PUA Tips: How I overcame Social Anxiety

social-anxiety pua picture

F-design PUA pictureor a lot of us, social anxiety is a big challenge, whether it is over public speaking, chit chat, eating in front of people or even using public lavatories; it can be a real thorn in the side. However, it is overcome-able and I know this because I have overcome it personally.

I’ve noticed some people, that I have worked with, who will go as far as trying to hide the fact that they have Social Anxiety while actually trying to be social by going to parties or other social gatherings. Yet regretfully, instead of being social they will find a place where they are comfortable to hide, like by the bar or in somebody’s dining room/kitchen area.

Which is ridiculous!

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Social anxiety is considered a form of anxiety following, or prior, to a situation where a person will be forced to interact with other people. In short, if you have this problem you are experiencing a fear of what others will think of you. Whether it be bad or good, the ‘fear’ a person with this may be experiencing is the fear of stress brought upon them by socializing, interacting, etc.

Some of us may also fear the consequences of doing something well also. In a work environment, you may find yourself in hot water if you are to make your boss look bad because you are more skilled than them in a particular area. So to better understand what Social Anxiety is, one can state that it is literally the fear of being in the spotlight; whether you are attracting positive or negative attention.

The truth is that shyness and social anxiety are similar to one another. A shy person being at the less severe level, while a person with Social Anxiety will go to major lengths to avoid people.

Will Social Anxiety limit you in life?


Social Anxiety will deprive you of the drive you need to become better in every aspect of your life. Think about it… if you are going to be lazy when it comes to bettering your people-skills, then you will get lazy in other areas of life as well. So moral of the story… man up and embrace the challenge of getting this handled once and for all.

People with Social Anxiety may choose not to participate in a University that requires them to do socially-risky activity, such as making speeches. This person also avoids women he is attracted to because he fears rejection; does this ring a bell for some of you?

So now I’ll share with you all a few useful tips for overcoming this social dilemma below…

1. Find a reputable resource or Social Anxiety manual

The first step to accomplishing anything, or overcoming anything in life in general, is to make a commitment to start. By getting a book or some kind of helpful resource on this topic, you’ll begin a path in a more productive direction.

2. Follow a ladder of social interaction.

Let’s say you are having some difficulty just going into a set and having a full-blown conversation on a whim. The idea is to start out just saying hello or asking for directions.

Once this has become comfortable enough then you can move on to trying to have a full conversation. Once you’ve felt that you are making a connection and feel confident in your efforts, you can push for more.

After having a few conversations successfully and becoming more aware of the chemistry with your target, you can now start asking for contact information. If things are going really well then don’t be afraid to suggest hanging out at that very moment.

3. Meditate everyday.

I do this periodically and I find it helps to release pent up tension/stress. What I do is lie in my bed, on my back, and put all my focus on the area between my eyes or the unibrow region. After I’m focused, I’ll breathe in from my nose and out through my mouth with my eyes closed.

You’ll begin to feel your body relax, and if you do it long enough you might just fall asleep. I always feel much more relieved and calm after a week of doing this for 25-30 minutes a day.

4. Be realistic and pay attention to the facts.

Pay attention to the facts and get used to embracing your logic for inspiration.

A good example would be if you were to give a speech for school, you may think you will do poorly at first. Nevertheless, if you think about all of your prior, successful class-speeches you’ve given before, then you might not face as much anxiety.

The same idea applies to asking a girl on a date. Yes, you may get turned down, but if you’ve had success in the past, then it’s much easier to approach all available opportunities; rather than letting them pass you by.

So that’s everything I have to share today in regard to Social Anxiety. Keep in mind that if you feel you are being held back due to this issue, then it’s wise to seek help and to do so quickly. This condition is highly treatable and if left untreated, then you will most definitely be kept from reaching your full potential in life.

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On a final note, here is another great book for you all; some useful information right here. This book is called…

Thy Mystery Method” by Erik Von Markovik A.K.A. PUA Mystery.

Just click the icon below to begin reading now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: How to be a good conversationalist

Conversationalist PUA picture

A-design-1 PUA picturere you talented with words? Do you know what makes a person that way?

Having conversation skills is literally one of the most valuable skills one can develop; whether it be for dating, business or just getting people to believe in you in general. One of the keys to being a successful business owner is knowing how to network; if you can do this effectively, then you are almost guaranteed to reach success. For dating, it makes a substantial difference and if applied right will allow you to fill your life with tons of beautiful vixens.

Funny conversationalist pua picture

Since in today’s world knowing how to talk is a given; I thought I would cover this specifically for those with questions about this particular topic.

There is much to learn on this topic, regardless, experience will teach you more than any one person can preach. Experimentation is key and I believe you should see every interaction, with someone new, as an opportunity for experimentation. Try to figure out what gets people to feel as though they can tell you anything, the goal is to find out what makes people, not just open up, but want to be around you. The idea is to get to a point where you are having long, drawn out conversations that seem as though they could go on forever.

The great thing about being an exceptional conversationalist is that everything is pretty straight-forward. Just follow the guidelines below and watch yourself begin to get the hang of it:

These guidelines are…

Being interested in what a person has to say.

Who is this in front of me?

What are they thinking?

What do they like to do in their spare time?

What is their purpose in life?

These are many of the things that come to mind when I first meet someone. It’s always intriguing to me when I find someone unique. I guess I’ve developed a genuine interest in people over the years. I personally think that anyone can develop this interest, especially once you’ve realized how much of an impact you can have on someone’s life and just from words. Honestly, what is the purpose talking to someone, if you aren’t interested in who they are anyway? Which is exactly why you should embrace your opportunities to converse with everyone that fascinates you. For me, basically 100% of the time, that would involve beautiful women.

Stay positively positive.

Keep the discussion on things that are positive and up-beat. This can be something like what you have going on in your life, whether you are about to start doing a new activity or have a vacation planned; make sure to stay away from things like problems you have with people or talking about things you don’t like. For example… instead of talking about how your boss is a self-centered prick, talk about a good movie you just saw. You can talk about things you aren’t fond of, here and there, but keep it brief and move on to something else quickly and don’t dwell on it.

Give the same respect that you expect from others.

This pretty much comes down to the ‘golden rule'; treat others the way you wish to be treated. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you are not a good friend of someone, then don’t ask personal things about them. This means no asking them how much money they make or what their parents do, etc, etc. If someone didn’t go to college or isn’t a Christian, don’t judge them for it. Don’t look down on them or try to tell them that they should be like you. Judging someone is a perfect way to get on a person’s bad side. We are all entitled to live our lives the way we want to, as long as we aren’t hurting anybody.

Refrain from arguing.

When you talk you should be voicing your opinion about something in a light manner and not shooting down those you do not agree with. You are having a friendly conversation and therefore, you must be willing to accept other’s opinions; even if they conflict with your own. The point of a conversation is not meant to always be on the same page as everyone; think of conversation as a form of venting. The reality is if everyone is forced to come to an agreement then no one will enjoy talking with you. People like to be able to voice their opinions freely and be listened to; if they feel as though you aren’t listening, then they themselves won’t want to engage in any further conversation. Learn to just let things go if you can’t come to an agreement on a subject, there is no need to become offended or try to change someone else’s opinion on a matter.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

Your best asset is you… take advantage of who you are and don’t be ashamed of it. Conversation is the most boring when talking with someone who cares too much what people think of them. Prepare yourself to say what you think and reveal who you are. There is no reason you should not take pride in your own thoughts and opinions; after all, they are what shaped who you have become and who you’ll be 5 years from now.

Speak well of those not present and learn to talk in ways that please others.

When talking about someone that is not there, then make sure you don’t trash them. Praise everyone where praise is earned. If someone is talented at something, make sure you take notice of it. A compliment is always welcome, but in moderation.

Educate yourself on why someone may think differently than you and look for commonalities to help form some kind of bond. We are all different in many aspects, nevertheless, we also have many things in common. Think of differences as originality. If opinions contrast, don’t let your personal emotions escalate. Like I said before, the best ways to deter contrasting beliefs is to continue to try to find things in common. Embrace every commonality you find and use it to keep the conversation flowing.

Don’t just ask questions, but ask meaningful questions.

One of the easiest ways to break the ice is obviously questions, but to make them count, you must know what to ask about. Questions will set a foundation for what you are going to end up talking about. If you want to really connect with someone then you need to learn how to ask meaningful questions. A good set of questions might be…

“What are your passions?”

“What was your New Year’s Resolution?”

“Why did you move here?” (If not from the city)

“What were you doing earlier?”

“What are your plans for the day/night?”

At times, people may not be as open to some of the above questions; when that happens, then just stick to formalities or talk about yourself (Without boasting). When you notice the person taking interest in what you’re talking about, then you can start asking the more profound questions; like what is listed above.

So I hope I was able to bring some useful info to everyone reading this. Make sure to keep these things in mind the next time you are around some people that you may be wanting to chat up. Watch the connections unfold and a new chapter of your journey to becoming a great conversationalist will begin to emerge.

Joey how you doin conversationalist pua picture

To finish, here is another great read for everyone; some helpful info here. This book is called…

Take Me To Truth” by Nouk Sanchez

Just click the icon below to begin reading now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Signs you’re with a High Maintenance woman

PUA picture high-maintenance woman

H-design-1 PUA pictureey everyone,

I just wanted to make something clear… I have never come across a girl that was beautiful enough to make me feel she was worth putting up with a plethora of ridiculous bullshit regularly just to be with. It’s possible some guys are into this garbage, but most certainly not anyone with any kind of self respect. Guys, you have to put your efforts into investing in a woman that treats you with respect and dignity, because women that don’t will probably never change that. If that reminds you of your relationship, then I suggest grabbing your gold fish, the Budlight she doesn’t want you sipping on and get the hell out of there.

Pay attention to the ‘Omens’ below…

High maintenance picture

Everything you have is now their’s

You’ve been seeing each other for around half a year (Maybe not even that) and now all of a sudden everything you have is now “ours”. Next thing you know she’s painting your walls a certain color and having your dog groomed to her satisfaction.

Constant bitchy look on her face

This is something that some of us might refer to as the “I hope you aren’t going to do that”, “This will be talked about later”, “I can’t believe you’re eating that” look. Someone that has been with an overbearing, control freak probably knows this look. The reality of the situation is that no woman has the right to tell an adult male how to live his life.

She starts breaking you

If you find yourself having to say stuff regularly just to please her, then you might be already screwed mentally from this ‘unhealthy arrangement’. For example: “Yea, you were right”, “Yes, I know I shouldn’t have done it that way”, “I am very sorry”, etc, etc, etc. So if you are constantly admitting you are wrong, apologizing excessively and for dumb things, then you are clearly in a crappy relationship. No good will come from this.

She wants this, she wants that, she doesn’t know what she wants

Let’s say this woman is constantly online checking out vacation spots that she wants ‘you’ to take her to or maybe she’s messaged you a picture of the ring she wants, when she wants ‘you’ to tie the knot. If that’s going on already, then it’s going to continue and continue for as long as you are with her. It will become a materialistic relationship and the only way to make her want to stay with you, is most likely, with things you buy her or places you take her. Even after the wedding, let’s see how she overcomes children constantly crying and needing to be attended to. I don’t think it will end pretty; at least for you.

Hates competition and will do everything in her power to eliminate it

If you find her commonly lashing out at other women, server’s at restaurants, people in front of her when in line at the mall, then it is most likely not the other people’s fault; she is clearly the person with the problems. Suppose your family doesn’t want to say anything mean about her, but still can’t find anything good to say. When this happens it probably means they are disappointed in your choice. So keep this in mind if you value your happiness.

Problems allowing you to live your life or allowing you to even have a life

She despises the time you’re gone. She won’t let you go out with your friends without making a huge deal over it. You end up having to ditch your friends for her ridiculous need for constant reassurance. And don’t let it get to the point where you have to ask for permission to do anything with friends in general. She is constantly envious of anyone else involved in your life, whether it be family or friends, she always needs to know she is “number 1″.

high maintenance woman picture

So there is just a few things to keep in mind. Any of this that sounds applicable to your current relationships means you should probably consider rethinking whether it’s worth the life it will be draining out of you. After all, it’s only costing you your happiness.

On a final note, here is another great book for everyone; some very useful information in this. This book is called…

The Natural” by Richard La Ruina

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Natural” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Behavior that will make you more attractive

Behavior that will make you more attractive:

PUA picture

A-design-1 PUA picturesk yourself if you think people find you attractive…

A lot of people think attraction is about looks, but it’s not. What it’s about is harnessing attractive traits that make people mesmerized by your presence. Nevertheless, we can be superficially attracted to someone, however most of the time it’s about their level of certainty, personality and degree of passion. The reality is that being attractive is about more than just how someone looks.

To clarify…

Having attractive traits is not just something we want in a mate, we also look for certain traits in people that we obviously choose to be around. For example, we have an idea for who is ideal for friendships. Maybe even a place we like to hang out; like for coffee or fun. We may judge a place by its location or the way it looks. Discovering what people find attractive will open some major doors about understanding what motivates people in general.

So in short, if you want to figure out how to make people like you, or want to be around you and spend time with you, then you must educate yourself diligently.

The Attraction Principles

PUA picture

1) Identify what’s “Boring” about yourself and eliminate it:

Whether we like it or not, most humans have short attention spans –We get bored fast and need some kind of cheap entertainment to keep us stimulated. And even if you are blessed with looks, it is not always going to get you the attention you may crave.

The kinds of things that most of us are attracted to stem from intrigue, engagement dealing with interesting people and things. Interesting enough, we tend to come across as boring when we are simply afraid to say something that we fear will make us look bad; or what we really think.

Whenever you take a guarded stand-point, you will typically fall into a bottomless pit of asking boring interview-like questions; that will quickly turn off the person you are hoping to impress. What we should be doing is sharing what we really feel, instead of worrying about getting judged so much.

2) The most favorable qualities:

What do you like in a girl?

Is it their hips?


Intelligence maybe?

According to some sources mentioned later in this article, it has to do with your willingness to open up and show who you really are. After that, your potential suitors, friends or business partners can decide if who you are is who they want to associate with.

For friends it comes down to that person’s ability to invest in whatever it is that you have to say. In the corporate world it comes down to who is willing to do business and not go against your way of thinking.

So being closed off will not get you anywhere and you must be willing to connect. You must be willing to make yourself vulnerable and reveal your true-self. Be willing to role with the punches and accept that not everyone will like you.

However, as long as you aren’t afraid to open up to people and get to know them with sincerity; then you are sure to find people that are attracted to you. And when people see that you have friends, then they will follow the trend and be more willing to join in on your party as well.

*Fun Exercise*
Next time you are out at some kind of event I want you to make it clear that you are there to meet people. Verbalize it and tell people, “I’m glad to have met you, I am very eager to make some unique connections here.” Or even, “What a great event, I am here to engage with like-minded people for my business. I even brought cards. Do you mind if I share one with you?”

The way people function is by having stuff put in their face. For relationships, you have to make it clear to women that you are interested in them and for everything else; same deal.

Clarify, clarify, clarify!

Being true and open about what you want is the key to attracting more of the people you want in your life. Beating around the bush and being shy is just going to lead to a long, hard road to loneliness.

3) First Impression is vital:

This is the truth and don’t listen to anyone that tells you otherwise. People choose what to think of you by the initial things that you say and do.

When we get rid of all the rapport and focus on the meat of attraction; it typically takes place within the first 30-45 seconds of an interaction. As much as ‘The Seduction Industry’ doesn’t like to admit it, people make their judgments for a mate, most of time, when they first meet you.

According to Helen Fisher, a Rutgers University Anthropologist that has studied many couples and the topic of attraction, we choose our mates relatively quickly. Also, our brains are well-developed for this task as well; meaning we are not wrong about our judgments the majority of the time (i.e. Think gut feelings).

In the world of platonic relationships and employment there was a study done by Nalini Ambady of Tufts University. She tested how accurate our first impressions are with teachers. She tape-recorded a group of 13 teachers while displaying those videos to random people.

She then had these people rate them. After that she compared the results to the teacher’s ending semester evaluations. Shockingly, their judgments were surprisingly accurate about who were more successful and viceversa.

Now for some useful tips on attractive body language…

4) Attractive Body Language:

Inviting body language is much more attractive than any suit, haircut or fancy car out there.

Here are some things to pay attention to the next time you are out…

Do not cross your arms:

Research has shown that we subconsciously close ourselves off ‘physically’ whenever we are feeling threatened or disturbed by someone. You don’t want to make someone that you are trying to attract think that you feel threatened by their presence. This will make them less likely to want to be around you; because no one likes to be around someone that doesn’t like them.

Hands in front of you:

Research shows seeing someone’s hands will make them more comfortable around you. So take your hands out of your pockets and don’t be afraid to show them off.

People actually tend to show they are relaxed through the physicality of their body language. Naturally, a person who is comfortable with someone will never cross their arms or put their hands in their pockets. Those behaviors are nothing more than nervous tendencies. So conquer them and you will see your social, sex and business life begin to thrive.

*Bonus Tip*
If a woman is exposing her neck, their is a high probability that she is attracted to you.

On a final note…

Think back to all the times you’ve crossed your arms or have had your hands in those pockets…

Did the interaction go well?

If it didn’t, then I challenge you to not do this the next time you are out and see what kind of impact it has on people. Also pay attention to everything else I said about making a good first impression and not being afraid to say what’s on your mind.

Remember, you are never going to meet anyone worth your while if you are afraid to put yourself out there. So put yourself on display and don’t be ashamed of what you honestly think about anything.

Lastly, I bring another superb book for you all; some very useful material. This book is called…

Take Me To Truth” by Nouk Sanchez

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Take Me To Truth” now.

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PUA Tips: How to build a Strong Group Dynamic

How to build a strong group dynamic:

PUA picture

H-design-1 PUA picture
ey everyone,

I realized I talk about seduction a lot, but today I thought I’d get into something related to sociology. Today I wanted to talk about building a positive, strong group dynamic. This is important because it will not just help you get more women but make you more likable over-all.

When trying to build a good group of friends for anything in life, it is important to know how to get everyone working together and not against one another. I thought I’d put together some helpful guidelines that could help those of you trying to understand what it takes to build a good team dynamic; whether it is for your business or to just get along better with people as a whole.

Dancing PUA picture

So here are a few ways to do just that…

1. Make sure to give props when they are due:

A group cannot flourish if the main alpha’s, or leaders, in the group have it in their mind that their ideas are the only good ideas. Many times I have been out with a beginner seducers that have done something quite clever and I can’t help but commend them for their unique sense of humor or maybe an insightful perspective.

2. Give your friends their roles in relation to what they are best at:

When you are able to organize a system of individuals that are all equally recognized for their strengths, then there will be much less competition. Members will have a better understanding of what others expect of them and it will encourage them to grow in whatever strength, or ability, that they have chosen to develop in their lives.

3. Build a frame that incorporates the use of the word “We” or “Us” instead I or me:

It’s important to use the words “We” or “Us”, because of the beneficial psychological effects it has on those involved in whatever you wish to accomplish. These effects are that it allows everyone to experience a feeling of support; without support a house will collapse. When dealing with new potential additions to your group, use words like “We believe” and “Our thoughts are” to show to those already in your group that you value them and their abilities.

4. Relay, educate and act out:

You will have many opportunities to show someone something interesting you’ve learned on your journey. It helps to take advantage of every chance you get to teach someone in your circle something new; you should do it as much as you can.

This doesn’t just build a better relationship, but you’ll build momentum and get the group working much more productively and with purpose. Getting everyone on the same page will lead to more success, more pulls and more respect from the spectators; which includes bouncers, DJ’s, promoters, club managers, etc. This means you won’t have to wait in lines and may even be able to get in to certain exclusive places without paying a cover.

5. Sometimes you’ll lose and sometimes you’ll win, but at least you tried and did it as a team:

Like I said before, recognize those which have success; however, on the flip-side, do not fault one person for any failure. This is somewhat self-explanatory, but it’s important to recognize the fact that it was the entire group’s fault and not a single individual. This will keep the dynamic positive and help create a “Brother-hood” type of frame.

Everyone feels accepted and it will keep people wanting to come back; because most likely they are treated the exact opposite for failure in the majority of other groups.

6. Have regular meet-ups:

A really useful tool for getting your team/group to feel more of an attachment towards each other is going out as a team. So having a weekly, bi-weekly meet-up will help create more of a family-like experience.

In time the dynamic will grow and everyone will enjoy helping each other out. In addition, those that are new will feel more welcome when they see that everyone is getting along well.

7. Create a fun environment where team-work is necessary:

I have always liked the idea of playing laser tag, bowling, basketball, martial-arts, or even playing paintball to build more of a bond between a group of people. This is perfect for creating a fun, indirect team-like atmosphere. If someone doesn’t have the equipment, it helps to have extra equipment available to lend them. Nevertheless, don’t be a bully to a new-comer; so if you are good at something don’t rub your wins in their face.

So that brings me to my final point…

It’s necessary to understand that team-work doesn’t build over-night and it will take dedication. If you want your team dynamic to improve, you’ll have to be patient and understand that you will lose some of your crew at times. However, as long as you are behaving appropriately and putting in the work, then over-time you’ll see fulfilling improvement.

Remember hard work and dedication are the key ingredients to any kind of success. If you aren’t seeing success, then maybe you should look into the amount of time you invest into what you are trying to accomplish. You need to make it your main priority and if it’s not, then it will directly reflect on your level of productivity.

Finally, I bring another great book for everyone, something that will really help us all. This book is called…

What Every BODY Is Saying” by “Joe Navarro“.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “What Every BODY Is Saying” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: Masculine men turn women on the most (Study)

Masculine men turn women on the most (Study):

orgasm-pic pua picture

PUA T-design-1 picture
oday, I thought I would get into something I found to be very interesting that I discovered recently. The topic today is in regard to women’s undying lust for masculine or “manly men”. Believe it or not, there is now significant evidence that the majority of women are more sexually turned on by men and not pretty boys.

Honestly, I am not the least bit surprised, and since I’ve been doing this awhile, I’ve noticed this phenomenon way before I even saw this study (Read study HERE). Which is exactly why I still, to this day, don’t shave my chest. In fact, I actually prefer to have some stubble on my face whenever I plan to prowl the streets of New York City; on my weekends off.

The details of this study cover how common, the frequency and what kinds of experiences enable women to have the most orgasms. According to this study, women with dominant ‘alpha-males’ as partners were much more likely to have a higher number of orgasms, as opposed to the boyish, androgenous, Justin Bieber types.

Woman orgasming PUA picture

So this study was done by the University of Pennsylvania, All of the women in this study were straight or heterosexual and they were examined for the amount of orgasms they had; along with what type of facial characteristics seemed to be helping them climax with the most ease.

The elements analyzed were level of attractiveness (over-all), symmetrical features of the face, whether the men were more well-endowed than others and of course their level of dominance.

The majority of the women had better and a larger amount of orgasms when getting plowed by the most masculine, muscular and dominant men. They also indicated “more frequent and earlier-timed” orgasms when paired with dominant or muscular men. More female orgasms were also reported among women dating “masculinely attractive” (Think Hugh Jackman) men, as defined by the study.

However, when women were analyzed during the act of masturbation; they did not necessarily focus on these particular masculine traits.

They plan to look further into this study in the future for a much more diligent hypothesis. Nevertheless, the current data suggests that the female orgasm is synonymous with choosing the most favorable genetics for their offspring; relating to survival.

So in short…

The stronger you are, more pronounced jawline or symmetrical features that you have and the more dominant you behave in the bedroom are the most important aspects to focus on for a female to climax. Meaning it will potentially lead to a better sexual experience for the women that you are sleeping with.

To leave off, I bring another great book for you all, something that will be very useful. This book is called…

The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” by “Erik Von Markovik” A.K.A. “PUA Mystery” and “Chris Odom” A.K.A. “PUA Lovedrop“.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Pickup Artist: The New and Improved Art of Seduction” now.

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PUA Tips: How to tell if she is cheating (Micro-expressions)

How to know if your girlfriend is cheating on you (Micro-expressions):

pua picture worried-cheating-gf

H-design-1 PUA picture
ello everyone,

Today I thought I’d cover something commonly referred to as micro-expressions.

A micro-expression is a series of facial expressions that humans make when preocuppied with certain emotions. The great thing about micro-expressions is that they are very hard to fake and can help a person figure out what others think of them; that is if you know what to look for.

According to many studies (One you can read about is HERE), there are 7 micro-expressions to look out for. These are: Disgust, anger, fear, sadness, happiness, surprised, and hatred. Something interesting about them is that they take effect rather quickly; approximately around 1/25th of a second.

So you might now be curious to know exactly how to read a micro-expression and find out how you can use it to know if your girlfriend is cheating, which is what I will get into soon enough, but first I want you to think about what you are feeling now.

Are you happy, sad, stressed out or maybe you’re worried?

Whatever emotion that you are feeling, I suggest looking into a mirror and concentrating on that emotion for a brief moment. Now look at the expressions that your face makes when focusing on that particular emotion.

The first micro-expression I will be describing is…

1) Surprised:

pua picture surprised

There are 5 things to pay attention to when you feel surprised. Your eyebrows will become raised and slightly curve, the skin below the brow gets stretched, You get wrinkles on your forehead (Horizontally), your eyes become wide open (Exposing the white in your eyes more noticeably) and your jaw drops a bit; opening your mouth slightly.

These are involuntarily executed and we all do the same thing when we experience a feeling of surprise. It’s as though the data from our parents was upoaded into our DNA from the moment our mother’s eggs were incubated; much like a computer inherits information from a USB drive.

2) Fear:

pua picture fear

Again we have 5 more things to pay attention to for this emotion. When fear takes place our eyebrows raise and move closer together, the wrinkles become apparent in the center of our forehead, the upper eyelids rise and the lower eyelids tighten, the white in our eyes becomes only exposed at the top of the retna and again the mouth opens; but the lips become slightly tensed.

Someone may make these expressions when they are worried about something (Possibly even something they are hiding, when confronted about what they might be hiding). It could be money, a test, an abusive partner; a plethora of affairs. Fear is a very easy expression to spot and probably the last one that you want to trigger in a female early on. So if you see these signs, then you obviously need to change something in your current game-plan.

3) Disgust:

disgust pua picture

Now this I think many newbies and even experienced PUA’s are familiar with. This is definitely something you will come into contact with in the city where I live; which in New York City.

When your target is experiencing this emotion she will give off signals that will make it obvious that she isn’t happy with you. First off, her upper eyelids are raised, lower lip tend to also be raised, nose is most likely wrinkled, cheeks rise and there might be some lines that become more prominent below her lower eyelids as well.

When this happens you better take cover, because you are probably on your way to experiencing some bitchiness. Which is right on track for the next emotion I am going to describe…

4) Anger:

anger pua picture

When your target is angry her eyebrows will become lowered and closer together, lines pointing downward will appear in-between the eyebrows, the lower eyelids become tense, her eyes will have a hard and cold stare (Possibly even bulged), her lips will become pressed tightly together, nostrils flared and the jaw/chin will stick out slightly or become more prominent.

I have experienced this quite a bit with some of my ex’s and have to say that this is ‘no-man’s land’. So if you are seeing these expressions, then I advise you to stop with whatever it is that is antagonizing her.

5) Happiness:

pua picture happiness

This one you need to be careful with because it is sometimes possible to get fooled by someone that is pretending to be happy, when actually they are not.

When someone is happy their lips are obviously pulled back in somewhat of a smile, teeth may or may not be exposed, there will be a prominent wrinkle that runs from the side of the nose to the outer lips, cheek-bones are raised, the lower eyelids become tense and the last feature is crow’s feet on the outer portion of their eyes.

The way that you can tell someone is really happy is that their over-all face is tighter and if they aren’t happy(Or faking), then the sides of the face will appear to be looser.

6) Sadness:

sad pua picture

Usually if this is an issue, then I will stay far away from this female. This will just lead to her need for constant reassurance and I personally don’t have the time to baby-sit anyone’s emotions. So it’s better to identify this as soon as possible; if you want to save yourself a headache.

A woman that is sad will have eyebrows that point more upward toward the center of the forehead, the space between the upper eyelids and eyebrows is somewhat triangular in shape, the mouth is in the shape of an upside down smile, the jaw raises more vertically and the lips become puffy as though the person is about to cry.

7) Hatred:

hatred pua picture

Hatred is probably the easiest to spot when you know what to look for and it’s not very complicated at all. When this emotion takes place the person involuntarily flexes the muscles on the side of their mouth; which causes one side of their mouth to rise more than the other. I see this a lot when I tell other dating coaches I don’t want to work with them.

So now I suggest really internalizing this information, because it will make all the difference whenever you want to know what someone really thinks about you. You can also find out what emotion the topic of conversation is triggering in your date.

And finally, you can tell your girlfriend is cheating by seeing if she has a surprised response when you accuse her of the act. Chances are her micro-expression will indicate an element of surprise if she is being loyal and if she is not, then she may appear more worried; as if she has something that she’s hiding.

There you go… You now have a new skill that you can now develop on your own and have a better understanding of whether you are really connecting with people the way that you truly intend to.

On a final note, I bring another amazing book for everyone, something that will truly benefit you all. This book is called…

What Every BODY is Saying” by “Joe Navarro

Just click the icon below to begin reading “What Every BODY is Saying” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Hot Women Moments: The 4 hottest women online

The 4 hottest women online:

4-hottest-women online PUA Picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I was looking around the other day and feel as though all I see is material that talks about how to get women. However, I hardly see any articles on dating sites that are actually appreciating the women that we all strive to get.

So I thought I would take the time to show my appreciation for 4 beauties that I am personally appreciative of.

And they are…

1) Alena Shishkova:

Alena Shishkova

Alena is a Russian fashion model and although many of us probably don’t care about what she is offering upstairs, she apparently studied law and seems to have some brains.

I first saw her when I was skimming through Instagram and her beauty drew me to her profile; which I am very thankful for discovering.

Alena Shishkova gif

Now on to the number 2 stunner…

2) Lindsey Pelas:

Lindsey Pelas

This beauty is actually one of Dan Bilzerian’s wonderful treats and Playboy playmate. She is originally from Louisiana and her last name makes me think she may have some latin heritage; which is also quite apparent in her curves.

She is not just beautiful, but very sexy in pretty much every way imagineable and if you aren’t already, then I suggest following her on Instagram.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this blonde bombsell.

On to number 3…

3) Dayami Padron:

Dayami Padron

This exotic beauty I don’t know much about, other than she is of Cuban heritage and a fine specimen of what many of us would love to wake up to every morning.

She is a true latin Goddess and I could go on for hours about her curves, but I will just limit how I feel to a few paragraphs today. I know that almost everyone reading this would much rather ogle than read anyway.

So ogle away and let’s move on to our final treat for today…

4) Jen Selter:

Jen Selter

So here is a very fine woman with a body that will turn even a preacher into a lecher. She is a native of New York City (Where I live) and some of you may know her from her fitness videos for building a healthy and robust looking behind.

She is a fitness model of Israeli decent and comes from a Jewish family. She has attracted significant media attention for her buttocks; as you may have noticed.

Jen Selter

Now that’s basically all I have to share today and I will just mention that I did not label these women in order from least to greatest. I find them all equally beautiful and they of course have their own unique appeal.

To finish off, I bring another helpful book for you all, that will benefit your game. This book is called…

Street Game; Day Game Tactics” by Cole Montag A.K.A. PUA Redsky

Just click the icon below to begin reading “Street Game; Day Game Tactics” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: Game of trolls (The haters of the PUA Industry)

Game of trolls (The haters of the PUA Industry):

Pick up artist haters-yoda meme picture

S-design-1 pua picture
o I have been in the dating coach industry for around 3 years now. I started coaching in 2012. Nevertheless, I first discovered pick-up when I was 19 and I’m about to be 29 now; feel free to do the math.

In my journey I have come across an assortment of nay-sayers; which decorate the seduction community like ornaments on a Christmas tree. I haven’t disclosed any of the harassing I’ve experienced until now.

So allow me to share with you a couple of the colorful attacks that I’ve received from other coaches with megalomaniac personalities in this industry…

Megalomaniac #1:

This guy messaged me out the blue a few times and at first I ignored him, but eventually replied due to his persistent messaging.

Below is a picture of him and his harem of *pause* well, you be the judge.

pick up artist hate brian-krall picture

Now this guy is an interesting personality, to say the least, and many may agree that he has a completely different idea of how the world works than most. And since I am somewhat of a libertarian I commend him for his originality.

Undoubtedly, I am not a fan of his manipulative nature as you can see clearly in the message below:

pick up artist hate message

Unfortunately, he didn’t even give me a chance to respond to his insults.
Oh well, I’ll try not to lose any sleep tonight.

Megalomaniac #2:

This guy I am not sure of, he too recently just messaged me out of nowhere and very casually states how he doesn’t like my videos and will delete anymore posts I make in his Facebook group of now 290 members. In addition to his exceptionally large following(<--sarcasm), I am impressed with his passive aggressive style of insulting. Here are some pictures of him, living a very lavish and woman-less lifestyle: Pick up artist hate picture joe jericho

And the message he felt like sharing with me:

Pick up artist hate message

Thankfully this guy gave me a chance to respond to him and I have to say I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, he did choose to block once he saw my final response.

Bonus! Psychotic 40 year old Virgin:

This guy came out to a meet-up I was holding awhile back and the moment I saw him I could tell that we were all in for a treat. He showed up in a grey hoody and I could’ve sworn the guy could have doubled for ‘The Hunchback of Notredame‘.

This guy was tall and above average-looking, but still lacked the social intelligence to get laid. I couldn’t approach a set or even order a drink from a female bartender without the guy coming within 4 inches of my face and asking me, “Are going to game her now, can I watch?”

I dealt with this for a good minute and a half, before I had to tell the guy to get the hell out of my personal space. It was annoying the shit out of me. Thankfully he got the hint after a good 8 of us kept our distance; which led to him finally taking off.

The next day I receive this message from him…

Pick up artist hate robert-nowakowski-troll message

As you can see ‘the force of the darkside‘ is strong these 3 Jedi and it is sad, because all they need to do is let me work with them for a few months and they would be with a beautiful woman that treats them right. But instead, they would rather dwell in their dark abyss of loneliness and point the finger at everyone else, while pretending they have nothing wrong; despite the obvious amount of evidence that what there way of thinking is wrong.

At the end of the day, it is their choice and you can’t change people if they aren’t willing to change for themselves.

So to finish off…

For any of you that are planning to get into the dating coach industry, the garbage above is just a fraction of what you should be ready for. This business is not for those that get their egos bruised easily, you have to have a thick skin and be able to withstand the hatred from all the bigotry.

But I guess any industry has its own share of haters and nobody likes competition. CEO’s get greedy, some clients are just full of hatred and you can’t keep everyone happy.

To leave off, I bring another helpful book for game. This book is called…

The Art of War” by Robert Greene.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Art of War” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: The Powerful Impact of a Great Wingman

The Powerful Impact of a Great Wingman:

The wingman pua picture

PUA T-design-1 picture
here is a lot one can learn from a wingman; In fact, you don’t even need to ask for his opinion, you can observe everything required to get better. When you find someone you game well with, then you will literally enhance each other’s dating skills; sometimes unknowingly.

Just like how iron sharpens iron. You stand to gain tons of benefits just by having your ‘pick-up artist brother’ close by in the dating game.

To get into detail…

1) Enhance the Impact of Your First Impression:

first impression pua picture

Picture this, you walk into a bar and suddenly bump into the one-and-only Bill Gates – billionaire extraordinaire. Just as you come to terms with this fortunate meet-up, Warren Buffet joins in. Talk about your good fortune becoming a billion times better. That’s just the kind of enhanced impact your wingman can have on ladies.

When you go out looking smart and charming, you’re sure to dazzle any girl you meet. Having a wingman who is equally smart will double the impact. This is definitely useful as a first impression, which will go a long way in determining how the rest of the evening pans out.

2) Saving You From Bitchy Girls:

bitchy girls pua picture

Being there for you bro, at times calls for sacrifice. You really want to get to know a particular girl, but the only problem is that she came along with an especially bitchy girlfriend. Luckily, you have a friend of your own, who will keep that bitchy girl occupied, while you chat up the one you set your eye on.

Just remember that your friendship is a two-way thing, and you too should be ready to sacrifice a few hours trying to entertain a bitchy girlfriend for your bro, if necessary.

3) Enhancing the Seduction:

funny make out pua picture

We’ve all seen it in the movies – a guy chats up an attractive lady in a club and, as she falls for his charms, he says. “Would you like to go somewhere more private?” Just by doing that, the seduction game gets kicked up a notch higher. The key is isolation.

When you’re out clubbing with your bro, you might not even need to move off to a more private location, just to up your seduction-game. All you have to do is time the departure of your wingman. When he sees that you’re really connecting with your girl, he can simply excuse himself and move off to another table. That has the effect of creating an even greater feeling of intimacy between you and your new girl of the moment; even without leaving the club.

4) Sample Greater Diversity:

orgies pua picture

Your love life can get really boring if you keep hitting on the same type of women, each and every time. Sometimes, you don’t even notice it, but if you’re keen enough, you’ll see a pattern emerge. Maybe this could be the reason why you’ve never found “the one”, since you don’t want to go outside your comfort zone. Thankfully, having a wingman can help you explore a greater diversity of women.

This sampling of a greater diversity of women would normally happen unintentionally. For instance, you and your boy go out to a bar where you meet a couple of girls, but you can’t agree on which guy takes which girl. None of the girls would also show a particular interest in any one guy.

At this point you should have some form of tie-breaker. For instance, when such a tie occurs, one would take the shorter lady, while the other goes for the taller girl. Predictably, you might end up with someone whom you wouldn’t normally consider your “type”. From this, you’re sure to have a very enriching experience that’s more valuable than any dating advice you might get anywhere.

to finish things off, I bring another useful book for bettering your game. This book is called…

The Mystery Method” by Erik Von Markovik A.K.A. PUA Mystery.

Just click the icon below to begin reading “The Mystery Method” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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