PUA Tips: Top 5 tips for reading people

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S-design-1 pua pictureo I’ve been seeing similar topics come up a lot lately on YouTube and that’s why I’ve decided to write something from my own thoughts and experience on this. In this write up I’m going to discuss reading people; knowing who to trust and who not to trust.

It’s kind of a pain having to go up to people you know and ask them if someone is trustworthy – so why not become effective with your own judgement. So below I’ve listed my own set of rules and concepts on how I stay out of, sometimes dangerous situations, by making good judgements about people…

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1) Focus on where their attention is or where their eyes are.

Some say eyes are the gateway to the soul. This is somewhat true and more like the gateway to someone’s intentions. You can tell if someone is a good person to keep around by seeing how much they are looking at the current person they talk to. If they are constantly breaking eye contact and looking at others when that person talks, then they probably don’t have anyone but their own best interests in mind.

2) Pay attention to body language.

Does the person you’ve just met walk like a thug or like a normal person?

Do they come across cocky, maybe tilt their head to the side or have a condescending energy about them?

These things are other indications that you might not be around a cultured person. When I say cultured, I mean someone that has had a respectable upbringing and does not have any malicious intentions.

3) Engaged or not in engaged in conversation.

When you talk, does it seem like someone is ignoring you?

Are you being cut off often by a certain somebody?

These are telltale signs that someone doesn’t like you that much. If you see this, then I suggest keeping your distance and making new friends.

4) Level of genuine interest.

A great way to see that someone cares about what your saying is when they ask you questions related to details in whatever you are talking about. If you meet someone like this, that you don’t think is weird, then you should keep them around. They are most likely people with good energy and someone you can have a good time with.

5) Pay attention to micro-expressions.

I’m going to list 2 of the most common facial reactions or looks I look out for below…

Disgust: Squinted eyes and backing away in an almost upward motion. This usually happens as a motor response to hearing information someone doesn’t agree with.

Delight: Eyes widen and people move towards you slightly in a somewhat submissive manner. This usually happens when you are behaving in an attractive manner; whatever that may be. If you have people doing this in your circle, then you are off to a good start.

To leave off…

You can get better with reading people through constant practice. I also mention a good deal about this in my newest book “Street Game: The Definitive Book of Seduction”. Now that’s all I got for today, now add this to your arsenile and remember to keep going out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 5 tips to not get interrupted when talking and dominate a conversation

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PUA Picture know for some people this can be kind of frustrating and there is nothing worse than being in a great conversation only to find some rude one, in the circle, cutting you off. So I thought I might give you all some of my own advice on how to deal with this annoying situation. The following is listed below…

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1) Get used to pausing mid-sentence and don’t answer questions until you’ve said what you have to say.

I will say something like, “Today I went out and met up… (Pause) with a friend and ate in Little Italy for… (Pause) most of the day.

What this does is confuse those that may interject with what they have to say. Most people are used to people finishing their sentences, then pausing. So you can say everything you want to say by simply pausing when people least expect it.

2) Speak loud and clear.

A good way to get people turned off by your speaking abilities is by having to repeat yourself over and over again. So a great remedy for this is to just speak louder and pronounce your words clearly.

If you ever notice how an alpha male behaves (Like Michael Jordan, Brad Pitt in Fight Club, Jon Hamm in Madmen, etc.) – they always have a loud and clear sounding way of speaking. I suggest changing your speaking strategy to a similar one for better results.

3) Maintain eye contact.

Good eye contact is a sign of a high-status individual. If you can maintain eye contact effectively, then you convey that you are a person with character and not easily mentally defeated; not a chump.

Most people don’t want to be friends with a chump, so do your best not to behave like one. Also women are less likely to want to sleep with a chump – no matter how attractive he may be physically. This is exactly why you hear about or see good looking men getting cheated on with men that are not as attractive from time to time. It’s not just about looks.

4) Keep it short and sweet.

Try not to ramble on, say what you have to say in 5 seconds or less. The more you talk, then the more energy you suck from people. If you have ever meant someone that is fun to be around, you might notice they talk in a quick and to the point – sometimes blunt – kind of way.

5) Keep it positive.

And the most obvious tip, don’t be a Debbie-downer… don’t be someone that is trying to drag the group into some emo, bullshit depression. Talk about uplifting topics, like dreams, family or recreation. As long as you stay on these topics, then you won’t have any problems making friends – trust me.

To add to all this…

There is a considerable amount of conversational ability that most women require to keep them around. Especially in a competitive city like New York; where I live. You need to know how to speak and convey yourself as a confident, well put together man if you want to attract a quality network of friends or potential mates. So pay attention to this article if you get cut off a lot – this will do wonders!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 5 tips for overcoming shyness

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pua pictureow here is a fun one, and believe it or not, I used to be really shy. It’s amazing how much you can change if you just learn to face the things you are most uncomfortable with. Basically facing these things is what encourages the transformation from a boy to a man; if you think about it.

Below I’ve listed a few guidelines that will help you overcome shyness, like I did long ago…

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1) Surround yourself with the right people.

Pretty simple right… I bet 90% of you still hang out with toxic people that will never amount to anything or go anywhere in life. Sorry to say, but it’s the truth. If you are shy, then 90% of the reason is because you hang out with the wrong people.

So start hanging out with people that influence you to come out of your shell. People that won’t shoot you down when you want to say something on your mind. People that have respect for your opinions – I think you get the idea. That’s what it takes; surrounding yourself with the “right” people.

2) Change your tonality and volume.

This has a lot of impact, I just started really noticing this also. One day I went out really focused on my tonality. I tried to speak like someone in my vocal range, that I also thought had a cool voice. I’ll keep it a mystery on who it was. I ended up having women want to go places with me and even had a girl offer to hookup in a bathroom that night. I know it sounds farfetched, but it is the truth. So I stand by my word, when I tell you tonality will greatly increase a man’s attraction.

3) Stop doubting yourself.

This is probably the single best and easiest piece of advice I can give. Channel your inner Tyler Durden and man the fuck up. You should be confident and comfortable with yourself. You are the human counterpart to all female human beings on this planet – therefore you should feel entitled to them.

Let go of any negativity that doesn’t support you going home with a beautiful woman. Let go of any negative anything… emotion, article of clothing, people, friends or anything that doesn’t allow you to feel entitled to being the alpha male that we all have inside of us.

4) Have more conversations with random people.

You shouldn’t be limited to just speaking with women. In fact, in some countries you could get in trouble for just going up to random women. For example, in the middle east the safest way to meet women is through introduction – otherwise you could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

So learn to make friends in clubs and bars… you’ll be better off having more friends than enemies. If you have a pivot-group that you met earlier, then you can always come back to them every so often to reinforce that you have backup in case any onlookers with malicious intent are among you. It will make those people think twice before messing with you.

5) Make a conscious effort to be interested in who people are.

There is a great African Proverb that I like to say from time to time. The saying goes like this:

A fool speaks, a wise man listens.

This in pickup, means that instead of blabbering about yourself – try to take some effort in learning about the person in front of you. Work on relating and seeing if the two of you have anything interesting in common.

From my own experience, there is a big satisfaction in actually connecting with a woman. Not only does it make sex better, but it makes her treat you better. Although relationships can hurt a lot, they also can be rather enjoyable with the right people.


Whether you think so or not, being shy is beatable – it just takes careful practice and persistence. Like I said before, I know this because I was once a very shy young man. I beat it and I know all of you, that are struggling with it, can beat it too. Now the next step is getting up and doing exactly what I mentioned in this article; now get on it!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 Tips for warming up when you go out

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W-design-1 pua picturee all have our own personal methods for getting ourselves ready for something. When I was in wrestling as a kid, a lot of the wrestlers would put honey under their tongues to get a sugar rush before a match. For pickup… since energy is not the main component for meeting women – I’d say you need a little more than a sugar rush.

So below I’ve listed a few key concepts to put yourself in a more sociable mood, this way you can get yourselves more at ease and not feel as anxious…

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1) Approach hot women on your way to venues.

I like to do this because it desensitizes you to having a conversation with a beautiful woman. You’ll see that it’s really not that difficult and that not all attractive women are difficult to talk with.

Once you’ve gotten a few positive responses or maybe a number or more, then you will feel much more adequate in comparison to others that you may meet in the venue where you are going later. It will be much easier to converse and you will probably even have a better time when you’re there.

2) Only focus on women giving IOI’s (Indications of interest).

The reason I like to do this is because most of the time these women will at least be a decent experience; even if they don’t give you their number or go home with you. Some women, especially in a city full of rude people (Like New York) will down-right get offended if you come up to them. So to avoid a potential bitch-fit, I like to pay attention to mainly the women that are paying attention to me.

Nevertheless, I do not limit myself to just these particular women. In fact, after I’ve had a relatively good deal of success (Gotten a couple of numbers or make-out, etc.), then I may push the envelope and start approaching more difficult targets.

I find this strategy much more comfortable than to just outright approach everyone and anyone right off the bat. The reason being, I tend to feel more mentally drained after a few bad experiences and it can be a pain to get my state of mind into the previous “fun mood” I started out in. I think this is a rather human response, so you need to gradually build up. So in short, I focus on women that give IOI’s first because it keeps the gaming experience fun.

3) Just focus on having a normal conversation.

This means talking about yours or their hobbies, dreams, etc. You can switch off between the two of you. If you can get them talking about themselves more, then even better. Afterall, from my own experience, I find that women love to talk about themselves.

4) Move on if target is not fully engaged.

This comes back to qualifying – the right way to qualify – that is. If a target is not going to see you as an equal or more, then you simply bid them farewell and move on to someone that will.

For most men this is a hard thing to do… but for those that have experienced being with many different beautiful women, and often, they won’t have any qualms with losing one lousy set in exchange for 2 better ones. Learn to embrace this mentality and pickup will become much more enjoyable.

All in all…

Meeting women should be enjoyable and if you aren’t having fun, then you are either with the wrong people or trying too hard. Learn to relax, live in the moment and go out to have fun – not just to get laid. That pretty much sums it up… now get the hell out of your chair and game!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for showing interest without looking desperate

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pua pictureow here is an interesting topic for everyone, here is something that I believe some of you might need an explanation for. Even a great looking guy can turn a girl off if he behaves too desperate. I see this happen all the time actually and it’s something that will either make or break you.

So I got just the advice for you guys below…

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1) Don’t just talk about her.

A lot of guys almost instinctively believe that veering the focus onto the woman is going to score more points. However, it takes two to tango. Women make their judgements based on your ability to converse and if you are going to play it safe and not be willing to showcase your ability to converse, then an attractive, intelligent female is going to assume that you have no ability. So don’t be surprised if she makes an excuse to leave early in this case.

2) Give her space.

One of the easiest ways to turn a woman off is to invade her space. Yes you need to break the touch-barrier to get intimate, but doing so too aggressively will not only kill attraction, it will make you look like a jackass when she abruptly leaves in front of everyone.

So don’t make a move unless you, for one, get her laughing, have her deliberately touching on you or notice her frequently bringing her face close to yours. These can be starter cues for you all. There are plenty of signs other than these, but I’ll just give you guys these for now to keep things simple.

3) Don’t over-compliment.

There’s a saying some of you may have heard before… I’ve even caught older women telling this to younger women. It goes: “Never trust anyone that is too nice.” This is true in many cases and in my experience it always leads to disaster – whether you are the one being nice or viceversa. So get used to only giving what she is willing to give in return. If you have to, then get in a habit of going Dutch.

4) Ask for her number or to go somewhere with you – if you haven’t already.

This right here is probably the key factor that will lead to you getting laid more often. Most guys don’t have the balls to even ask for a number. Believe it or not, most men go through life afraid to talk to women. They go to school and if they’re lucky, they make friends through a study group or social club, etc.

Most of the time guys meet girls through friends and most of the time the women go after them. Maybe the guy was smart or had some trait that a woman valued and she decided to be the first to make a move. However, usually these same men could have done a lot better. Nevertheless, since they didn’t have the balls to go for the women they wanted, then they ended up settling down with the women that were easiest.

So moral of the story…

Don’t be afraid to go for what you want. You must be willing to accept rejection to get the hottest women and do so diligently. Now you’ve got a little more knowledge on how to compose yourself the next time you go out. Yet remember that this advice can only get you so far, sometimes you just have to move on and accept that not every woman is going to work out. So get to work and find those that will!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 5 Tips on how not to be boring

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S-design-1 pua pictureo some of you may be thinking… boring? How not to be boring? Should be common sense right?

Well the reality is that men and women have different ideas of what boring is all about. You can most likely blame that on the different algorithms for how hormones are injected into our nervous systems.

Some of you may think you have a significant grasp on how not to be boring, yet still aren’t going home with a different beautiful woman every weekend. So in the end you may be able to keep the girl entertained, but aren’t hitting the switch that triggers her to want to sleep with you.

Today my friends, I’m going to talk about how to be more intriguing to your next date. So let’s get ready to focus. I’ve listed a few concepts to send you all on your way…

boring-2 pickup picture

1) Find and address commonalities.

It’s not hard, you just need to start off by asking simple questions. Some simple questions to get the ball rolling are…

– What’s your name?

This opens you up to relate… you can relate by saying you had a friend in school/a cousin with that name, etc. Even if you don’t, it will make her begin to feel more comfortable with you.

– Where are you from?

This is a good way to understand her a little more – especially if you have been to where she’s from. Again, focus on relating to whatever her answer is.

– You look creative – are you a musician/artist?

I usually will ask her this if she is wearing something colorful or vintage, etc. If she is dressed a little less casual, then I may ask if she’s an accountant or something less creative.

2) Travel.

This is a pretty big no-brainer and even if you suck at conversing, then you can always just ramble on about where you’ve been. If you’ve been all over the world, then people will always have questions about the different places they haven’t been yet.

Not just that, being well travelled is a form of demonstrating higher value. It shows you aren’t afraid to take risks and are adventure seeking; which are traits of a typical alpha, traits that women crave.

3) Read.

Yes, that’s right – you’ll be surprised how many people love to read. If you’ve read a book that someone else has read, then that is almost a guaranteed instant connection.

4) Go to concerts and events.

When you have an interesting lifestyle and are passionate about your interests, then people will appreciate you more than if you just sit at home and play videogames in your free time. Concerts are not just a great way to be more interesting, you’ll meet a lot of like-minded people as well; hence improving the quality of your network.

When you have a high quality network you’ll have more fun going out, because you are hanging out with people that are like you. In return you’ll feel better and women will take more notice of you as a happy, rather than just some random guy out to get some pussy.

5) Never stop seeking self-improvement.

This comes back to the my own 3 pillars of pickup…

Physical well-being: This includes working out, a healthy diet and being well-groomed. When you have this in check, then you’ll notice that you have a big advantage compared to the guys trying to meet women with dad bodies or those that can double for humpty dumpty.

Mental well-being:

The more knowledge one has then the more in control you’ll feel in life in general. Whether you have multiple degrees, read 60 books a year or have a successful business, you should always be striving to reach the next level. The more you accomplish then the higher your confidence will be in the game of life.


Style is almost as powerful as looking like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”. If you know how to dress in a comfortable, yet attractive fashion, then naturally, women are going to be more interested. I suggest spending a little time trying to figure out your own look.

This isn’t something that can be accomplished in one day either. You need to go out and experiment with different looks. After awhile you’ll notice what outfits get the most attention. So you’ll have a better idea of what to get when you’re out shopping.

In conclusion…

Being an interesting person is not something that most people are born with. Much like anything else you want to improve in – you must work at it. A good way to get off to a good start is by asking yourself this simple question…

“Would I find myself interesting if I just met me?

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Hope this write-up was of help for most of you. Now get to work and keep going out!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for having a sexy, confident voice

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W-design-1 pua picturehen I first started out, I sometimes would not pay attention to my voice tonality. I would get excited about something and for some reason my voice would get higher. I was somewhat soft-spoken as well. If you listen to me now, you’ll see that there is nothing soft spoken about my voice. I sound exactly the way a man should sound and women even tell me, quite often, that they like the sound of my voice. With careful practice and diligent effort – you all can accomplish this as well.

Below I’ve included a few thoughtful tips that I personally paid attention to on my journey to mastering my own voice…

tonality-2 pua picture

1) Speak slower.

This is actually a great habit to get into because people, not just women, will listen to you more. You’ll be understood better and will ilicit better responses. The delivery of how you say things has a lot of power and is definitely worth analyzing. Experiment with the speed to find out what has the most desirable response when you are out with people next.

2) Practice and listen to yourself.

There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself – at least in this case. Use your own judgement and listen to how you say words. Focus on particular words and be creative about it. Conversation is an art-form; think of everything you say to a woman as though you are painting a picture with words. If you sound monotone and boring, then the picture is going to look dull and cheap. If you see conversation as a form on expression, then you’ll become much more interesting to listen to.

3) Pronounce words.

Focus on this… part of being a good with women, or people in general, is being a good communicator. If you are easy to understand, then people will be more willing to relate with you; hence forming stronger bonds or being more likable.

4) Listen carefully to those with a tonality you desire.

I would say one of the best exercises for developing this aspect of your game is through carefully analyzing actors or people you think have good tonality. Just listen to them and find out if their voice is in your vocal range.

The way you can tell if it’s in your range is by trying to mimic the way it sounds. If it is not that difficult, then you found a tonality that is realistic for you. If it is too difficult, then simply move on to someone else. Do this until you’ve found someone’s tonality that is the most comfortable for you.

Last of all…

Like I said in the beginning of the article… I don’t know how many times women have told me they liked the sound of my voice. I’ve spent some significant time trying to find it and it has definitely been time well spent. I suggest you all consider this as well. Now that’s all for today, hope I was able to help some of you – now get up off your computer and go out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 5 Dating tips for texting women

texting-2 pickup picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo on all my social media outlets I am always getting bombarded with questions in regard to texting. People ask me questions like when do you text after getting the number? How much should you text? So on and so forth.

So today I decided to write a thoughtful article about it just for all of you that have asked me. All these concepts are based on the majority of questions I’ve received over time and also based on the most insightful knowledge I have came across online. So to get started, the following are…

texting pickup picture

1) Balance the momentum.

Bottom line, you shouldn’t text her too much or not enough. 1-2 times a week is best and if she doesn’t reply, then depending on how much you like her, wait a week and try again. If she doesn’t respond after a couple of times of doing this, then move on. You did all you could do… anymore trying is just going to scare her off.

2) Don’t overuse emoticons.

Less is always more in this case. There is nothing masculine about a guy that uses more emoticons than a girl he’s trying to talk to. If anything, the focus should be on waiting a little bit; see how much she’s willing to invest first.

3) Text soon after first getting the number.

I’ve lost track of all the times I meet a girl that acts conservative in front of her friends, then I text her the next day and end up spending the night at her place. Always with a night full of sex.

So jump on it quickly before someone else snatches her up. Especially in a big city like New York – you could be competing with 10 other guys.

4) Push for meeting up as soon as she can.

Like I said before, act fast and be assertive. It is actually a turn on to most women when a guy shows that he knows what he wants. Don’t be afraid to message her the next day either – especially if you really hit it off when you first met.

5) Avoid complex discussion.

The phone is not a place for discussion and until they make it possible for a woman to give you an orgasm over the phone, then you should be only using it as a tool for getting her out on a date. So cut to the chase, answer her if she asks you anything, but don’t ask her anything that you can ask when the two of you are together.


It should be straight to the point and just aimed at getting her to meet up with you. When you meet in person, then you can work your magic and if you don’t have any magic, then at least you’re in the right place. So that’s all for today, now go out and meet some women!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 pickup tips for getting laid at parties

party-2 pickup picture

pua pictureow here is a fun topic that I think we all could use a little work with. Parties are a fun and easy way to get women, but like anything, you need to know what you’re doing. Otherwise you’ll just creep the girls out and piss off whose ever party it is; without getting an invite to the next one.

Here I’ve put together some valuable information – in a step-by-step format – that will get you all on your way to getting your first lays at a party; while doing pickup. So the following steps are…

Party pickup picture

1) Approach all the women you like from the front.

The reason I do this is because this doesn’t give a girl a chance to turn away. If you approach her from an angle that is comfortable for her, then she is less likely to reject you. Nevertheless, if she is highly attracted to you, or a “yes” girl, then you can approach from any angle. Yet you most likely won’t experience that many “yes” girls at parties – in my own experience.

2) Talk with her for a minimum 5 minutes, then break the touch-barrier.

In short, don’t waste too much time babbling on about meaningless nonsense. You’re there for a reason and that is too get laid. So the moment you feel the conversation start to go stale then make a comment about a ring on her finger or any excuse to grab her hand. You could even pretend to read her palm; you don’t really have to know how to either. Just look at her hand and say she has a long life-line or something.

After you’ve held her hand for a second or 2, then gauging by how compliant she is with this, you can pull her closer to you. You might even be able to get a kiss. Ease into it though, you never want to be too aggressive.

3) Get the kiss-close.

Yes, once you’ve gotten this, then you’re very close to the close. However, don’t get too excited, because you still need to get her in the right state of mind. Which usually includes intimate touching.

Here are a few key points to focus on when kissing so everything goes smoothly…

-Don’t stick your tongue down her throat.

-Only use tongue when she does.

-Pull your head away and get her chasing the kiss.

-Get physical, by grabbing her buttocks, but not blatantly in front of people.

-She is more likely to make out with you in an isolated area, like outside or in a less crowded part of the house; even a bathroom would be fine.

4) Raise buying temperature and isolate.

Once you’ve made out for awhile, start becoming more physical. Ease into it – don’t rush. Start by kissing her neck, then feeling her buttocks. From there you can move toward feeling on her chest and if this is alright for her, then move to between her legs.

If she lets you do all of this, then you might as well try hooking up. If you aren’t already in a room, bathroom, secluded area next to the house or anything like that, then get there. You’ll be surprised how many girls have hooked up in even crazier locations than these.

Further on…

So there is a little break-down on how to get things rolling at parties. It may help to make a few approaches on your way there; so you are able to get yourself into a more social mood. Now that’s all I’ve got for today – now good luck and keep going out!

To finish off…

You can’t get anywhere without sexual tension, unless the girl just flat out tells you she wants to fuck you and how often does that happen? So you are stuck having to be the aggressor. The idea is actually quite similar to a concept coined by David Deangelo called “2 steps forward, 1 step backward”.

The main idea is to push as far as you can for sex until she is almost at her breaking point, or borderline annoyed, then back off for 5 minutes and commence laying on the affection; making out, etc. It is much more efficient to test for every opportunity as it presents itself – this can be done through touch, kissing, suggesting to go somewhere every few minutes – rather than to sit back and hope your “amazing verbal skills” convince her to go home with you. Remember you have to warm the engine before she’s ready to drive.

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