mystery Method” by Erik Von Markovik (A.K.A PUA Mystery).

Just click one of the icons below to start reading “The Mystery Method” or watching “American Hustle” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 3 Things that will help you understand women better

3 Things that will help you understand women better:

PUA hot women

PUA Picture
was watching the third “Hobbit” movie the other day and a thought occurred to me during of the love scenes. I was analyzing how the love scene made me feel and realized that it had the opposite effect on me as it did on my girl.

To reiterate, women tend to fall into these trances when a man is behaving in a romantic way; whether it be in a movie, in a book or in real life. To better understand how to recreate these scenarios, as well as understand women better; I decided to list 3 exercises that will help you get a better understanding for women. These activities will also give you examples of what women are truly looking for on a date.

The 3 exercises are…

#1-Read romance novels:

PUA Picture reading

Books like 50 shades of grey are great for getting a front row seat to the kinds of sexual fantasies that a lot of women think about. It can actually get pretty demented and twisted, but still many of these girls I date ask me to email them a copy of that book series; which must mean something.

I think romance novels paint a picture and outline exactly how many women want to be seduced. Plus 50 shades of grey is commonly bought by many men as well, so there is no shame in reading it.

#2-Watch movies you hear women talk about all the time:

Movie PUA picture

I would say a good example for this is “Interview with the vampire”. Yes, this is another fun choice. Not only do you get to see Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise act their corniest, but you get to see exactly what kind of corny crap women want you to do.

Yet this is still an educating experience if you want to see first-hand what women are attracted to; as far as behavior and the actual seduction process. I’m not trying to say you need to mimic their Shakespearian way of speech, just focus on their assertiveness and push/pull type of antics.

#3-Watch interviews of iconic male actors:

Funny PUA picture brad pitt

A given… and I’ve suggested it many moons before. So get on Youtube and start watching Chris Hemworth and even his brother Liam. Other good choices are Robert De niro or Dwayne Johnson.

No… don’t watch Justin Bieber.

Now on a final note…

These are all exercises that will snap your mind into a more realistic idea for behavior that will emphasize the small differences of which make and break you in the dating world.
Pay attention, relax and let your mind wander as you observe. I even pick up a few useful one-liners from time to time.

I also included both “Interview with the Vampire” and “50 shades of Grey” below to make things easier.

Just click one of the icons below to start reading “50 Shades of Grey” or watching “Interview with the Vampire” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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