PUA Tips: Things women are programmed to look for in a man

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pua pictureow this article is based on what I’ve seen in over ten years of going out and meeting different women. I’ve also maintained many relationships with lots of women – that I’m still in touch with to this day.

The following things listed are what I personally believe most women are programmed to search for in their potential mate…

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1) Intelligence.

Probably one of the strongest impressions to make on someone is to impress them with your intelligence. When a person (Female or male) respects your intelligence, then you better believe they’ll value your company.

So remember the brain is like a muscle, the more we train it, then the smarter we get. Therefore, never stop being great… learn new languages, travel, study, learn and never stop learning.

2) Confidence.

Confidence – to me – is a combination of experience and never-ending growth. So if you want to radiate confidence, then first get your lay-count up with quality women. Once you’ve accomplished that, then keep the ball rolling. Never stop and never get comfortable; always be pushing for the next level.

3) A social life.

Don’t just push to master getting women, work to master relationships with people as well. Learn to build relationships with powerful people and learn what you need to do to get them to respect you as well.

4) A good sense of humor.

The ability to put others at ease with a good sense of humor is a very useful tool. Knowing when to poke fun at others and using sarcasm subtly can be a start. The rest of it is learned through trial and error.

5) Similar interests.

I think it helps to have things you are both passionate about in common. For example: My last serious relationship, my girl and I both were passionate about checking out new restaurants in the city. I guess you can say we are both “foodies” – anyway, we always had a good time together because of this.

Remember that everyone has at least one thing in common, that you both can be passionate about. So try to find it, it helps big time to know how to pinpoint the commonalities and embellish; especially for retaining the women you really like.

So that about does it…

Hopefully the aforementioned will help simplify everyone’s perception of what is needed to attract your ideal mate. I think I made it pretty clear, so I am going to cut it off here. Just remember that not all of these things can be changed in a day; it will take time to improve character. Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week and once again… keep going out!

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The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 5 places to pickup women in Tokyo

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A-design-1 PUA pictures some of you may know, I go to Japan every Winter. One of the cities I frequent is none other than Tokyo. So allow me to cover all the places I’ve had the most success meeting women during Night-game in Tokyo. I have personally been to these places – so I know first hand what their value is.

I am the kind of guy that doesn’t like to pay for covers either. So if you want to have an edge on the rest of the foreigners, without spending a fortune, then listen up…

Tokyo-2 hot Japanese girl pickup picture

1) Shibuya HUB (Fake British Bar Franchise)

Address: 150-0042 Tokyo-to, shibuya-ku, Udagawacho

This is the best place to go in the beginning the night and it’s open all week. It closes at 1 am on the weekdays and 4 am on weekends. Definitely a must-go when in Tokyo.

Women literally line up to talk to me when I come here and I never have gone here without making out with at least one chick before it closes; weekdays and weekends.

2) Gas Panic (After-hours)

Address: 150-0042 Tokyo-to, shibuya-ku, Udagawacho, 21-7

Right accross the street from HUB Shibuya – you can also come here on the weekends and it’s open til 6 am. This is a good place to take a girl after HUB; if she hasn’t already decided to come home with you.

3) Bar Quest (Afterhours)

Address: 1006-0032 Tokyo, Minato City, Roppongi, 5 Chome-5-3-1

I went here a few times and I had a decent time. There are a lot of Koreans and some Brazilians as well. The place is open til 9 am, so it is perfect if you still haven’t gotten any after most bars have closed. However it is a bit pricey, but by the time you get there, then I’m sure you would have had more than your fill. Also there is a reasonably priced cover, but I can assure you it is worth it, because the place is full of women – with new women coming in and out – all the way until the end.

4) Shinjuku Golden Gai

Address: 1 Chome Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0021

This is actually the first place I got lucky in Japan. I met this really sexy Japanese girl and we ended up going for karaoke after – then later, she decided to come home with me.

There are an assortment of mini-bars all over here. I only go to the free or cheap bars here. So far it hasn’t let me down. Come here if you are staying closer to Shinjuku first.

When I was in Shinjuku, I would come here around 11 pm and then head to Shibuya, to catch the women at the HUB Shibuya.

5) Shinjuku HUB (Fake British Bar Franchise)

Address: 160-0021 Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Kabukicho, 1 Chome-2-5

Here is a nice place to go on the way to Golden Gai. This place can get nice on the weekends, but I wouldn’t expect too much on the weekdays.

If you are staying close to Shinjuku, then at least give it a shot, because – if you’re lucky – you may not have to go far to get some action. Just like the HUB Shibuya; lots of J-girls come here just to meet foreigners.

So in short…

If you want the most up to date places in Tokyo, that I always go, then hit these places up. I have never been in Tokyo without getting at least one J-girl to sleep with me. So good luck and enjoy!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: How to test for quality women

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W-design-1 pua picturehen I grew up I had a fairly large family on both my mom and dad’s side. Also men were dominant, so I had more uncles than aunts. I am lucky to come from the family I came from, because most of my uncles were not only very successful, but also great with women.

I was able to get a first-hand look at how naturals pickup and keep, not only beautiful, but quality women in their lives. So among many great things that I learned from watching and doing what I saw my uncles doing – a few principles stuck out in my mind. They gave me insight that allowed me to come up with these 3 tests that will raise red flags right away; so I don’t end up with shitty women. Below I’ve listed a few ways to tell if you should stay with a girl or not…

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1) Ask them to pay for something.

When I’m out with a girl for the first time, I like to see if they’ll get at least one drink. This right here shows a few things for me. One is that they are independent and two is that they like me enough to invest money in me. People won’t invest a thing if they don’t truly like a person.

2) Shaming you.

This is a typical female manipulation tactic and it is a telltale sign that she is an abusive person. Some people just like to be abusive and although it isn’t right, you can’t change them. So in short, just stay away from them, because there are plenty of women out there that will treat you a hell of a lot better.

3) Ask a friend to try to get her number while you’re in the bathroom.

So let’s say you met a girl and she past the first two tests. Now you can see that she at least likes you. Next step is to see how loyal she is.

I have had women fail this test and it has done me great justice. I always end up in the most rewarding relationships. My women all fall hard for me and always are willing to stay in my life for a long time.

Not only that, they are thoughtful and give me my space. We don’t fight as much either and my theory for this outcome is that when a person truly values a person, then they won’t do things to upset them. The thought of losing me is too great, so in return she is more well-behaved.

For the most part…

All this advice is golden and you’ll thank me later if you follow this. If you lower your standards, then you lower your rewards. The key is to evolve to the highest level possible as a man (Physically, financially and mentally.) and when you’re there, then high level women will come to you with ease. So that’s about it for today, thanks once more for reading and make sure you get out this weekend!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 3 Techniques for mastering eye contact

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PUA Picture know I’ve covered this before, but today I figured it would be a lot better to break eye contact down into particular techniques. Doing so, I believe, makes it much easier for everyone to comprehend. Therefore, making it easier for everyone reading this to see actual results.

So I’ve written an easy-to-follow guide for these techniques below…

eye-contact pickup picture

1) Triangular gazing.

This is pretty straight to the point… all you need to do is alternate where you look by switching from one of her eyes to her mouth, then to the other eye and repeating. Nevertheless it might be a good idea to mix it up and go the other direction every once in awhile. Also take between 5 and 10 seconds per focal point.

Supposedly this makes the woman want to kiss you. However, in my opinion, if she likes you and enjoys your company, then she most likely will be willing to kiss regardless.

2) Look long enough to tell eye color.

Yes that’s right, look at the person long enough to figure out what their eye color is. Obviously if you are in a dark room, it might be harder. Let’s say you only use this when it is light enough to tell.

After you’ve seen what color their eyes are, then you can look away. Come back periodically and switch from technique number 1 to 2 – so you don’t look like a robot.

3) Relax your eyes when you look at people.

When I say relax your eyes, I mean relax the muscles around them. This makes you look relaxed and people tend to feel more comfortable around people that seem relaxed.

When you do this with women, I find it makes the mood more provocative and possibly makes you look sexier. I’ve been told on countless occasions that women find me laid back and easy-going – it may partially be due to the look in my eyes.

All in all…

It’s not rocket science, but you may need a little practice to get in the groove. The key is not to over analyze and just focus on what I told you. The most important thing is that you learn to relax when giving eye contact. When you are relaxed, then others will be also. So that’s about it, hope this helps some of you and enjoy the new year!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for being funny

funny pickup picture

pua pictureow here is a skill that all of us can improve, and thankfully, I can confidently say that I have it pretty well figured out. It isn’t that complicated if you just have someone that knows what they are doing to explain it.

A good sense of humor is vital and has an immense amount of power as well. You can go from a very boring evening to an amazing one in the blink of an eye – if you only know what to do. So lucky enough for all of you, below I’ve included a list of principles that will allow you to master this skill very quickly…

1) Self-deprecating humor:

Maybe some of you have heard this term before “self deprecating humor”… what this means is that you don’t poke fun at anyone but yourself, therefore you don’t offend anyone; which is actually a big deal if you want everyone to like your jokes.

Here is an example of a joke I used last weekend:

Me: “I had an interesting conversation with a random girl the other night. You want to hear the story?”

Girl I just met: “Sure.”

Me: “The other day I was talking to this girl I randomly bumped into at a bar and she asked me if I was drunk. I told her I only had 2 drinks. She then asked me how many I had at home.

(Pause 2-3 seconds)

Me: “Guess what I told her?”

Girl I just met: “What?”

Me: “I told her shots don’t count.”

Girl I just met: “Haha.”

Notice how I am keeping the focus on me and not picking at anyone else. This kind of humor is great for making people you just met more comfortable around you. Just don’t crack jokes too often or you’ll just look like an attention whore.

2) Making fun of someone annoying in the room:

I usually do this after I’ve confirmed that a girl already likes me or after we’ve already kissed. This is good, because it puts less stress on me for having to keep the conversation going. I don’t have to think about telling a good story and it is an easy way to get a girl laughing.

Just don’t come off too much like a douche-bag. A simple comment like, “I bet that guy gets all the girls” is good enough.

3) Sarcastic answers to serious questions:

When I mean sarcastic answers, I’m thinking the way an older brother would kid with a younger sibling. For instance, if a girl asks me “what I do for a living” or “where I work”, which will happen, then I’ll answer with something like, “At an office, in a building, next to a street.” Some simple word-play like that is much more entertaining than the typical response.

You could even go as far as to say something like, “I sleep next to a dumpster down the street.” I’ve used both of these responses with a great deal of success.

4) Teasing:

Teasing is also very simple… telling her “good job” when she missed a shot while playing a game of pool is a good example. Maybe she has a striped sweater on. I would say something like, “Did you just come from a ‘Where’s Waldo audition’?” Yes these may seem a little harsh, but if a woman is somewhat attracted to you, then they just view comments like these as flirting. Just don’t over-do it or they will be offended.

For the most part…

You will have to figure out what is too much and just right, through trial and error. Different women will have different degrees of tolerance. And if they do get offended easily, then just move on to someone else. If they get offended, then they are obviously not for you. Well, that’s all I got for today. Hope this has helped some of you and remember to keep going out!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: 3 Habits for a better life

better-life-2 pickup picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo I was thinking to myself the other day about what habits I’ve changed about myself that have really improved my quality of life. I came up with these 3 habits that have not just made my life better, but have increased my overall productivity ten-fold. Of course, I’ve listed them below…

better-life pickup picture

1) Read.

Although, I don’t really list any books – I do read a lot and I can definitely understand why supposedly most CEO’s read around 50 books a year. I personally am up to 3-5 a month – so around 40-50 a year.

I have always been a pretty avid reader and I tend to focus on non-fiction. I also like to research the author first and make sure they are successful (If still alive) and if they aren’t alive, then at least I make sure they are somewhat of an influential figure that have some kind of traits that I value.

2) Meditate.

The definition of meditation, for me, is to “still the mind” and this is exactly what it does. So if I’m feeling a bit stressed out, then I’ll lay back, close my eyes and meditate. After doing so for around 15-30 minutes I always feel much more relaxed and ready to tackle whatever work I need to get done.

I am not going to get into detail on how to meditate, because there is so much great and free content online that you can all discover for yourself. Besides I am not a meditation expert, I just do what works for me. The main point is that you feel relaxed afterward; whatever techniques you decide to to utilize is entirely up to you.

3) Work out and eat healthy.

One of biggest factors that will regulate how you feel and how productive you are is how well you take care of your body. The biggest mistake a person can make is neglecting one’s health.

It really makes a difference when you change up your diet with healthier foods and a nice, weekly routine of about 3 days a week at the gym. I like to combine about an hour of weight training with 30-40 minutes of mild cardio after; usually just walking on the treadmill.

After that I’ll stretch and hop in the shower. I mostly workout in the morning, because it helps me sleep better at the end of the day and I also get my blood flowing before I have to start working. Trust me, working out makes a big difference in how you feel – you will have much less stress and are less likely to feel depressed; if that is one of your problems.

And that’s it…

Stick to these 3 habits and I guarantee that you will feel so much more better than you were before. Happiness is about what you do in your spare time and as long as you are trying to reach your full potential, then you will always continue to feel better and better. So that’s all I got for everyone today… thanks for reading and don’t forget to keep going out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for never to get screwed over

screwed-over-2 pickup picture

S-design-1 pua pictureo I am pretty big on not making enemies and if I meet someone that I see a potential enemy, then I will sever ties pretty quickly. So for all of you that are not as experienced with people – I thought I’d put this together to help you all, not just choose better girls, but also better friends in general.

The following principles in regard to this are…

screwed-over pickup picture

1) Come to terms with the fact that most people are out for themselves.

Yes, this is an ideology that is somewhat comforting – especially in a ‘dog eat dog city’ such as New York; where I live. In stead of getting your feelings hurt, then you can just come to terms with this somewhat Machiavellian principle that I’ve come to appreciate.

Although, not everyone is like this, the majority of the world are out for themselves; maybe not consciously, but subconsciously. So when you can alter your paragdigm to align with this ideology, then you are much more less likely to put yourself in risky situations that may not turn out in your favor.

2) Never give more than what someone is willing to give you.

This can be applied to who you choose as a wing-man and to the women you choose to form relationships with. Otherwise you will be spending your time and money on other people, that most likely, view you as lower than them.

I personally am into being respected and not being taken advantage of. And yes there may be some people that have a personal masochistic kink – such as the opposite of this principle – yet I know many do not. So if you are like me and don’t like being taken advantage of, then pick the people that you spend your time with wisely.

3) Offer value is exchange for value.

Another interesting way to view this is from the perspective of a “buyer versus a seller”. A seller is coming from a perception where they are trying to convince the person that they are worth their time. A seller’s view is seen as lower value than the buyer’s.

So in short, be the buyer and in order to do so, then you need to internalize that you have something of high value to offer. When you can demonstrate this effectively, or have a high sense of self-worth (confidence), the right people will stay and the wrong people will quickly stay away; because they see that they can’t use you.

4) Don’t talk too much.

Another Machiavellian principle… never reveal too much about yourself. Allow people to gradually get to know you over time. Doing this will create a more profound bond and people will respect you more.

You’ll also be able to distinguish who you want to keep around. The more time you are around a person, then to more likely someone will reveal their true self; so give everyone a grace period of about 1 1/2 – 2 months. You’ll learn their true intentions and true character. Whether they actually are quality people that are capable of creating a symbiosis that you both can benefit from; these are the best relationships. The more relationships that you can create like this, then you will be more likely to achieve a higher level of success in life.


Relationships should be of great importance in one’s life. Overly selfish people that think they don’t need people often tend to be dissatisfied wth life and unhappy. Yes, people can cause a lot of pain, but that is only when you surround yourself with the wrong people.

The right people are the only real recipe for happiness and that is me speaking from experience. We all have an innate need for acceptance. Do not be ashamed for wanting to be accepted, just get better at finding the right people to accept you. So that is all I have to say for today, hope I was able to help some of you and have a great week!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for attracting people

attract-people-2 pickup picture

I know many of you are probably wondering why I’m talking about people in general and not just women. Well, that is because I’ve learned that this life is not just about getting laid. It is also about building a great life and being successful.

In order to be successful you must first learn to master the art of building relationships. If you you often come across unattractive or boring, then you will have quite a bit of trouble becoming a success.

So below I’ve listed a few principles that all of you can follow to become more liked or become more attractive…

attract-people pickup picture

1) Find out what makes the target excited.

Whoever you are trying to form a relationship with must have some interest in something. So a good way to find out is by having a conversation with them. This isn’t hard, you just need to go up and say hi.

You can start off by mentioning an article of their clothing that you may like. Maybe you like the same brand. It doesn’t take much to get a conversation going.

Maybe they are very fashion conscious, maybe they like cars or maybe they just like to sit at home and read well written books. It doesn’t matter what it is, what matters is that you find out what it is.

So play around and see where the conversation takes you. Avoid confrontational subjects such as who they voted for, negative topics like lost loved ones, things they don’t like, etc. Ask questions or talk about a sport you like, maybe mention a player that is doing good this year and see if they get excited about such. Not too difficult, you just need to be willing to relate with them.

2) Decide what archetype you want to attract.

When I say archetype, I’m talking about category that whoever you are trying to connect with falls into. This relies a good deal on their upbringing.

In the United States you have a few different archetypes and they usually form around class; lower class, middle class and upper class. The idea is to match whatever class you are trying to attract.

You can match them by dressing similar, talking in a similar way or having similar likes or values. There are other things, but those are the most prominent that I can think of. The best way to understand whomever you are trying to attract is by getting to know more of these kinds people.

For example: If I want to attract a beautiful, naeive and sweet Morman girl, then I might start going to a Morman church and getting to know more Mormans. I may go to their gatherings and befriend as many of them as I can to learn about their ways. Remember this is just an example.

Another example: If I sold real estate, then I might want to build more relationships with people that have a lot of money. So I am going to go out to bars that rich people go to. I am going to pay attention to how they dress, how they talk, what they talk about, their values and what excites them, then match them.

This isn’t rocket science, you don’t have to spend a lot of time on Google researching every little detail either. All it takes is hanging out with as many of these people as possible and taking a mental note of the things they talk about and asking them about whatever they may be willing to tell you.

Yes, you may give away that you aren’t from where they are from in the beginning; which may cause you to lose some of those potential clients. However, in time all that data that you’ve gathered from countless interactions will accumulate.

In time, they will never know who you really are. You’ll become a chameleon and they will accept you as their own. Once you have that acceptance, then you have formed that relationship. Once you have that relationship, then they are that much more likely to buy whatever it is you are selling.

3) Show signs of similarity.

I did mention this before, but I will articulate a little more on the subject. People like people that remind them of themselves. When I was in school, my friends were all interested in the same things that I was interested.

I did wrestling for a long time… so I had a lot of hardcore wrestling friends. I also liked to play chess… so a lot of my friends I met from gathering and playing chess after school. The same is true with videogames. I loved videogames growing up, like many kids from my generation, so many of my friends were also into playing videogames; which is what we would end up doing on the weekends when we finished our homework.

Coming back to the rich guy in #2 – that I want to sell real estate to…

Maybe a good idea for bonding with people, you may want to sell houses to, may be taking up golf. Since many rich men enjoy the sport, you can talk about how you’ve been playing golf for years. Talk yourself up a little, but when you do manage to get them out playing with you, then make sure not to out-shine them.

Just show them a good time… they already have plenty of money. They most likely will want to buy property eventually and they can buy from anyone selling real estate. Nevertheless, if they know you, see that you both like to play golf and like you, then you now have an advantage over the rest of the real estate competition. And they are now much more willing to hit you up, when they are ready to buy some property.

4) Improve your appearance.

Nice clothes and a good haircut can go a long way. You show that you value yourself and have class when you know how to dress. Women will trust you more if you are well-dressed; as opposed to being dressed in rags.

People will be a lot more willing to buy from you because they’ll think you can offer them a quality product. If you look like you take care of yourself, then they will assume you’ll take care of them as well.

So there you have it…

Follow these principles and watch how much your life changes. Watch how much more people accept you into their circles. It’s not hard, it just takes practice and in time anyone can learn how to attract anyone they want.

So that’s that! Hope I was able to help inspire some of you and remember to keep working hard!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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PUA Tips: Top 4 tips for dealing with conflict from other guys

conflict-2 pickup picture

So this isn’t an uncommon thing that most of us men have to deal with. I don’t know how many times I was just standing around and trying to order a drink, then next thing I know some douchebag has to come bump my arm agressively as he walks by. Welcome to another hurdle of the night-life in the big city!

Below I am going to give everyone a few tips on how to deal with this situation without, hopefully, losing the girl or getting in a fight. The following are…

conflict pickup picture

1) Ignore them.

Most guy’s bark is worst than their bite. If you just act as if you don’t hear them or care enough to be bothered, then they most likely will leave. Just continue talking to each other as if some douche isn’t in the background acting a fool.

2) Go out with friends.

The bigger friends, the better. I’m talking from experience, because I’ve gone out with shorties and big guys just to see the difference. I actually hung out with some short guys for a month to see what it was like and it showed me that the Alpha Male Theory is real.

So if you want to have a safe and fruitful night out, then make friends with big dudes that are into game. You’ll be blown away at how much women are attracted to big, strong men and if you are with them, then they will most likely see you as strong as well.

3) Nod your head and walk off.

If the guy is persisting and you don’t know the security, then this may be a good way to avoid a fight. Remember the point is to get laid, not to get into trouble. All you have to do is walk away and make sure to tell the girl something like, “Let’s go over here” to bring her with you.

4) Move closer to the bouncers when being patronized.

This is also a good reason to make friends with bouncers. You never know when you may need their help. In my own experience, I had a guy start hitting a girl in front of me, like hay-maker hitting her, and she was small too.

Everybody was just sitting around and watching, not doing anything. After 2 hard hits I was the idiot that grabbed his arm. Next thing I know him and 2 other guys tackle me to the ground. I had been punched in the face and had my elbow stomped on before the bouncer, that I always talk with for a few minutes when I come in, is tossing these guys off me.

I got away with a couple of bruises, a small lump on my head and bruised elbow. Thanks to a little chit-chat I got away from maybe a potential stabbing – who knows.

So there you have it…

Four ways to keep yourself from having a bad night; like the one I had. Some of the most pain in the ass bills are hospital bills also. well, that’s all I got for today! Now don’t forget to keep your cool and don’t stop going out!

To finish off, here is my first book for anyone that hasn’t read it already; some useful information in here. The book is called…

Street Game: Day Game Tactics“.

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PUA Tips: Top 5 tips for quick night-game fixes

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So since I am so good at this these days – I’ve decided to create this little cheat-sheet for all of you that are still struggling with “one of the easiest ways of getting laid”. The truth is, in New York city at least, night-game is a breeze. There is almost no point doing Day-game, unless you want a serious relationship. And at this point of my life, a one-time hookup every weekend, with a girl I never have to see again, is much more satisfying than a relationship.

So here are a few of my tips for all of you…

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1) Talk to a lot of people when out.

You don’t have to talk to the whole damn bar, but at least have a few interesting conversations to get you into a social mood. This also helps because half the time those people you are talking with may have friends coming. Some of those friends might just be good-looking females. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve gotten laid through a social circle of someone I just randomly talk to about MMA or some other sport I watch; it pays to watch sports!

2) Go out on the busiest nights of the week.

In my city this is usually Friday and Saturday. I think this is usually the case for most cities in the United States. Weekends are the best times for night game, and in my opinion, it’s almost pointless to waste precious energy on any other days; unless you can get into a busy nightclub for free.

3) Get plenty of sleep the night before going out.

Being well rested is key and you’ll not only have a higher probability of getting some ass, but you’ll have more fun as well. I’ve still hooked up with a lot of girls when I felt like crap, but in the beginning when you have less experience, you are going to get burned out early and just want to go home to sleep.

4) Find a wingman.

A good wingman is gold… you will get less rejections and you’ll have more fun as well. I suggest staying away from anyone that gets overly jealous and the types of guys that can’t pay for shit. There are a lot of those here, but there are also a lot of stand up guys that can pull their own weight and want to see both of you get laid. It just takes a little bit of searching, but it is well worth it when you meet a good wingman; it will make getting laid feel effortless.

5) Don’t waste your time with bitchy attitudes.

I have had women apologize via Facebook or text the next day for rudeness before, when I was first figuring things out. Nevertheless I’ve noticed from many experiences, that I can have more fun and get laid faster if I just move on to someone less problematic.

So moral of the story, if she doesn’t like you in the first 2 minutes of the interaction, then she most likely won’t like you after that. Move on gracefully and don’t look back.

To leave off…

Night-game definitely has its pros, but some cons to keep in mind are:


Yes, there are lots of jealous douchebags out there. It just comes with the territory and you may have to fight. So that is another good reason to have a wingman. You can always just walk away, but if you’re drinking, then there’s always a chance mister liquid courage may sneak up on you.

Not relationship material.

Maybe 1 out of a 100 girls you meet at night are relationship material. Plus if they had a one-night stand with you, then they probably will feel like a slut. Unfortunately we live in a society where meaningless hookups are considered shameful behavior by many. However, look on the bright side… if you get good enough, then you can have nasty, meaningless debauchery every weekend with a different sexy woman; like I do.

You have to buy drinks.

Yes, sorry to say, but this is the truth. Unless you want the bartenders and security to hate you, then you best believe you better have a drink in your hand. This is another thing that comes with the territory my friends.

So if you are too cheap to buy a drink or 2 when you go out, then please unsubscribe to my email list and go climb into a hole where you can be an unambitious broke-ass by yourself. And that’s about it! Now good luck to all of you this weekend and keep going out!

To finish off, here is my newest book for everyone; some useful information in here. This book is called…

The Definitive Book of Seduction“.

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