PUA Becoming the improved ‘you’

Before anything, I included a video about 3 qualities that should be considered when finding a good wing-man:

PUA Becoming the improved you:

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to get a little deep…

I have noticed a lot of guys that come out and expect a magic pill that fixes all of their female problems. A lot of people get discouraged by the fact that women aren’t falling at their feet overnight.

I think this comes down to one thing honestly…

Do you bring up the people around you?

Think about this deeply and internalize what I just wrote.

If you are the guy that is always bitter and irritated most of the time; to the point that you’re not being invited to go out with anyone, then this is aimed directly at you.

Do you expect a friend to sacrifice the woman of his dreams just to entertain his friend that sits in the corner; in his own bitter little world?


That is not what friendship is about.

Friendship is about having positive people around you that push you to become better.

If you are constantly mad at the world, because you don’t have a beautiful woman around to treat you right, then just maybe you need to re-educate yourself.

Only you have the tools to create your own happiness…

You need to look inside and think about whether you are making the people you are around better as well.

When I go out, I like to make people feel good about themselves…

I like to make people laugh and I like to help my friends become better with women, but I am not going to make their over-all happiness my goal.

If I meet a girl I like then I will enjoy my time with her, because I am out to have fun. I don’t owe anything to anyone and neither does anyone else.

I see others around me watching other’s success and getting angry from it. Next thing you know they are leaving early.

However, when I was in their shoes I didn’t give up. Instead of being jealous, I was happy for them and I used that experience as inspiration; that is the correct way to think.

Instead of leaving right there to go and feel sorry for myself at home…

I went and talked to 15 different women…

If one didn’t like me then I moved on to the next…

If they all didn’t like me then I would go online to find information that would educate me. After doing my research, I found techniques that I could use to level my playing field.

Just like a chess match; the most experienced and educated player will have the highest chance of winning.

I learned how to deal with rejection, I learned how to add value to conversation, I learned how to make myself appear more physically attractive and the number one thing is, that I never gave up!

We can stay where we are and accept defeat or together we can climb out of hell, one inch at a time…

Get up and don’t ever give up!

Now to get back to what I was saying…

If you are always thinking about ‘the negative’ and complaining about this and that, then stop!

Stop it right now!

That isn’t going to change a thing and you aren’t only hurting yourself, but you are hurting others around you.

Instead of complaining, go out and learn to make yourself better in the area of life that is causing you to complain; for most of us, the root of that complaining is our relationships.

Most of us are social creatures and most of us cannot experience true happiness on our own…

A rich man can make all the money in the world, but what’s the point of making all that money if you have no one to share it with?

Someone that genuinely cares about you and isn’t just using you…

Someone that brings you happiness…

Someone that you don’t have to impress to stay with you…

If you ever expect to be in a relationship with a beautiful woman that actually gives a crap about you, then you first need to know how to make her feel good around you.

In order to do that, you need to understand women…

And the only way one can do this is by getting to know women…

Lots of women…

You need to approach, talk and interact and not just stand there; expecting hand-outs.

That is the only way!

So now I am done with this rant and I hope I helped some of you snap out of the mental purgatory that is hindering you.

Thanks for reading and all the best!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Day-game Conversation Set-up

Here’s a video explaining the Break-down, enjoy!

Here is a model to show the way the interaction should go:

Day Game Model

PUA Day-game conversation set-up:

Here is a little outline I’ve come up with that will help breakdown the interaction up to getting your target’s number or getting an instant-date.

-Approach (Over the shoulder):

This is the first part of the interaction and there are a variety of ways to do this, but the most basic is over the shoulder. The reason I suggest over the shoulder is because it is the least threatening way to approach and will allow you to get some rapport built without alarming her.


The opener is the next step and this can be anything from a “hello” to a funny one liner that might catch her attention. I won’t go into detail because I’ve included some ideas in the video above.

-False-time constraint:

The point of this is to not spook the target and giving her a little relief that you aren’t going to follow her around like a weirdo. This also explained better in the video…

-Qualifications (While body rocking):

This is kind of like a test to determine what her level of interest is. The idea is that if she is asking about you, then she is curious about you. On the other hand, if she is indifferent, then you are able to see she isn’t that into you; this way you aren’t wasting too much time.

I don’t see why it wouldn’t be good practice to continue gaming her, even if she doesn’t ask about you. However, if you are trying to meet a woman sooner than later, then I would avoid the women that aren’t willing to qualify themselves to you.


This is also another part of the interaction that is covered well in the video above, but the key concept is; you ask questions that are somewhat related to your personal interests, in order to find something you both have in common.


This is a common term in the Seduction Community that stands for ‘Demonstrations of Higher Value’. This is basically a subtle story that tells the girl something about you that implies you aren’t a loser and a man of value. (ie. Winner)

-Kino routine:

This is the part of the interaction that allows one to get the target comfortable with his touch. I believe the better you get at this, then the more success you will have. There are many routines online that are useful; I personally would suggest routines by PUA Neil Strauss.

-Multiple Threading:

This is a technique that requires learning a few interesting stories that you are very familiar with. The idea is to tell the stories up until the most interesting part, then switch to another story and repeat the process.

This is good for getting the target more curious and interested in what you are saying; everyone wants to hear the good part.

-Invite for Instant-date:

After you’ve built enough comfort with the techniques mentioned above, then you can ask your target to coffee or a drink; if it isn’t too early.

*If she’s busy, you can give her negative body-language(explained in video), then run another DHV.

-False time constraint again and number-close:

This is if you don’t get the Instant-date and you will just tell her that you need to go, but imply that you had a good time talking to her. If she seems like she enjoyed talking with you, then now is the time to ask for her number to hang out later.

-Kino (kiss on cheek)

I like to do this, because it shows her that I am not afraid to get physical and get’s her even more comfortable with my touch.

-Good bye:

This is self-explanatory…

So there you have my basic break-down for how I like to perform my interactions when I Day-Game.

Of course I am not going to share all my secrets, because I worked hard to discover them, but I think I shared enough to help those that are struggling improve a little.

Now thanks for reading and keep up the hard-work!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA: A solid number is a solid number

Before anything, here is an In-Field video of PUA Redsky doing a few pick-ups and getting an Instant Date over by NYU in New York City, enjoy!

PUA: A solid number is a solid number:

Today I thought I would cover one of the many BS things I hear people saying in Pick-up; related to getting phone numbers. You might hear some guys saying that numbers don’t mean shit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you see those same douches going home with nothing higher than a 6.

The truth is that a solid number is a fucking “solid number”; which means that if there’s attraction, then hold onto that number to see what you can do with it.

I think the root of all “chodeness” in the PUA world is self-doubt and just because you think that the connection wasn’t strong enough doesn’t mean that you should throw that number out.

I’ve had women, that initially didn’t seem that interested, end up banging my brains out on the first date. Most women obviously act a different way around their friends, than they would in private. Also, a lot of women are not trying to feel like they are easy, when dating someone new.

If you are one of the guys that has zero patience and just expects women to want to have sex with you right after you meet them, then go hire a working girl. Because the majority of beautiful women won’t have a one-night stand unless they are sloppy drunk; which most of the time, in my experience, is extremely awkward and sloppy sex, if she doesn’t pass out first.

So I just wanted to make this clear for some of you guys that are just getting into pick-up. It is perfectly fine to get numbers and not try to escalate when you first meet a girl.

I think for someone just starting out, getting numbers to plan a day-2 is a great strategy. Start by getting numbers and meeting up with the most interested women. This way you can build your confidence up, after a bit of success.

After you’ve had a few lays and have found some women that are ok with an on-going, casual, sexual, FWB kind-of-thing, then you can move up to the more challenging targets.

Alright, well I’m about to hit the gym, but thanks for reading and remember a solid number is a “Solid Number!”


-PUA Redsky

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PUA Redsky’s 2-date rule

Here is a video with an explanation, if the article isn’t enough, enjoy!

PUA Redsky’s 2-date rule:

What is the 2-date rule?

The 2-date rule is limiting a girl to two dates unless she does something sexual within that time frame. In my own experience this can be hard to do, but is definitely worth more than staying and losing value; as well as control.

Why should you use the 2-date rule?

The reason I use this is to keep from wasting excessive amounts of time on one girl, while I can find a target that is hotter and more receptive to my advances. I also have put it all on the table before; I’ve told them I will not see them again if my needs aren’t met by this date and THIS HAS WORKED.

You can risk the chance of not seeing her again, but if she enjoys your company enough and likes you, then there is a high chance that she will fold to your wishes.

What is the purpose of the 2-date rule?

The purpose of this is to keep from being PLAYED and to find a girl that wants sex as much as you. I like to use this rule, mainly because I like to be the one who is calling the shots in the forming relationship.

The reason I like to call the shots is because in the 7+ years I’ve been going out and seducing women, I’ve found that the women that succumb to my terms are usually the most reliable, the most respectful and the best in bed; compared to the less receptive women.

Sometimes a girl that wasn’t willing to give up power in the past will even shoot you a text or call randomly, and be more eager to do what you want. I have had girls text me and flat out tell me that they will have sex with me the next time; without even bringing the topic of sex up.

I think women think in a slightly shallow way, which is a bit unfortunate, but after all my time spent figuring out how to get with them, the facts point to 3 things.

1- Guys that are bold/ assertive and not afraid to lose the girl will get rewarded the quickest.

2- Women will try to manipulate guys that are afraid to lose them.

3- Sometimes, the majority of women are just in the mood to have sex and willing to have it with a guy that they have only known for a day or 2, as long as the vibe is right.

So I hope that will help some of you guys; I understand it’s hard to let a girl go, but that is why it’s important to have an abundance mentality.

Eventually you will get so good at connecting with women, that getting new numbers will come naturally and with ease. When you bring a pretty girl around the women that initially rejected you, then you will start to see that they are, all of a sudden, sending you random texts; especially if they see you kissing them.

But that’s a whole different topic…

Anyway, I’m off to sleep but thanks for reading and best of luck!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Calibration

Before anything, here is an in-field of me day-gaming awhile back:

PUA Calibration:

A lot of times a girl that is not initially that attracted, or a ‘maybe girl’, will at least give you a date.

When you get them to agree to going to an isolated park or something for a date (during the day), then you can still get them turned on enough to the point of doing something sexual (ie. Handjob, blowjob, etc.)

Sometimes it may take a couple of dates to get full on sex, but if you can at least get them to do something sexual the first date, then it will lead to sex the following, most of the time.

-With good frame control and following the 2 steps forward/ 1 step back rule, you can fuck most girls that you get to go on a date with you.

This pretty much means that you need to try to fuck every girl you see, but escalate in a playful and non-forceful way.

-Be persistent in a non-needy way and do it the best that you can. This basically goes back to frame control and playfulness. When I say playfulness, I mean emotion spikes and push/ pull.

Example of push/ pull statement.

“You’re cute but you are kind of a nerd.”

*This may seem rude, but with the correct frame; which is a playful joking frame it’s possible. Frame as if you where playfully teasing a girl that you know likes you.

This can be risky if you haven’t seen a good amount of IoI’s (Indications of interest) already.

A good way to test for interest is by soliciting questions.

For example saying something like, “I’m not from around here.” If she’s interested then she will most likely ask where you are from.

Also, after conversing for awhile try stopping to the point of dead silence; this is a good way to test for interest. The idea is to see if she tries to re-engage in conversation. If she does then she is clearly curious/ interested in you.

You can also look at her body language when it gets silent.

Does she look bored?

Is she anxious?

If she is bored then she most likely is not that interested; which means you must calibrate accordingly.

Calibrate by telling a funny story to build more trust. You can also talk about commonalities that you may have discovered when asking her questions about herself in the beginning of the date. Discussing commonalities will make her think the two of you are alike and build comfort/ trust.

If she is anxious then you have built enough trust to start isolating and escalating.

Now you have another thing to try on your next date, so enjoy!

Well, I need to hit the gym, but thanks for reading and all the best!

-PUA Redsky

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Fitness and PUA

The importance of fitness in PUA:

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be expressing my personal views on the importance of fitness in PUA. Some may not completely agree but I don’t care.

I find it important that I remain in an exercise routine of 3 days a week of doing weights and at least 2 days for a 4-5 mile walk or day game. I do this because it relieves me of the stress that builds up over the week.

Since New York is a highly competitive city, then I am under an abnormal amount of stress and I, quite frankly, would probably go nuts and kill someone if I didn’t release it somehow.

So getting back to how fitness helps me with PUA; fitness helps me feel better mentally and physically. I always feel a lot better after hitting it hard in the gym, then heading home and on the up-side I look better too.

Also, at times, I utilize some good meditation techniques that a friend that is into the whole ‘meditation thing’ has taught me.

I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect but it does make me feel better when I do meditation. In case anyone wants to know how I meditate; I’ll explain now:

-Step 1: Close my eyes

-Step 2: Focus on the area between my eyebrows; where a uni-brow would be, if you have one. (You can do this sitting or lying down.)

-Step 3: Look into the darkness that you see when your eyes are closed.
*You will feel yourself start to relax. (Oh ya, and don’t forget to breathe all the way in and all the way out.)

Those are a couple of things I do that help me control my state quite a bit. I am always able to maintain a solid state of confidence and hold a strong frame when talking with people thanks to lifestyle changes like these.

Another thing I refrain from is drinking; I have actually been kicked out of bars for not buying any alcohol. It’s funny because now I have to buy a coke and tip the bartenders well just so I can game without being bothered by security. However, I will have the occasional beer; never more than 1 a day though.

When I first started gaming sober it was hard to get used to. Yet, after the first few successes when gaming sober, I steadily adapted. Thankfully, when doing day game, I had always gone out sober. Therefore I had that to refer to when I began to get discouraged.

Now I wouldn’t game any other way and I feel a lot more in control as well. I feel that you actually get better faster from gaming sober.

So keep this in mind my friends and thanks for reading!


-PUA Redsky

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Who’s your daddy?! (PUA Importance of Verbalizing Attraction)

(Importance of Verbalizing Attraction)

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to talk about a minor thing from the past that has done some damage to the targets I’ve brought it upon. I have used a nice ‘little technique’ which has shown me a significantly higher yield of success than before I discovered it. I think this ‘little thing’ works well because it allows me to get my target focusing on her attraction and also helps to build sexual tension.

What exactly is sexual tension?

Sexual tension is what separates the beta’s world; AKA. ‘friend zone’ and the world of a PUA; the FWB(Friend w/ benefits) zone. One way I might describe the process of creating sexual tension may be in words such as; “If you aren’t trying to ‘get some’ then you aren’t building any tension at all!”

In layman’s terms; making advances, talking about a topic that points in the direction of her and you in bed… Getting close to her face… etc… etc…

So getting back to the technique…

The idea is pretty simple; you basically make her admit she likes you verbally.

Getting girls to admit that they like you verbally also helps with building comfort.

Here is an example:

Me: “So do you like me? You gave me your number, so you must like me.”

Her: “Yes, I did… Obviously… I am attracted/ interested… Etc…

+If she doesn’t like to admit it then try to persuade her like this:

Her: Maybe… Why…?

Me: “You know, it’s ok to admit that you like someone (point at yourself when saying this). I’m not going to judge you for saying… You obviously were attracted, you wouldn’t have given me your number if not.

Her: “True.. There was something about you…”

+They won’t always admit it, but this technique is still worth the try regardless. The reason is because, I feel, that this will help get her used to yielding to your wishes.

The reason I use this is because I personally think women respond better to being challenged. A bold move that puts them on the spot shows confidence.

Also, once this has been stated then I feel it sets a perfect stage/ frame for escalation.

When I first started doing this I increased my success rate from 40-50% to 75%; or 3/4 dates led to a full close (Sexual relations).

It not only helped me build comfort, I started connecting better and saw that I was given a slight confidence boost as well.

I suggest utilizing the concept the next time you are out.

Anyway, it is bedtime for me…

Thanks for reading, keep putting in the work and all the best!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA 3 Groups for Mindset and Beliefs

PUA Mindset and beliefs:

So today I am going to lay out my own mindset and beliefs, that I feel, allow me to be more successful with women than the average Joe. I’m going to isolate the qualities into groups so that it’s easier for one to comprehend.

Group 1 – Independence:

One should convey a low amount of neediness, therefore become highly emotionally independent.

“Even though I might develop feelings for women, at times, I don’t allow them to regulate how I live my life. Meaning I don’t offset what I have going on in my life because of her/ them.”

I do like to think of the future from time to time, and it does include me being in a somewhat monogamous kind of relationship. However, I believe it is important to keep things realistic.

Considering the rate of divorce and the massive amounts of adultery that I’ve witnessed, I don’t try to feel obligated; nor do I allow a woman that I’m with to feel obligated to me.

I do expect them not to openly hit on other men when I’m around; out of respect, which is natural. Yet, if I am going to spend time with a woman, then I want to see a woman that is at the same level as eager to see me.

Group 2 – Persistence:

Sometimes persistence can be attractive if you have enough patience. I’ve gotten girls that I’ve texted for months before. If you really like a girl then I don’t see any problem with hitting her up time and time again, until she finally decides to meet up with you.

In the meantime, you can shoot her a text and still occupy yourself with other women that are more interested. I think Paul Janka said it best when clarifying that he believes women go through different stages of arousal throughout a given month.

I’ve personally witnessed a large amount of horny and beautiful women sleeping with ugly losers. Seeing this right in front of me is what opened my eyes about what female hormones are capable of. So to think that I wouldn’t be able to catch a girl on a day that she is giving out these passes, just seems stupid to me.

Group 3 – Highlight your Strengths:

Some Dating Coaches may not agree with this, but the way I like to game is a little bit different. I don’t see a problem with being proud of who you are and what you may have accomplished, as long as it’s not being thrown in everyone’s face in an overcompensating way.

If you worked hard on something and it just happens to come up in conversation, then don’t be afraid to throw it out briefly. Like the other day some girl was talking about how she just started doing kickboxing and asked me if I did anything like that.

I threw out a couple of interesting facts about myself but not excessively. I gave her a little bit of timber to ignite the flame. Women are very intuitive; as a result she may have sensed my passion when bringing the subject up and it may have triggered more curiosity/ interest about me.

I didn’t go overboard and say I was the best at it… Or that I used to kick everyone’s ass… etc… Even if you did…

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time, so I think that is enough. I don’t want to overload anyone on this topic.

But now you have some new concepts for developing some solid Inner-game.

Anyway, thanks for reading and best of luck to everyone still putting in the work!

-PUA Redsky

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Dating tips: 3 Pillars of Attraction

Dating Tips: 3 Pillars of Attraction:

Today’s dating tips are aimed at all you guys dealing with approach anxiety. I just wanted to write this so you can start walking in the right direction in regard to pick-up.

In our day in age an average looking man can have an unlimited amount of HQ women in his life if he develops the following areas:


Yea, a lot of Dating Coaches are telling you about how this isn’t a factor, but it is and it isn’t. It is going to have an impression on women, but it isn’t the impression many might think.

The way I’ve come to realize how women judge men can be explained the same way a person would shop for a used car. When shopping for a car, one will analyze the exterior and interior.

The interior of the engine needs to be in stable condition so that it won’t break down. Think of the engine as your confidence and finances. A woman looks for a man who isn’t easily mentally defeated and emotionally/ physically independent of the world around him.

A man who can give strong eye contact… A man that can hold his own in a conversation… A man who will stand his ground and does what he wants to do…

The exterior is analyzed by how well it’s been taken care of, how clean it is, how cool it looks, etc.


To increase your success one will need to first increase the amount of work they put in. I advise against online dating because with cold approach you will find more HQ women in a shorter amount of time.

A beautiful woman in a metropolitan area will get approached at least 7-10 times in 2 hours on a busy night out in the city, I know because I’ve seen it.

If she is single she may give her number out 4 out of 7 and 6 out of these 10 times.

However, at the end of the weekend night a lot of women will go home with someone or take someone home with them. The more women you connect with, then the more you raise your chances to be that guy. The more that you go out and succeed at this, then the better you will get at screening for suitable candidates.


This is the last thing I am going to talk about and is the most important IMO. Being assertive to me, is knowing when to push, when to back off and when to push again later.

You won’t always be on point, but as long as you follow that concept then you will eventually find a non-creepy way to go about being assertive.

Women want a guy that is assertive but in a charming way.

An example would be:

Me: (I go in for a kiss when her face is close enough and get rejected) *I smile after*
Her: (She looks at me.)
Me: “I am a guy and I am naturally going to want to kiss a girl I’m attracted to.”

+ I back off for a few mins and start asking her about films she watches. A couple of minutes later I try again.

Me: “You know that you have some smeared make up on the side of your face by your eye.”
Her: “Really.”
Me: “Ya, close your eyes, I’ll wipe it for you.”
Her: (She closes eyes.)
Me: (I sneak a peck on her lips.)

+ Afterward I laugh about it and back off to give her space to absorb what just happened. Usually if she is smiling about it then she will let me make out with her the next time I go in for the kiss.

I feel that the kiss is a psychological barrier for a woman. If you can get it, regardless of how it’s done, then you can proceed further.

This is just one way I get the kiss. Obviously, if I see that she is getting close to me, frequently touching me with the big anime eyes, then I will just flat out go for the kiss. But for those of you that aren’t as bold then try the first example.

Based on the amount of investment she is giving you, one can determine whether a kiss is even an option. You aren’t going to get a positive response if you try to kiss a girl that is constantly looking away and not engaged in the conversation. Engaged meaning; asking you questions about yourself, laughing when you are trying to be funny, etc.

After the kiss then continue being assertive. Suggest going to a better place that you may know of. Give her little opportunities to go with you, see if she takes them.

You can also try grabbing her hand and going for a walk somewhere, be gentle of course; never forceful. When you find a solitude spot on the street then pull her in again to continue making out. See if she lets you grab her ass. After this you can go to the street to hail a taxi and see if she allows this. If she doesn’t then just continue walking to another bar so you can continue making her more comfortable through conversation and kissing.

I’ve noticed that women are not keen on making out in front of people, so suggesting taking a walk when you’ve found a receptive female can be a good move.

So feel things out for yourself. That’s all I got for today and I hope that some of you have a better idea on how attraction works, how to maintain and how to take advantage of it.

Thanks for reading and good luck!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA: Building Comfort

PUA: Building comfort: Displaying confidence and connecting with a female in an effort to gain her trust.

In this post I am going to get into the details of how I like to do this. I hope it comes together for most of you. This part of your game is important to know if you are trying to sleep with hot women in a short period of time.

First and foremost, I feel that talking about things a woman has in common with you can build a lot of comfort. This comfort seems to be built very well when the conversation is genuine; meaning that you’re being congruent at letting yourself go. Letting go to me is actually allowing yourself to enjoy the interaction in a calm and collected way.

You won’t get every woman but you should be able to get most at some point.

To initiate the interaction you need a good opener:

Opener #1: “You look just like this girl I went to highschool with named Veronica and I almost thought you were her. Hi, I’m (name).”

This is indirect and you have to have a certain amount of confidence to begin with if you expect it to work. Remember that your perception is reality.

Opener #2: “I just saw you and I had to meet you.”

This is direct and straight to the point; probably my favorite of the two. This requires a high sense of self worth and helps to be in state(Feeling extremely confident to begin with).

Depending on the level of one’s inner game(Personal Confidence) you can decide which to choose.

So now we got her engaged and giving strong eye contact, what do we do now?

The answer is emotional spike time.

How do we do this?

Here is an example:

Me: “I have a confession to make.”

Her: “Ok.”

Me: “I just got out of a relationship..”

Me: “It sucks because I really love her.” (Doesn’t hurt to put the sad voice in.)

Her: “That’s too bad.. How long were you together… Sorry to hear that…”

I like to make things super awkward at first. I feel like it let’s me know the true nature of my target. This test easily filters out the cold hard bitches and leaves me with the actual good people. Bitches will usually say something like, “Why are you telling me this?” or simply walk away.

Yes rejection can be harsh but I think it is good to get it over with ASAP. I would rather get it over with than find out a woman is indifferent and keeps you around just for her personal amusement.

For me, being awkward in the beginning shows just how much you can fuck up with her also. Meaning she’ll stick around longer after you fuck her, whether that be good or bad.

So back to the interaction…

Her: “That’s too bad.. How long were you together… Sorry to hear that…”

Me: “Hold on, hold on, let me get to the good part..”

Her: “Alright.”

Me: “She was kind of overweight.”

Me: “She’s over 300 pounds. Is that bad?”

Her: “….”

Her: “Well, as long as you love her right?.?..”

I get this response a lot actually lol.

Me: “Actually..”

Me: “I was just fucking with you.”

Me: “Do you really think I would date someone over 300 pounds.”

Her: “Hahahaha, you totally got me… Hahaha, fuck me now!.. Haha, I didn’t believe you..”

The second response never happens ;)

So bam! Now we got her engaged and laughing; which will in return make her comfortable. Laughter releases endorphines; which is pretty much natural morphine; which is similar to heroin. So in short, you made her laugh; so you are pretty much giving her a mild dose of heroin, in a way…

Who wouldn’t be comfortable after doing heroin?!? Right?

*Disclaimer: I do not mean any disrespect to those whom may have had a problem with heroin.

Now you have an example for building comfort…

You can literally go out right now and use the lines I just said in the example. No pressure though, because I know a lot of you have a bigger issue with just the approach itself. So just take baby steps if you can’t.

Here is a simple guide for those of you that need the baby step treatment:

Baby step guide:

-Baby step #1: Compliment as many women as it takes until you feel that you went up a step of comfort when approaching the previous few women.

Make sure they are women that you would actually date and not girls you know you can already get!

-Baby step #2: Tell yourself you are good enough for all women.

Say it over and over again until you believe it!

-Baby step #3: Go up to 10 women and just say what is on your mind.

*Remember to always keep eye contact when talking to women. If you break eye contact easily then it turns them off. It turns them off because it tells them that you get mentally defeated easily.

+ At this point you should be in state and mentally prepared to use the emotional spike routine that I showed previously.

Don’t forget to try and venue change her (Take her somewhere; bar, coffee shop, etc.) after you get her laughing and expressing herself playful. If you can’t venue change then just get her number and move on to the next target.

Now good luck and make sure to go out and have fun!

-PUA Redsky

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