PUA Tips: 3 Red flags that show she isn’t ready to commit

3 Red flags that show she isn’t ready to commit:

pua picture

pua picture
ow a few of these examples might be common sense for a lot of us; but I see plenty of guys that still somehow get tunnel-vision, even when the evidence is usually staring them right in the face. And just because a girl may exhibit some of these red-flags does not mean she is a bad person either. They are usually just not at a point in their life where they have the need to settle down.

The responsible and adult thing to do, for these varieties of situations, is not to expect too much. You can still enjoy the fun and have an FWB sort of thing, but don’t expect her to be willing to go out of her way to suit your needs.

Sometimes girls might think that they need a relationship, nevertheless their actions will inform you otherwise. It doesn’t mean that it is a bad idea to get into the relationship, for kicks. But I would do so with a grain of salt. You can still have a very healthy and substantial bond with someone you aren’t completely committed to; which can lead to some really nice perks(Invites to events, three-somes, meeting new people, gifts, etc.)

So to emphasize, these red-flags are…

#1-She is indifferent about seeing things from your point of view:

PUA picture

A lot of people might not agree with this, but in my opinion, I’ve noticed significant patterns that point to this conclusion being true. Most of the time, women that aren’t turned on to your beliefs or don’t really value your perspective aren’t that into you.

This is an adult decision and whether she desires to accept it or not, she will simply just complicate your life if you choose to take her more seriously. You will run into arguments and feel unappreciated; so she won’t be capable of developing a healthy level of respect for you. And I believe that a woman really should have a high amount of respect for their partner when forming a proper, meaningful and long-lasting relationship.

#2-She stares at other guys too often and openly:

PUA picture

Yes it is fairly obvious, yet I am aware of so many guys that are flat-out living in denial when they see this. If you focus on women’s nonverbals enough, then it’s really not that difficult to get a good idea for what they are really looking for.

Women tend to base their decisions more on how they feel together with someone. Chances are that if you catch her taking glimpses of other guys too much, then the chemistry isn’t strong enough. In her mind, you might be lacking in some department that’s unsatisfactory to her.

Nevertheless, don’t feel discouraged, feelings can still develop after awhile. A lot of beautiful women that live in small towns end up with guys they weren’t even that attracted to due to loneliness.

I’ve seen this happen and over time that woman gets so used to being with that guy that she stays with him. But like I said before, in the beginning take the concept of monogamy with a grain of salt; because if you have high hopes too quickly, then you will often become disappointed.

#3-She likes to speak to other guys when you are out together:

PUA picture

Yet another given… and still I see this a good deal when I’m out. Many guys don’t realize this, but if you need to set verbal boundaries with a woman so that she doesn’t behave in a certain way around other men, then you shouldn’t be with that girl to begin with.

When you’ve met the right woman, then she won’t do any of these things. I know simply because I’ve met several already. There is a natural, invisible chemistry that brings the two of you together and she won’t be focus on anyone but you.

She may glance at an attractive guy walking in, which is human nature, but that’s it… she won’t consistently stare and definitely will not be willing to speak to him. If he talks to her, then she will look at you for your cue to tell him, “We’re fine.”

So to review…

Now here are several things to check for so you don’t get your hearts shattered. One of the particular keys to being a responsible, mature adult is having the power to identify a woman who’s an appropriate girlfriend.

One of the biggest battles of ‘Pick-up artistry’ is getting attached to girls you like. Many of us get a hot girl and hope that she is the right one who isn’t eventually going to burn us in the long run or waste our time. As long as you focus on these red-flags, then you’ll make smarter decisions based on who to get seriously involved with.

Now since we’re on the topic of relationships…

I thought I’d include a book that has some good points on how to develop a more meaningful relationship with your special someone when you have finally found her; or if you’ve found her already.

Allow me to present to you…

Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work” by Matthew McKay Ph.D., Patrick Fanning and Kim Paleg Ph.D.

This here is a helpful piece that will show you how to think and get your mind in the right place for a stronger connection and an ideal bond with your ‘little-lady’.

Just click on the icon below to start reading “Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work” now.

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-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: 2 Functionally insane people

2 Functionally insane people:

PUA Picture

PUA Picture
have no idea what’s wrong with me, but whenever I see someone that is either very unique and maybe even uniquely pathetic, for some reason I never forget them. So today I decided to write about a couple of people that plagued my memory.

These 2 people could really use some self-help in their lives, but are probably so delusional that they can never bring themselves to seek it out. Nevertheless, they still have the ability to make life work to a point that doesn’t get them put in jail… yet.

#1-Tantra master/Con-artist Baba Dez Nichols:

Baba dez nichols PUA picture

Below is a video of a trailer for an independent movie he made…

Oh boy, I could write all day about how amusing it is for me to view this guy talk. It’s pretty entertaining; even despite the fact that this man is trying to get people to actually take him seriously.

This guy fundamentally uses pagan religion to coerce or manipulate naive, emotionally ill and damaged women in to sleeping with him for some supposed form of spiritual enlightenment. The funny part is there are enough of these women out there for him to have already racked up around 1500+ lays.

The guy even had law enforcement on his back for operating a prostitution ring inside Phoenix, Arizona; which is where he resides. He reminds me of a more sexual, modern-day version of Charles Manson or David Koresh.

#2-Another cracked out Tantra guy known as Destin Gerek(Right of Russell Brand):

destin gerek russell brand pua picture

And below is a video of Destin as well…

Ya, this guy has a pic with Russel Brand and it’s kind of funny. I think Russell Brand has a knack for stepping into pics with debatable people. First he was in a photo along-side Julien Blanc; the Dating Coach who was on CNN with regard to pulling Japanese women’s heads towards his crotch at night clubs in Japan.

Russell brand julien blanc pua picture

Now he’s making guest appearances in photos with super feminine acting tantra gurus. I wonder who’s next…

Maybe this dude…

PUA picture

I do like a very important factor about Destin though which is mainly because he’s a superb conversation piece, once you run out of things to say to a woman. All you have to say is “Who the fuck is that guy?”

So now you have 2 completely ideal examples of people that have managed to completely destroy their own reputations, are completely oblivious to it and don’t care. Which I think is cool for the most part. Even though they are too weird to be my friends.

Although regardless, like the PUA’s, they are a taboo culture although they may be amazing at what they do, they will never be fully appreciated for their efforts. Even if they are reaching a certain form of higher enlightenment. They are probably the only ones that are going to be aware of it. Which means they are only able appreciate themselves independently for what they’s accomplished.

And for any individual out there trying to get into Tantra… I included a book I’ve personally read for the topic and it educated me, so to speak. This book is called…

Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century” by Barbara Carrellas. This here is a helpful introduction into the world of tantra that may intrigue some of you.

Just click the icon below to get started reading “Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-First Century” now.

So hope that’s enough to give some of you a good laugh. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 4 Reasons to do more Day-Game

4 Reasons to do more Day-Game:

PUA picture day game

PUA Picture
don’t know about anyone else, but I have met many guys that say to me they just do Night-Game. Which is cool and I respect that; however you are selling yourself short. Allow me to emphasize why you ought to get rid of whatever limiting beliefs you have, that keep you from venturing out in daytime to meet females.

#1-More abundance of women:

PUA Picture

This can vary from place to place, depending on where you choose to reside. But where I live(New York City) this statement is true. This allows everyone to approach additional women in less amount of time.

I am certainly not saying that pick-up is totally about playing the numbers. However, anyone with even an average amount of intelligence, whose recently been day-gaming for even a little bit, will tell anyone this…

They will tell you know that if you play casino slot-machines more, then you may raise your odds of winning; bottom line. I don’t think I need to explain this any further.

#2-Women are less socially-guarded:

PUA picture

Yes, this is certainly true; whether you think agree or not. You are far more likely to meet a hot woman in a shorter amount of time, when gaming in daytime. Women are sober and much more unsure of themselves, because most of the time they aren’t dolled up during the day.

So if women finds you attractive, in any way, then she is going to be more vulnerable to your advances in the daytime. In all honesty, the only reason I even do night-game is to work on my speed seduction and it is fun to get a one-night stand every here and again. But if I had to choose between which area of game is more effective, then I would certainly choose Day-Game; especially in New York.

#3-It’s cheaper:

PUA picture

Should you have a place in a good part of the city, then you can just meet a girl a number of blocks from where you stay. Whenever you find a girl you hit it off with, then Bam! Instant hook-up.

Even if you can’t, if you develop the discipline to cut off the women who aren’t really investing, then you can still get some girls to venture to less classy areas. You may need to get more numbers, but at least you are getting something.

#4-It’s great exercise:

PUA Picture

This is a for certain plus in my opinion, because I never have to do cardio at the gym. And looks “do” increase your chances with women. If you look toned and athletic, then you are going to pull a greater amount of women than if you are looking kind of doughey.

Another thing is the exercise will keep you feeling calm and peaceful. The walking you do is an excellent way to channel out the developing stress from work, bills, etc.

So on a final note…

I have a helpful guide that I put together awhile back that will aid, those that are prepared, get started. It is called “Street Game: Day game tactics” by me(Cole Montag A. K. A PUA Redsky).

Just click the icon below to get started reading “Street Game: Day game tactics” now.

Now hope I was able to convince some of you to give Day-Game a try. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA News: The Julien Blanc and RSD Controversy Update

The Julien Blanc and RSD Controversy Update:

PUA Picture rsd julien

PUA Picture
realize it’s been a month since Julien Blanc A. K. A. RSD Julien has been on CNN with regard to his overtly misogynistic conduct in Japan. Still, I had to share some news that I personally found to be very entertaining once I heard about it.

So I thought I’d personally fill in those who are curious around the backlash their mass media stunt created…

First issue they’re battling with is pretty scary if you think about it… The issue of basic safety. There are rumors circulating that RSD is considering moving their seminars to the internet. Which is actually a smarter idea if you think about it; less overhead, etc. But who knows… maybe they count on RSD Tyler’s very articulated and enlightening vocal abilities to drive in the masses… but I doubt it.

Honestly after being involved in ‘The Seduction Community’ as long as I have and meeting differing people from many distinct walks of lifestyle. I think it truly is only normal to need to be careful with who you meet in this world. That is actually one of the first things I considered when entering and I find it kind of funny that it took this long for Owen to recognize this.

Be that as it may, this is simply not the only matter that RSD is dealing with. Owen Cook, A. K. A. Tyler Durden or RSD Tyler, is coming under fire for his own array of misogynistic, sexist slurs that he uses in a number of his in-field video footage on Youtube.

In addition, there are some other, possibly exaggerated rumors going around about Owen bragging about raping a stripper. I bet at this time he is wishing that he planned out his advertising campaign a little better.

I don’t know what to say about this honestly…

All I know is it is seeming to turn into some type of modern day witch-hunt. Every powerful feminist influenced media entity is apparently having a hay-day pretending to be doing humanity some sort of favor by slamming down the judgement hammer on RSD. What I observe is RSD being made an example of. They have showed us what is going to happen if you don’t take precautions toward protecting yourself against the feminazi cults that are forming in modern-day society.

I guess this is just what happens when you reveal the fact that women love sex just as much as men, over the web too openly.

Among all the chaos, the world is now branding ‘Pick-up Artistry’ as nothing other than a sham…


Years ago a PUA who calls himself Gunwitch shoots a lady in the face in a drug deal gone wrong. Still even today our buddy ‘Gunny’ attempts to capitalize on the fact that he was briefly mentioned in The New York Time’s best-seller “The Game”. The handsome devil of whom we call ‘Gunwitch’ is featured in the picture below.

PUA picture

It’s hard not to believe a face like that can’t have any woman of his choice…

I begin to wonder if RSD has this same fate lying in the not-too-distant future ahead of them. I guess we’ll find out in the next few years or so.

In conclusion…

Don’t ever let your ego get too out of hand, because if you do, then you will suffer the consequences. It’s ok to have your head in clouds, but make sure your feet always stay on the ground.

And if you haven’t read Neil Strauss’ “The Game: Penetrating the secret society of the pickup artists“, then I’ll give you the opportunity right here and now…

Just click the icon below to start reading “The Game” now.

That’s all I have for today, thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 3 Skills to improve your game

3 Skills that will improve your game dramatically:

PUA Picture

To begin, today I had been looking over many old videos which I haven’t seen for awhile and I reflected on instances where I utilized what I learned in some of those videos. Out of every single video I could narrow down 3 skills that I use most frequently. I guess one can say I evolved to using these skills, because I recognized the impact they have in attracting the types of women that I desire.

These skills are:

#1: The Take-away:

Take away pua picture

This is actually something I’ve experimented with rather often and I work with it as almost second nature these days.

Basically you are creating a feeling of loss that triggers the girl to yearn for your attention even more. Consequently she feels positive emotions(Oxytocin), while increasing comfort; once they realize how emotionally independent you are. You can do this by paying attention to something else prior to having a stimulating discussion; usually about something which you both enjoy discussing.

I do this a lot when I’ve hooked the target and usually after making out; which demonstrates that she is clearly into me. Instead of being eager to talk to the girl, I’ll stare off of into space and give my attention to the New York skyline until she re-initiates conversation. I get them more attracted as I behave like this. They may even ask me what I’m thinking.

Should they ask, then I usually answer, “I like the skyline, it makes me feel nice when I look at it.” Comments like this in particular, I’ve learned, will raise your value and show emotional-security. They allow you to be appear more genuine and natural; not rehearsed and phony, like a large amount of other PUA junk.

#2: Setting the frame:

setting frame pua picture

Another great skill to have is controlling the frame of the interaction. This is a skill that a lot of good salesmen have mastered; whether they realize it or not.

Here are 2 examples to say any time when setting the frame:

“I knew when I first saw you that we were going to get along well. I could feel that we had chemistry right when I met you. I could tell this was going to go well by how you looked at me.”

“I like how you are comfortable around me. We just met but I can already tell we have good chemistry. I’ve only felt this way with only a few other women.”

*Sometimes the second statement will get them asking you about the other women. In such a circumstance, then talk the other women up. Make it appear as though she will never reach that woman’s value. Doing this can create jealousy and cause her to start working more for your approval. *

Basically you are setting the stage in her mind. If she is already highly invested, then you can build far more comfort by using these statements. When utilizing statements like these, you allow her to fall into your frame. Once she submits to the frame, she will begin to roleplay and act out the scenario or play along.

#3: Tonality:

tonality PUA picture

This also is second-nature for me personally, mainly because I smoke. I’m definitely not saying to smoke yourself, but it will solves the dilemma of talking in a seductive tone.

However, I was a non-smoker for years and I still could come across rather seductive by simply speaking from my diaphragm. An easy way to do this is by making the sound “Uhhhhhh” until you feel it resonating with your upper-chest and lower-throat.

This enables you too feel the sensation of talking from your diaphragm. Now look at duplicating that sensation while talking. You will notice that you sound much more alpha, so to speak, while speaking in a more attractive and firmer tone.

I’ve had females tell me that they came up to my apartment just because they liked the sound of my voice. If you can get good at this and do this correctly, then you will create a massive decrease in your flake-rate. You’ll also notice less resistance when trying to get them in the sack.

So to summarize…

These skills are like everything in pick-up; they require appication and and in time will improve our intuition. But once you’ve figured out the actual meat of how they work, you will experience great success; in particular with hotter females.

Before I go, I want to suggest checking out the following book…

The Natural: How to effortlessly attract the women you want” by Richard La Ruina. This book is full of tips on how to approach and communicate better with women.

Click the icon below to start reading “The Natural“.

Now that’s all I got for now…

Just as before, thanks for reading and remember to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory:

So yesterday I was reading through some material psychology-related and I ran across an area of study called Attachment Theory.

Attachment theory is basically an area of study for a better understanding of what makes us, as people, become attached. It also tries to explain why we are attached with a certain kind of person to begin with.

According to what I gathered, most of us tend to enter relationships with selected personality types depending on our up-bringing or whether we received the right amount of attention from our parents as babies. Studies over the years have discovered that we now have 4 attachment types and every one of us fall under at least one.

The 4 Attachment Types are:


Talking PUA picture

This kind of person develops a healthy out-look on life and can usually be the ideal choice for being in a relationship. This person typically is a reliable friend, as well as lover.

The way someone develops into the secure person, to begin with, is based on obtaining the adequate amount of attention as an infant. They probably got all the rewarding they needed once they did something appropriate, but still their parents gave them the suitable amount of space once they needed to grow or figure out something on their own.

This person is good for someone that is anxious and can help an anxious person become more secure with themselves after some time together. I guess you might say a secure person is a level-headed person everyone is wanting to be with.

However this person can be brought down to an anxious person if they experience some kind of tragic incident; say a death of someone close, etc.


Talking PUA picture

This type of person usually is the most independent in addition to the 4. This person possibly experienced a lot of neglect when younger; which made them think that they’re better off not counting on people.

This person can be influenced by the secure person and brought to become more trusting; as a result of the happier ‘secure’ character type.


Talking PUA picture

This person is usually a person that received a sporadic amount of attention growing up. Maybe their parents went through a divorce or they had a mentally unstable mom and dad.

Here is someone that will stress you out and personally, I wouldn’t get involved with a woman that needed to call me 5 times daily just to reassure them; which is what you may experience with this type.

Anxious/ Avoidant:

Talking PUA picture

Now they’re the craziest of the bunch; these people usually are very dramatic and can complicate your life in a fashion that will make an individual miserable. They usually are very untrusting in addition to being angry about their life.

This type developed this way, most likely, due to physical and psychological abuse. They had very negligent parents and usually are typically alone most of their life. This is probably for the reason that nobody wants to tolerate them. They can progress but it’ll be much harder than any other attachment type.

So in summary…

If you would like to grow as a man or woman and really get good at connecting with your mate, then you don’t have any other choice but to form relationships. It doesn’t matter if they are an FWB or LTR kind of thing. All that matters is that you’re maintaining some kind of on-going interaction. This really is important for your own mental well-being as well. Plus you’ll become a stronger person, as well as conscious of other people’s battles.

After being in a few serious relationships, I am now capable of reading women a lot better. I can tell when they need a certain amount of attention to brighten up their day. Attention is a powerful thing. I think that once you get to a point where you are getting hot women relatively often, then you see that a lot of women just want a guy that can make them feel good and bring them up emotionally.

For further reading have a look at the Article HERE by Mark Manson that goes into somewhat more detail about Attachment Theory.

And also feel free to look at Mark Manson’s book “Models: Attract women through honesty” by clicking the icon below:

Now thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: Frame Battles

Frame Battles:

PUA Picture

Today I wanted to share with you something that may be quite amusing to some of you. Today I must talk about frame battles…

Whether you realize it or not, we are all constantly seeking to out-do each other in one way or another. Our subconscious instincts are to show to others that we are the alpha-wolf. If you can understand our raw needs as humans, then you can know how people standardly operate socially.

In case you have high hopes and ambition to be successful at some point, with whatever you choose to do. Then you ought to master this talent. The concept is known as out-framing

The first step is to find something that you love to do and that you are good at. Then make that your main purpose in life…

Once you’ve accomplished this, then everything will fall into place.

A basic way to out-frame pretty much anyone you deal with in your life, is by simply not giving a crap what people think of you; but don’t give a crap with style and class.

I think lots of businessmen are good with women considering they learn how to act professional. Being professional isn’t the only ingredient for the recipe though. It is advisable to have a strong foundation of beliefs that are realistic.

I think when you have your own enterprise, everything is cut-throat… you get an awareness of who will make you money and who won’t. I guess if you think about it then dating is kind of the same way.

After doing it for awhile then you can see who is going to be a good experience and who is going to be a mess. In either case, if you want to keep on top of your relationships and find the respect you deserve, then you must learn to out frame or hold your frame… not allow yourself to become mentally defeated.

You need to help overcome shyness and look people straight in their eyes… Learn to be comfortable in your shoes…

Learn to love yourself almost at a narcissistic level… you should love to be in your shoes.

If someone doesn’t trust you, then never let it affect you. If a girl calls you creepy, don’t let it affect you. After awhile people will observe how relaxed you always are; how comfortable that you are with yourself. Soon more people will become attracted.

Staying chill, relaxed and enjoying life, as it passes us by, is what living is all about anyway. The way you create the ultimate frame is by just staying content. Being content with who you are and not giving up easily.

Instead of becoming discouraged by work, get excited over it. Think of obstructions as challenges to be conquered or another opportunity to see just how strong you are.

That’s right, that there is the ultimate frame my friends… and if you are looking for a sign, then this is it.

So go out and do the work and don’t let a little bit of bad news hold you down… because you will feel that much better when you over-come it.

Now that I got that covered, I thought I would introduce a great book called…

The 48 Laws of Power” by Robert Greene.

This right here is a great resource that will steer your outlook on life in the right direction.

Click the icon below to start reading “The 48 Laws of Power“.

Thanks for reading and remember to subscribe on the GBTN Newsletter!

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PUA Tips: 2 Easy Strategies to Conquer Neediness

2 Easy Strategies to Conquer Neediness:

PUA picture for neediness


The AF-chump’s biggest fault and something we all grapple with early on in this Pick-up Artist voyage. I doubt even essentially the most alpha of alphas has ever gone a day without feeling this.

This is a feeling that I deal with every time I meet women that I’m really getting along with well. Luckily, because of many books, trial and error, I can now keep my behavior at bay.

Today I want to cover how and keep your date via perceiving you as needy.

And I accomplish this all by paying attention to 2 specific points… Which are:

#1-I get her talking more than me:

Talking PUA picture

I love to ask them open-ended questions that produce positive and lively banter. I feel that making a woman talk is a type of investment. When you have her talking more than you, then you basically hold the most control over the conversation and she will make mistakes when talking; which you can tease her about.

For example in the event that she miss pronounces a word, then you can say something such as, “Easy there turbo.” Such things as that will convey confidence and also make the girl laugh if delivered properly.

#2-Be the first to dismiss:

PUA Picture dismiss her

This can be when holding hands, cuddling or kissing, etc, etc. Maybe you’ve gotten up to the point where your date allows you to kiss her, but maybe you don’t know how to behave in the appropriate manner to keep the fire burning…

Well, you need to be the one who isn’t afraid to let go son!!

You might have witnessed the guy, that many of us most likely have noticed at one point or another… this guy becomes super excited because he met a hot girl that he could actually kiss. But once he gets that kiss, he can’t control his overwhelming desire to kiss her more. He does so and has no idea when to quit; as a result she stops the kiss for him. Then she stops another… and an additional. Next thing you know the girl is deterred, he never gets to fool around nor a call back.

I don’t know why women respond this way, but they do and unless you learn how to act appropriately, then they will continue to lose interest.

There is a saying I like…

“Absense makes the heart grow fonder.”

With American women, this is the only way you can really win. Many women in America tend to grow up to silly stories about stalkers and such while growing up; not to forget the garbage in the movie theatres. The safest way to get a high quality, educated woman comfortable is by not showing an excessive amount of affection… ever.

I’ve found that even most European women, excluding Italy and Spain, are similar when it comes to holding off on the affection. Asian girls this works for as well.

So to get a tad bit more into detail…

If I am out on a date, I may escalate to various check-points. The first check-point would be the hand-holding; as I explained in another article about kino(KINO Article).

The second is the kiss…

If I get resistance when going for the kiss then I will work backwards to just hand-holding. I may carress her hand for a moment, while talking about a funny movie that we’ve both seen. I caress her hand until I see that she is beginning to enjoy it, but then I’ll let go when I see her breathing more deeply, etc.

So I’m initiating, but I’m not letting the escalation carry on long enough to get awkward or uncomfortable. Regardless, I am always looking to touch her to start with. I won’t do it blatantly in front of people, but I will work it in within the times that we are in more seductive locations.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with touching women… and if you do not get comfortable with it, then you are never going to get that far in seduction. You can always utilize the old, “I could not resist, you are just so hot.” This line is very helpful for easing the tension.

Now getting back to being the first to dismiss…

The bottom line is that once you get up to that point where you have made out, then step back. Analyze how she responds when you are the first to pull away after exchanging a few kisses.

She will begin to crave more… and she will like it.

So there are a couple of new things to consider when you venture out on your up in coming date. Try not to over-do it. There is nothing wrong with few passionate make-outs here and there. Just make sure that she is the one that is pushing to have them.

Now thanks for reading and remember to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 3 Signs of a Narcissist

3 Signs of a Narcissist:

PUA narcissist picture

I’m sure many of you are familiar with what a narcissist is and if you are just entering into the dating world, then you are probably going to meet a lot of them. I’ve learned after many years of gaming, that it is best to avoid these people; female or male. There is no good that can be accomplished if you choose to allow these kinds of people in your circle.

So today I bring a simple 3 ways to spot one, this way you can keep them out of your life for good.

#1-Sense of Entitlement:

PUA entitlement picture

This doesn’t apply to everyone, if a guy is exceptional at attracting beautiful women, then I expect them to feel a bit of entitlement. Especially if they are taking the time to game with others that are much below them in skill. On the other hand, if you are gaming with a guy that is going for gutter-trash and rarely has the balls to approach anything over a 7; then steer clear.

These kinds of people are the kinds of people that are giving PUA a bad rep and are living miserable lives in a miserable and delusional world. The best way to tell if you are gaming with the right crowd is by seeing pics of the quality of girls that your new wings are getting.

Now for women, they also have a sense of entitlement, but they are obviously not going to tell you up-front that they worship themselves. You are going to have to let their behavior tell you. One easy way to test for ‘entitlement’ is to ask them to get the next round; which can be the first test.

Many women that are somewhat conservative may just not believe in paying, but that doesn’t mean they won’t go to bed with you. So that’s why I have another test to follow… This test is simple… Pay attention to the number of times they choose to ‘pet their ego’ in conversation.

An example would be talking about themselves constantly; talking about themselves in a grandiose way. You know the basic crap that no one really wants to be around. These kinds of women are going to act as if they are doing you a favor by being on a date with you.

Many of the experienced guys may be reading this and be thinking that this is quite obvious. So I’m reaching out to the new guys. The truth is that if you aren’t that experienced with women, then it is not hard to get into a relationship with a female narcissist; in fact, they crave men like you. The reason you should refrain from being with a woman like this, is because it will clearly end in pain and potential heart-ache. The narcissist will never love you equally and will have an unhealthy craving for more attention than what is fair. Plus in the end it may damage you emotionally.

When I first got into pick-up I wasted 2 months on a girl that didn’t even sleep with me. Meanwhile, she had no problem planning where we were going to go and having me pay for everything.

In the end, I painfully left her and grew bitter towards women for a couple of years after. I also found out she had been sexually involved with someone the whole time we were seeing each other. Prior to that, I took out a lot of that frustration out on a lot of sweet women that were very good to me; which was not fair to them. I was verbally abusive and had the idea that all women were like this. My view of women had been jaded; as a result it became harder for me to form a healthy bond or have a meaningful relationship.


PUA Guilt-trip picture

Narcissists love to try and make people feel guilty for something. They may even try to guilt-trip you into paying for something; for example gas, alcohol, etc.

If you have a friend that is constantly trying to make you feel bad in order to get you to do something, then stay away from them. You may see this a lot with ‘Christians’ and self-righteous folk from other religions; which are filled to the brim with narcissistic people.

Whether you think you are better off than others, because you “do what’s right”; or whether you think you are better off because you just think you are better off doesn’t make any difference.

In your mind, you are still viewing yourself as above someone else; which is the essence of narcissism.

#3-Vengeful/ Spiteful:

PUA vengeful picture

This is pretty easy to spot and probably the narcissist’s most noticeable flaw. They will become very mad, very easily if they do not get their way. In many cases narcissists will make fun of people openly. They may even have a tendency to put others down on a regular basis. They may do this based on their form of dress, looks or someone’s behavior.

They may even say something about the way that you dress, look, behave, etc. When they do this, they may try to frame it as if they are trying to help you. However, they are just trying to make you insecure. They only do this because it satisfies the narcissist’s need to be looked up to or praised.

The moment a well-aware individual calls them out on their BS, then all hell breaks loose. All of a sudden this person becomes the narcissist’s worst enemy and he’ll become determined to turn everyone against this person. This person must be eliminated and coexistence is out of the question.

A narcissist can’t handle criticism and most definitely won’t tolerate being second best. They must be the shining star and there is no other option.

So now I will leave you all with this interesting study in the link below. The study is about how narcissism affects relationships in society today.

Click HERE to view study…

That’s all for today, thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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PUA Tips: 4 stages of comfort

4 stages of comfort:

PUA French girls picture

Just like in Baseball, I believe there a four key points to focus on up until getting to home plate; or seducing a woman. You should also accompany skills such as playful banter, interesting story-telling and deep meaningful eye-contact. If you have everything up to par, then you will get what you want as long as you focus on these 4 stages of comfort.

#1-Comfort of your Touch:

pua-touch picture

The first stage is obviously handholding (3 ways to initiate touch) , although some girls may be opposed to PDA in the beginning; I still think it’s important to get that level of comfort established.

If it’s too difficult for a girl to hold your hand, then she is probably not worth the trouble. There’s nothing wrong with dropping a couple of girls to find one that is more accomodating.

I think a lot of us already know that if you look around enough, you can find a beautiful woman that is into you. On the flip-side you can also find a dog that thinks you are disgusting. So don’t be 100% for every girl; instead, stay 50/50 until you see her investing. If she isn’t going to invest then move on.

I mentioned this in an earlier post, but a good way to get her holding your hand is by meeting her in a crowded area. This way you can just use the crowded area as an excuse so you don’t get separated. If a girl is willing to meet up for the date, then she will most likely allow this; given the situation.

#2-Comfort of your Kiss:

PUA-kissing picture

The kiss is the next battlefield to cross; which should be done in reasonable time as well. You can accompish this feat by starting with kissing them on their hands while walking and smiling after; right before looking away. After that I will pay attention to how they look at me when we are talking a bit later. I like to get closer as we talk. If I’m sitting at a bar I will simply pull the chair they are in closer to me so that our legs are touching and if we’re on a couch I’ll move in closer, as long as I see them highly engaged in whatever we are talking about(Laughing, smiling, acting bubbly, etc.).

#3-Comfort of Isolating:

PUA picture

This I usually gauge by whether we’ve made out or done something that has shown me that we are clearly attracted to each-other, enough to engage in something more than just conversation. I usually will suggest watching a movie at my place and just chillin. I may even suggest playing my guitar; basically just anything to do as an excuse to get there.

Sometimes they will put up resistance and sometimes they will be completely fine with it. If they put up resistance, then I just tell them I am not expecting anything. I tell them something like I’m tired and just want to relax and cuddle or hangout; whatever you prefer.

#4-Comfort of Intimacy:

PUA-intimacy picture

At this point of my ‘Pick-up artist development’ I never have much trouble fooling around with a woman after bringing them back to my place. Usually if I can get them back to my place, I’ll usually at least do something intimate; meaning more than kiss.

They may not always be wanting to have full-out intercourse at first. But if I can show them that I am going to respect their boundaries, while being satisfied with just hanging out, then they almost always will be alright with a full-fledged seduction on the following visit.

I know these 4 stages may seem fairly obvious to some, however, I still think even the most experienced of PUA’s can run into issues if they lose focus on what they are trying to accomplish. This can happen easily if you let yourself get intimidated when on a date with a really hot girl. Sometimes guys can blow it when the girl was equally into a pleasurable experience. This can happen easily and just because a lot of guys don’t have the balls to try to get past these boundaries.

When you are playing it too cool, then women get bored with your lack of assertiveness and end up banging a guy she’s less interested in. Meanwhile you could’ve been him but your lack of balls kept you back. So get used to being assertive with every girl you date, but also get used to falling back if it’s clear she isn’t ready to move further.

I feel that as long as you hold your frame and concentrate on what you are trying to accomplish, without becoming overly pushy or frustrated; then you will eventually make it to the bedroom.

I know every guy wants to bang every woman within the first 1-2 dates, but with some women that just won’t be possible. That’s why it’s good to try to cross these 4 road blocks as quickly as possible to determine the level of interest. If a girl seems like she is being unreasonable then drop her.

I usually give a girl a 2 date limit for the kiss, that is only if I feel like we have a connection. Connection meaning, she’s smiling and eager to talk to me. You can tell this by stopping mid-conversation and paying attention to something else. If she is trying to re-engage you then that’s a good sign she is not intending to waste your time.

In conclusion, keep these milestones in mind whenever you are out next and don’t be afraid to drop a girl if it’s obvious that things aren’t working out for you.

That’s all I got for tonight, hope this will help some of you get past your sticking points and don’t forget to subscribe to the GBTN Newsletter!

-PUA Redsky

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